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This Recipe App was built to help you kickstart any kind of recipe app project for personal or commercial use. It uses a clean, modern, and organized codebase and user interface that makes it entirely different from other templates in the market today.


Local Recipe Data
Includes a local customizable recipe data in JSON, but you get to decide whether to use the local available data or to integrate your own backend service. Your data, your choice!
Feature Recipes with Style
Achieve better design customization to SwiftUI views using Styles.
100% MVVM
Designed for better separation of concerns, this kit is one of the firsts to feature a full implementation of the Model-View-ViewModel architecture.
Ready for New Markets
Let your recipes be known to users around the world with Localization support! Add support for more languages by using existing languages as your base.
Full Documentation
Get to know how to organize a project by checking the ReadMe section of the project.

What's Included

Project File
Source Files
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This template is good for…

Developers – save more time in the coding and development stage with a useful template that you can use as the foundation of your app.

Hobbyists – Get one step closer to achieving your passion project with this code template. We’ve done the basics so you can focus on coding the unique features that you want for the app.

Entrepreneurs – Got an exciting idea for a recipe or food app? Use this template to solidify that idea and ship your product faster.

Early-stage developers – Looking for practice? You can use this template to build an app for your portfolio or reverse-engineer it to build something better!


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