21 thoughts on “2. Playgrounds and Swift”

  1. HI Chris,
    Just watched your first video, looking to make an app so excited where your knowledge takes me! And I am pretty keen to connect with you to fine tune etc down the track (pay you of course).

    • Hey Tara, I’m glad you’re here and thanks for learning with me!
      I also have paid courses that continue from these free lessons if that fits the bill (link in the nav bar at the top). Thanks!

  2. Well Chris, first off you have an awesome name (it’s mine as well hehe)! Anyway brotha I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lessons. I can’t believe that someone would take the time to teach but not only that, but break it down to the ground!!! // spread the news that Coding with Chris is the bees knees!!!! just a lil comment to myself there heheh. On the serious though, thanks man and when I make it big you can expect a big phat check my man!! Keep up the awesome work professor. 🙂

  3. Hi Chris I just found you on Google. Let me just say you are AWESOME! Your tutorials are very easy to follow along to, and you basically put Xcode in a form that reminds me of excel, Thank you!

  4. Just wanted to say that Im getting started on building apps and im liking your videos so far! everything is so clear and easy to follow thank you so much!

  5. hi Chris!.. when I am typing code , output is not appearing in right side.. i am using latest xcode on yosemite OS. kindly help.

  6. i just got my mac i but i can’t find out how to make the signs under the if statement
    can you tell me how to do it and have you are site where i can learn to make all the signs?

    • Hey Ramsus, i’m not sure what sort of keyboard layout you’re using, but on my keyboard, the curly brackets { and } are located on above the “Enter” key and you have to hold down “shift” and press the [ or ] key to get the curly brackets.

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