Code Kit Pomodoro App


Simple, focused, organized. This Pomodoro App code template follows the principle behind the Pomodoro technique that helps anyone stay on top of their time and tasks for the day.


Persist & Resume
This Pomodoro app persists any active countdown timers, so it won't be a problem even if the app is terminated during a session.
Works well in the background
The app continues to work even when running in the background.
Alert Notifications
Show and customize alert notifications when the countdown timer hits zero.
Simple & Sleek Design
Features a simple real-time countdown timer with a circular progress indicator.

What's Included

Project File
Source Files
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This template is good for…

Developers – save more time in the coding and development stage with a useful template that you can use as the foundation of your app.

Hobbyists – Get one step closer to achieving your passion project with this code template. We’ve done the basics so you can focus on coding the unique features that you want for the app.

Early-stage developers – Looking for practice? You can use this template to build an app for your portfolio or reverse-engineer it to build something better!


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