One Month, One App Challenge

One Month, One App Challenge

🎉 The June 2020 challenge is underway! 🎉

Finding the motivation to learn a new skill or reach for a stretch goal is hard.. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve started a gym routine and stopped shortly after (does that sound like you too?).

Thing is, I always get back up and try again. That’s the spirit of this challenge.

Whether you’ve had trouble:

  • Finding time to start learning iOS
  • Getting started on an app idea prototype
  • Finishing off a project that’s been kicking around

You can use this month to beat your procrastination or motivation issues and get something done!

There Are 3 “Flavors” Of The Challenge:

  • 29 Day Beginner Challenge

    Just Beginning

    This is a great time to start. Do this 29 Day Beginner Challenge for the month and get a solid foundation!

  • Theme of the month: Finance

    Theme: Finance

    This month’s theme is Finance. Challenge yourself to build a finance related app this month!

  • Your Own App

    Your Own Thing

    Have your own app idea? Let’s do it. Set your own goal, challenge yourself and let’s get started.

…pick one and read on!

How To Participate:

Regardless of which flavor you choose above, all the action happens in our CodeCrew Community. Here’s how you can join this challenge:

Step 1: Creating A Journal Thread

  • If this is your first time, create a new Topic in the Journals category. If you participated before, simply reuse your topic from the previous challenge.
  • Title your Topic in this format: “[Your Name] – OMOA Challenge” (for example: “Chris Ching – OMOA Challenge”)
  • In the body of your new topic, tell us about your goal for the month. This is an affirmation to yourself to commit to this goal for the month!

Step 2: Updating Your Journal Thread Throughout The Month

  • Throughout the month, reply to your own topic with updates on your progress. Treat your topic like a progress journal.
  • Other participants may chime in on your progress updates with words of encouragement or motivations! Feel free to do the same for other participants too!
  • There’s no requirement on frequency or quantity of updates to your topic. (However, check the requirements below if you want to be eligible for getting featured)


Prizes?! How about the prize of sweet triumph over your own procrastination and lack of motivation? 😊

Just kidding. It’s a massive accomplishment and we want to celebrate with you by featuring your work on our website and social media.

Social Media and Website Features

We’ll celebrate your success on our social media accounts and website! Since this is the first month we’re running the OMOA challenge, I don’t have an example to show you but it’ll be good!

Feature Eligibility:

  • If you were doing the 29 Day Beginner Challenge, post a screenshot of your Match Card Game to your own Journal thread!
  • If you were doing your own app or a theme-of-the-month app, record a video of your app in action!

And that’s it.. simple right? Well what are you waiting for?

Let’s get something done this month! 💪