About Chris Ching

I think my love for programming started off with my fascination with computers. I remember spending hours on my family’s 486 playing around with it when I was 13 years old. Not to mention the video games! Warcraft 2 was my game of choice 😊

Being a big nerd in high school, joining the chess club and math bowls, I took my school’s computer programming course in Turing. I wanted to build games! It was so fascinating that I could also build programs to automate tasks that would otherwise take forever to manually do. Some of my classmates found out I was coding for fun, so they ended up paying me to do their computer assignments. That’s when I realized that I should/could earn a living in computer programming. I ended up majoring in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

After graduating from university, I joined a local IT consulting company for a few years. During my time there I worked on big corporate projects with Microsoft technologies because that was all the rage back then. I was at the bleeding edge of Microsoft technology, working with things like Silverlight (Microsoft’s Flash competitor) and Surface (A giant touch screen coffee table).

Shortly after, I worked with two start up companies developing touch screen applications for their clients. Before starting CodeWithChris, I was leading an iOS team of about 7 developers. This is where I had the opportunity to coach and mentor junior developers and help them develop their skills. As much as I enjoyed coding and developing and building some cool stuff, I found educating and growing my team so much more fulfilling.

I ended up leaving my iOS lead developer job to pursue CodeWithChris full time. What was initially a hobby of producing YouTube videos to teach iOS development in 2013 is now a full fledged online education business!