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After teaching iOS courses for over five years, there are many reasons why my students want to learn iOS development. Their reasons may be different but their struggles are the same.

I’m here to tell you that there is a systematic way to learning iOS.

Did you know that the majority of apps all stem from only a handful of common components and patterns?

They may have a different design and paint job but at the core, they’re the same component.

Once you are able to recognize the components and patterns, app development will seem way more straight forward and achievable. You can call yourself an iOS developer faster.

So you want to make an app but it’s been a struggle because:

You find a lot of the iOS sources are outdated or inaccurate so you’re unable to build your skills progressively.

You’ve followed a bunch of different tutorials and you’ve built a bunch of working demos but you still don’t have any idea how to start your own app idea.

You’ve been able to find tutorials for the features you need for your app but the material just goes WAY over your head.

You always have questions but you don’t have anywhere to ask and get the answers you need.

They say things like:

“It’s just too hard. I followed all tutorial steps exactly but I still get all these errors that I don’t know how to debug.”

“The tutorials assume you understand certain concepts already and don’t give any explanations. Anything after that stops making any sense”

“I often don’t know where to start. I’m not sure how to look for what I need when I don’t even know what it’s called.”

This is the position I find a lot of my students in. Even those that have followed my content on YouTube. Unfortunately, similar to other learning sites, my tutorials on my channel are one-off topics that don’t follow the systematic learning approach that is vital to learning a complex skill like iOS development.

You’re going to stop struggling because I’m going to let you in on two little secrets:

Secret #1:
Learning how to build apps requires a systematic approach.

There’s a proper sequence to build up your skills to the point where you CAN build any app you want. Learning is two fold – you first need to understand (remember) before you can apply (create).

Let me give you some examples:

If you want to learn how to golf, you have to work on your stance and your grip before working on your swing. You don’t do it the other way around or you’ll never get it!

If you want to learn English, you learn the alphabet before learning how to spell.

There’s a systematic order to learning iOS development too.

If you establish a solid foundation first, the complicated stuff of creating a new app becomes a lot easier.

Secret #2:
Most apps are just a collection of a handful of patterns.
It’s all REUSE.

Why do I (and other professionals) make app development look so easy?

It’s because:

We’ve got the basics down. We’ve done it so much that it’s like second nature to us.

Believe it or not, once you get the hang of it, building apps is like snapping lego pieces together.

Take a look at how the Instagram, Facebook and Airbnb apps are displaying items:

Facebook, Instagram and Etsy using Collection Views

Facebook, Instagram and Etsy app using Collection Views

Displaying items in a grid like this is done with a Collection View component (one of those patterns) and after you’ve done it once before, it becomes a lego piece in your knowledge toolbox that you will recognize and use again and again.

Another example, take look at this tab bar navigation. It’s just using the TabBar component. Once you’ve seen and done these elements once before, you’ll be able to reuse them over and over again.

Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb and Etsy using Tab Bar Navigation

Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb and Etsy app using Tab Bar Navigation

One last example just to drive it home.. Check out how the Starbucks and Airbnb apps are using horizontal scrollable lists. There’s a component called ScrollViews that let’s you do this.

Starbucks and Airbnb using ScrollViews

Starbucks and Airbnb app using ScrollViews

Now you’re starting to see, all these “different” apps aren’t so different from each other right?


Remember I told you that apps all stem from a handful of patterns (i.e. Lego pieces)? You will start to see the same “Lego pieces” being used in different apps over and over again.

The key is knowing about them and recognizing them.

As you continue to build on your skills, you will collect more and more lego pieces you can use. The best app developers leverage the power of “reuse”.

Soon enough, with all your “Lego pieces”, you’ll be building castles and skyscrapers. We’re talking about apps but you get the analogy, right? 🙂

So, if you’ve been trying to learn app development by floating from tutorial to tutorial, I’m terribly sorry to say… you’ve been wasting your time!

Because you:

Didn’t have a system for learning

You weren’t taught how to look for patterns and build that foundation

Using a systematic learning approach, I’ve created a complete iOS learning path that arms you with the right skills to tackle any hurdles. It’s a renaissance kit that took five years in the making including feedback and improvements from over thousands of my students.

