25 thoughts on “3. Xcode 8 tutorial and tour”

  1. Hey Chris, the simulator won’t show up over the XCode App on my screen (I can only have one or the other showing on the screen at a time) is there an easy way to make the simulator show up on top of the XCode App (the same way it does in your video)?

    • Hello! That’s strange.. is it because you clicked the little green circle in the upper left corner of xcode and you fullscreened it? Make sure the Xcode window is not fullscreened so that you can drag it around the screen. If you click the green circle again and make Xcode a window, then the simulator window will appear on top of it

      • Thanks for getting back to me… I’m not sure, it could just be my Mac literacy that’s the problem – the next time I tried it on a new project it worked fine, but I’ll keep that in mind if it happens again, thanks!

  2. Hey! I can’t complete the like you do in the video. Mine is saying something about ” Line 20: EntityRef: expecting ‘;’ ”
    Do you know what it is or what I have to do?

    • Hey Victor, when you created your project, did you select Objective-C or Swift?
      I suspect you may have selected Objective-C as the programming language accidentally because of that error message!

    • Hey Adrian, make sure you’re in Main.Storyboard first.
      Another problem I see is that this project has its language selected as Objective-C.
      To follow along with the videos, I’d suggest starting a new project but this time in the project settings, select “Swift” as your language!

  3. I keep getting this message when I try to make a new project on Xcode for this lesson:

    Unable to create a provisioning profile because your team has no devices registered in the Member Center. Please connect a device, enable it for development, and add it to the Member Center using the Organizer.

    I thought you said in the first video that we did not need a device to make and test a app.

    What should I do?

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