About Chris Ching

Hey guys, my name is Chris and I’m a Toronto native (although I lived in Vancouver for 8 years) working in Mississauga. I’m a software developer/consultant by profession but always wanted to be an illustrator when I was young (random fact!).

Computer Science at the University of Waterloo was a love and hate relationship for me. I had chose to pursue computer science because I fell in love with programming games in high school but when I got into first year, I felt lost in the math and the theory and struggled for the first couple of years of my university education. I’m relieved that I stuck with it and got to the end.

Since I graduated, I’ve worked on a multitude of technologies and platforms. From the Microsoft stack to Adobe to open source, from building websites to desktop apps to mobile apps, from working on enterprise level projects to working with individuals; I love what I do now and I love the creative freedom to build/create/make something that can touch others or improve the lives of others in small or big ways.

These days, I’m working with iOS, building iPhone and iPad apps.

In addition to building cool applications for other people during the day, I’m also very interested in the quickly evolving indie scene for app and game development. The notion that you can make a living based on the choices that YOU make day to day (aka be your own boss) is very attractive to me. I’ve dabbled in other forms of online monetization strategies for web sites such as Adsense and the Amazon Affiliate program but I was never able to reach a point where it could support my family and I single handedly.

So with the emerging indie app development scene (what everyone is calling the next gold rush), I want to empower others to build apps and to keep myself accountable to build and ship products into the App Store. The fact is, if someone becomes inspired as a result of one of my posts or videos and it moves them to take action, that is a huge success in my book.

On that note, let’s build some cool stuff together!