It’s the best of its kind because it’s “buildable learning” that establishes your iOS skills from the ground up.

Focused, hands on learning that reinforces your understanding so you start succeeding from lesson one.

I can confidently tell you that this learning curriculum is the fastest and most efficient way to pick up app development.

With my course kit, you can finally become a confident iOS developer that

… Designs ideas and can bridge the gap to code implementation

… Knows how to pinpoint issues and debug problems effectively

… Knows how to take what’s essential and relevant from all the vast sources out there

Ultimately, you’ll progress your iOS skills and build workable apps…

… To land that iOS developer job

… To bring your ideas to life and make a difference

… To enhance your personal skills and add value to your business or job

… To fulfill your passion and have a skill for your future

My course kit gets you the vital technical skills

… Even if you’ve never coded before and don’t know where to start

… Even if you’ve followed many tutorials before and never got close to building the app you really want

… Even if you’ve always thought it wasn’t meant to be or might take too long

Let me introduce myself before I continue

Hello! I’m Chris and I’ve been a developer for over 15 years. I even went to university for it since I love programming so much.

After working in technical consulting for 7 years building apps for multi-billion dollar companies, I realized teaching was my passion.

Fast forward 5 years later and here I am with a top quality course, over 130,000 YouTube subscribers and 275,000 views a month. My students have gone on to land iOS developer jobs, build businesses around apps and fulfill life long dreams of building apps to help others.

CodeWithChris YouTube Channel

Over 4135 students have taken my course and here’s what they’re saying:

“This course was the changing point in my attempt to learn iOS development. Although I have a programmer background (PLSQL) and had read the entire Swift manual I was still at a loss on how to put things into practice.

The CodeWithChris course pulled everything together for me in a clear and fun way.

I recently released my very first iPhone app and I owe most of that to what I learned in the course. Thank you so much for creating such a user friendly, easy to understand course.”

– Franklin

“First of all, Chris himself is half of what makes this course great. Friendly, approachable presentation coupled with slow at first, pick up speed later learning pace and excellent production quality. It’s a good mix.

To be honest I don’t know if I would have stuck through this course if it wasn’t for the encouragement and “humanness” that Chris sprinkles throughout the course.

Chris makes it feel like you can relate with him and he’s rooting for the student to succeed. That more than anything I’d say is what makes this course different from all the other, robotic courses out there.”

– Iwan

“[Other] tutorials were either outdated, messy, hard to follow, or all of the above! CodeWithChris has been the best one so far, and I love it!

– Tina

“This course felt as if I was the only person sitting in a class. The use of illustrations made swift code programming understandable.”

– Martin Segarra

My complete curriculum consists of 3 courses:

Fundamentals course
Database course
Design course

Let me show you how these three courses will help you build an app.

Step 1: Learn Xcode
Step 1: Learn Xcode

Xcode is the program you build your views in. There’s a drag and drop builder for the user interface and also a code editor for you to write the Swift code for the logic of your app. Oh, and it’s free!

You need to get familiar with this program and learn how to lay out user interface elements to build the views that the user sees.

Step 2: Learn Swift
Step 2: Learn Swift

Swift is the official programming language used for building iOS apps. It’s not anything you need to get or download. It’s simply the language that you need to learn like English or Spanish. Don’t worry, once you get started, you’ll get the hang of it!

Step 3: Learn Databases
Step 3: Learn Databases

If you want your app to “talk” to something. For example, any features like user login, user generated content, saving data or retrieving data or syncing data, you’ll need to work with databases.

Databases are a bit of an intermediate topic so you’ll have to get a firm grasp on Xcode and Swift before tackling this.

Step 4: Learn Design
Step 4: Learn Design

Some people will hire a designer to create graphics for their app but you can also do it yourself. I’ll show you how to use a few tools and how to integrate the assets into your project. This will help your app look professional and sexy 🙂

Step 5: Publish Your App
Step 5: Publish Your App

This part isn’t hard at all. You need to pay Apple $99/year to join the Apple Developer Program and submit your app to the App Store. You’ll get access to a website called iTunes Connect where you fill out the information for your app and upload the screenshots, then you simply upload your finished app from Xcode!

