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If you’re scratching your head for ideas for apps, check out this list of app ideas to spark your imagination!

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26 Jan 2022

by Arthur Nielsen Demain and Chris Ching


Todo App

Nothing as simple as a todo list app.  There are a couple of there but who knows, maybe you have that little light bulb moment of an idea where you are going to turn around the whole world of Todo Apps and make something that is so amazing that everybody wished they thought about it before.

Goal Tracker

We all want to accomplish X amount of tasks or goals every week or months but when we are on our own, it is always easy to slip off the track.   Maybe you can make that app that will kick my butt when I fell off the track!

Invoice tracker

I buy stuff, then I lose my receipts or forgot how much I spent so I have to go back to my bank statements etc…. Let’s just have it all under one app!   That way, I also know how much I spent on equipment or side items for my business vs personnel use!

City Explorer

My first app that I published on the App Store was a tracker of movie locations for LOST in Hawaii.  The goal was to show people visiting the island all the little corners, bench, restaurant and offices that were used in my favorite show.    This also made me think that this process could be used to showcase the best spots from your favorite city!   This could be a hit because there is nothing better than a person who has lived somewhere all his/her life and will make the perfect touristic app ever!   Plus, it’s an opportunity to make some money!

Wedding Planner

What the worst thing that could happen during the most important and busy day of your life?   Missing something during the wedding day!

Did you book a photographer, is the cake gonna be delivered on time, did the catering service confirm the day and time for the menu you picked…. wait… did you even confirm any menu yet?    Well, an app that could keep track of all this, offers you an expensive list of items that you might not even have thought about, and even better, an app that send you notifications if you are late for some items!

…. or way, did I send grandma an invite?

Professional Agenda

The built in Contact and Agenda apps on my phones are great but…. They are crowded with all the kids soccer events, the wife massages and haircut appointments, etc etc..

What I could benefit of is by using an app that would keep track with all professional appointments, tell me if there is a conflict with one of my personal appointment on my default calendar app, list all my clients, when I met them last, reminds me to call them or send them a text.  Remind me of their birthday, where they live, am I close one to one of my client’s office!

You know… an app that is smart enough that could become my virtual secretary!    A lot of professionals would pay for that!  Me included!

Never Cooking App

You know, cooking is already pretty time consuming and when I open a recipe book (because I’m tired or eating eggs and chicken nuggets out of the freezer), I’m always missing 2 or 3 ingredients for the page that I’m curious about.   The cooking recipes should work the other way around!   Show me what I can cook RIGHT NOW if I have all my ingredients listed in the app!

Flour, water, eggs, cheese, blue cheese, yeast, olive oil, salt, tomato sauce, …. Well, I now have a pizza!  

If you want to troll some users, let’s add some pineapples too!

Bucket List

Do you have a list of a 100 things you want to do before you die?  Well, I do and I have no place save it!  Do you?

Get to work!

So it cost $650 to rent a cabin in the mountain for the weekend for 2 and I make approx. $14/hr…. How many hours do I need to work before I can book that trip?

The Good Action

What was your good action today?  Did you hold the door and let someone pass before you, did you help carry that heavy box for that lady….  Let’s all get our Good Action every day!  You know, even a “you look amazing” today will go a long way  in that person’s day!

Can I borrow that DVD?

It’s Friday night, you have seen Jurassic Park like a hundred time and you do not feel like watching another cooking show out of Netflix… but wait, my neighbor down the street listed his collection and I have never seen Back to the Future!!  BRB, warm up the popcorns!

100% Zero Waste

Grocery stores and restaurant have to use the freshest ingredients but like anything perishable, they go bad and end up in the trash.  It is actually pretty crazy what some places have to trash because that’s what some “guidelines” or laws have around food and perishable ingredient.   I would prefer to see those item given away to people in need instead of going down the garbage…. Even a farmer could feed a couple of animals in exchange of some fresh eggs!

Neighborhood watch

Wait wait… is that guy tagging this wall with graffiti?  Yea, this is not a 911 level emergency…  Let me report this on my neighborhood watch app.  I know the local police is using it too and will get a notification!  They could be here in 5 minutes.

Note and Reminder Reader

I keep track of my notes a bit everywhere, even in my default note app.  I need something more organized and an app that could read all my notes at once would be amazing!

Business How To

I want a guide, a nice app that will guide me step by step on how to create a business and have it all setup legally!

Local Public Toilet Finder

Don’t tell me you never ended up somewhere and needed to go… fast…. There is not always a Starbucks around!

Can I have this back

Do you remember that Steve borrowed $20 from you like 3 months ago and Sarah still has your Monopoly?   No?  Well, now you do!

Kindergarten Reading

List of key words that Kindergarten students need to learn to read.  Could be nice to have an option for teachers to create their own list and also Siri able to read it out loud and spell the words

Save a Life

A health social media app where you register with your name and your blood type and the app will notify you if a hospital needs your blood for a compatible patient.  Save a life today!

Sport Rental

No need to buy all the sport and gym stuff, rent it from someone else!

Cocktail Maker

Let’s have a drink, just show me the ingredients and how to make it!


Movie Tracker App

I’m a huge movie fan and I just wish there was an app that could suggest and also keep track of all releases by days and countdown.

Invoice Tracker 2.0

Following the idea of the invoice tracker, let’s add also the ability to track the milage of me driving around for both business or personal use!   Let’s also drop in the cost of gas!  What a time saver!

