Business and School Partnership Initiative for iOS Education

Meet Pares

Pares M. is a 13 year old student from Johannesburg, South Africa. He’s probably one of the youngest developers publishing his first app “Dainfern College (DC) Reads” on the first try. His app is now being used across his school of 1200 students to promote reading. An amazing accomplishment by someone so young.

Pares is destined to do more amazing things because of two key reasons:

The first reason, his parents recognized and encouraged coding at an early age. Pares received his first laptop on his 7th birthday. His parents nurtured his talent by enrolling him in coding classes and taking online tutorials during his spare time.

The second reason, his school, Dainfern College implemented iPads for their students and offered courses in higher grades to learn coding basics.

Pares’ exposure and involvement with mobile development happened at an early age. He is now building a strong foundation to becoming a great iOS developer. He’s essentially accelerated his proficiency in coding and not waiting for a 4 year degree. His advice to others? “It’s never too late or too early to start and don’t be afraid to fail”

CodeWithChris – the leading iOS education program for schools

At CodeWithChris, we are dedicated and passionate about delivering our curriculum of courses to as many schools and young people as possible. We believe that everyone can learn to code and demystify the conception that coding is difficult. Started in 2013, CodeWithChris has taught over 5000 students and is the biggest YouTube iOS education channel with over 200K subscribers.

We are excited to introduce a new Business and School Partnership Initiative to encourage company sponsorship for schools who would otherwise be unable to participate for financial reasons (including schools with a high rate of low-SES households).

Our aim is to connect local businesses with schools together and build stronger relationships between education and business. Computing jobs are the #1 source of new wages and we want to add real value to local school communities by helping young people gain these skills.

Why Mobile App Development?

Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Application programming helps develop creativity and problem solving skills. Our program will excite students and so encourage theme to develop these transferable skills through iOS app development – one of the hottest and most relevant technologies. Programming jobs are growing 3x faster than the number of students entering the field and yet 90% of K-12 schools in the United States do not offer coding skills to their students.

“This is a language that you can [use to] express yourself to 7 billion people in the world. Coding should be required in every public school in the world and should not be seen as a specialized skill.” Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., Fortune Magazine

Benefits for Businesses

This initiative is open to businesses of all sizes and sectors but will be especially relevant to companies:

  • Who want to build stronger community relationships with local areas/schools, and/or
  • Who are keen to champion the development of computer science studies and mobile app development in schools, and/or
  • Who have a business interest in technology innovation, and/or
  • Who would like to mentor/support a group of disadvantaged young people locally, and/or
  • Who wish to enhance their corporate social responsibility programs.

Businesses can have their logo on the student achievement certificates and are invited to attend the end of the year award ceremony at their sponsored school(s).

How much does Sponsorship Cost?

Companies can choose to support the half year or full year programs from just $1,970.

The minimum class sizes and costs are:

  • Half Year Program – iOS Foundations Course (10 students at $197 USD each = $1,970 USD)
  • Full Year Program – iOS Foundations + APPly Your Knowledge (10 students at $294 USD each =$2,940 USD)

What are the Next Steps?

Companies can get in touch with Co-Founder, Ellen Chung at Ellen will help identify particular schools who are looking for a sponsor company. If you already have a school or location in mind then we can approach the relevant school(s) on your behalf.

Schools are encouraged to reach out to local businesses with this information to explore a sponsorship opportunity for their students. Schools who would like assistance in finding a sponsoring company should register their interest with us by contacting Ellen Chung (see below). We can then inform potential companies of your desire to offer iOS education to your students with the help of a business sponsor.

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For any questions please contact:
Ellen Chung
Licensing Director