Each of the courses helps you through a different part of the app development process.

Best of all, the lessons and courses are designed in the optimal learning path so you don’t have to stress out about what to learn next.

This is the “systematic approach” I was talking about earlier.

Simply follow the courses in this order:

iOS App Development Learning Path

iOS App Development Learning Path

Learn by coding real projects that you can publish
or use as a starting point for your own app

War App
Layout with image, text and button elements, dual orientation, custom graphic elements.

Fundamentals Course Module 1 War App Project

Match App
Dynamic generation and lay out of graphic elements, timers, pop up dialogs, landscape orientation, scrollable views, integration of sounds and animations.

Fundamentals Course Module 3 Match App Project

Quiz App
Networking, local and remote data feed (JSON) parsing, table views, modal pop up windows, saving data locally on the device.

Fundamentals Course Module 5 Quiz App Project

News App
Working with APIs, networking, multi-screen navigation, local caching, custom table view cells, web views, custom app icon.

Fundamentals Course Module 6 News App Project

Guidebook App
Utilizes offline local database for the data, mapping and routing, multi-screen, offline note taking.

Database Course Module 5 News App Project

Photo App
Utilizes remote database for saving/retrieving data, account creation, login and sign out, camera and photo library, multi-screen tab bar navigation, uploading and retrieval of files to/from remote server

Database Course Module 3 News App Project

Furthermore, to make your success even more inevitable all of our courses come with the following benefits and resources.

24/7 access to high quality training videos for you to follow and practice along. Hands on training all…the…way
Learn anywhere – downloadable and streaming options. You can even learn on the go via the app!
Downloadable the source code, design assets and worksheet PDFs for each lesson.
Personal access to me to guide you through the course and learning material.
Access to a private “Students Only” forum managed by me and my team. Learning with a supportive community increases your chances of success by leaps and bounds. Be a part of a group of like-minded people who are starting at the same place as you are.
A certificate of completion once you finish my course. So you can brag to your friends and family 🙂
Lifetime access to the CodeWithChris community. I continue to help my students even after they’ve completed the course. I personally read all my emails!
Unlimited, no expiry access to the training so you can learn at your own schedule.
Free lifetime course updates (I continuously update my content to reflect the latest versions of Swift, Xcode and iOS)

The Complete iOS Training System

The Complete iOS Learning Path




$100 off and the Design course for free!
Enroll in the Complete iOS Development Learning Path

This bundle contains the complete learning path. Save $100 and get the Design course for free when you choose this bundle!

The Fundamentals course where you’ll build your rock solid iOS app development foundation.

The Database course where you’ll learn to build database powered apps.

The Design course where you’ll gain practical skills to give your apps that slick and polished look.

All of the extra resources and bonuses mentioned above.

You have 30 days to try out my course, risk free!

Even if you tell me that you didn’t have time to try it or you changed your mind, just email me within 30 days and I’ll gladly give you a full refund.

You’re one decision away from changing your future.

Just take a look at these results:

Brian King who changed his career from law and finance to being the lead iOS developer:

Brian King studied law and finance in school. With his own hard work and persistence, he’s a lead iOS developer:


Or Ton, who had his app featured in the newspaper.

Ton built an app to find wheelchair accessible locations and got featured in the newspaper:

Ton Driessen

Or how about Macon, who learned how to build apps and started his own successful app business.

Macon and Judith’s app business has grown quite impressively since their first app:

Atomic Imagination

Here are just a few of the apps our graduates have created and published:

FitSW published app by course graduate

SATFlash published app by course graduate

Simply Smoothies published app by course graduate

So, which option is right for you?

The Complete iOS Learning Path
Enroll in the iOS Fundamentals Course
Enroll in the iOS Database Course

“Well done Chris. Your swift course was exactly what I needed to feel confident in creating iOS apps. Thanks again!”

– Brian