Dating Apps

Yes, there are tons of those out there but some have their own little twist!  Remember the time before Tinder?  No, well the Swipe was not even a thing!  Now the Swipe Left/Right is EVERYWHERE!!!!

What’s the next big thing after the Swipe?

Fitness Mentorship App

I have tried tens if not hundreds of fitness app that promise you the nicest abs!  Well, I have abs, but One big one!  Most of the time, I just get tired of an app because it’s not clear what am I supposed to do, am I even doing that exercise correctly?   Oh wait… I can’t continue using this app because I just spent 20 minutes to sign up, add my photo and bam, I’m hit with a pay wall of $140/year to even use the app!

What I really want to is to find local people who know what they are doing and could mentor me for a while!  Enough for me to be able to get started on my own!

…still that’s One hell of an ab!

Personal Budget App locked in a Safe

Oh that daily Starbucks visit!   Isn’t it nice to have a sweet little coffee ready for you right away for like $5!   Well, there is coffee at the office too tho so, what if my app was just taking those $5 out of my bank account and store them somewhere for me later… mmmmh $5*30*12… that’s $1,200 saved for me, locked in an app for later use!   Ohh sweet weekend away!

Reviews Master

I buy stuff online, so do you!   I read reviews online, you do too!   Now I need to go to multiple website because maybe Amazon only has 3 reviews on an item and eBay and Walmart has 4 or 5 each too….   Wouldn’t be a better world if one app or website would regroup ALL reviews into one full database!


What if you are disabled, in a wheelchair, or even an elderly person and you need something!   An app that would connect people I need with other people in the area to go fetch a little something at the grocery store, maybe delivery something else, help cleaning, doing small tasks around the house.

Nothing more secured than by using an app that would manage payment, control the ID, and leave reviews for trust!

Let’s Trade

So I have this old Hi-Fi at home that I do not use.  I would love to trade it with someone for another item!

Fix it for me!

I have that nice Jukebox at home, a souvenir from my grandma, but it won’t work anymore.   I need one of those McGuyver who knows who things work and could come and tinker with it for an afternoon!  Please fix it for me!

Wikipedia AR

Wikipedia has the history of every little town and city in the world.   Let’s build an interactive and AR Map app that will show me all I need to know about this city and that building and maybe this cathedral too!

Friends Rating

You know that episode of Black Mirror…. Yes that one!   Well, even tho it’s a crazy idea and should not exist, I still want to see this app in the world…

Or maybe an anonymous friend rating app, just to make sure I’m being nice and I don’t hurt people by accident!

Car GPS and Dash-cam

We all use apps now to drive around.   The GPS is a dead device and not sure if they are even sold now, BUT one thing the Phone GPS apps are missing is the build in Dash cam!   I want a proof that that grandma purposely jumped in front of my car!

Programming for all

Learn a programming language to teach a programming language.   Make an app that will help complete beginners to go right in by coding in your app!

Workshop and Skill Shop

I know how to change a light bulb at home but that’s pretty much all.   It would be nice if a local electrician could offer a small electricity workshop like that I could learn more and know how to replace to moving wall plug!   Next would be soldering and also basic car maintenance.

Commingle lunch

I have my sandwich and everybody at the office is gone already.   Maybe I can find some local people who are also chewing on their lunch alone and have an hour to chat and connect!  Let’s have a drink!

Borrow a date!

How many event of even wedding you go to and people ask you “Do you have a +1”.   So no you don’t and you end up in between couples and people you don’t really know and feel awkward.   Borrow a Date is like Giving your own time in exchange of a little even where you could be the “date” of the person who doesn’t want to be alone (and vice versa).  Who knows…. That “fake” date might actually end up being the spark that was missing in your life!

Social Band

Social band is a musical app that brings artist together by inviting them to play together with different instrument.   Imagine you log into the app and the app give you the drum for today, you now have to browser all the open playlist and add the drum to the music you find interested or create your own.   Follow the rhythm!

Other user will be assigned a different instrument and at the end of the day, tracks will be created!

Snack Health Tracker

Reading the labels on your favorite snacks and products in the super market is not always simple.  What are those artificial flavors, what is Kernel oil, making soda, emulsifier, vanillin, modified food starch, etc?  You name it….  Snack Health Tracker would like and give you an explanation of all ingredient by just reading the Bar code of the item for you!

Landlor-Tenant Manager

An app that allows payment, messaging, photo sharing, issue reporting, etc.. between tenant and landlords.

Friend Lending App

Why pass by a bank or another service to get $500 if a friend can lend it to you and you can pay him/her back with a little extra every months?

Human Card Collection Game

You know like Pokemon but with real human!   Collect all of your friend’s card by touching each other’s phone and meet new people and ask them to get their cards too!


AR painting/Graffiti App

Apple is going all in with awesome cameras and ARKit SDK!   I want to be able to paint the walls in my office to give it a new look!

Offline Translation app

For the people who travel a lot, languages can be a barrier.   An app that could work offline by translating any kind of language or even analyze a photo will be a time saver!  Don’t miss that train or flight now!

Watch AR

They do it for glasses, now why not show me what I look like with a new watch on my arm!

Landscaping AR

I found this idea online and I had to list it here because like most us here, I do not have that green thumb and aside from calling a Rose a rose, the rest of the trees are just trees to me.  Now I still dream about having a great garden and so, when I see a nice flower or plant, I take a photo and…. That photo just digs its own grave inside my phone to maybe be found again 4 months later.

What if we could us the camera of our phone to showcase plants and tree, with real life size, color, name…. I could “like” or “favorite” it and make my garden that way!

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