How To Make An App with No Programming Experience

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Module 2: The Art of War (12 lessons)

You'll learn the core Swift programming language concepts here while building a fun, simple card game app.


Module 3: Mix and Match (23 lessons)

By the end of this module, you'll have learned how to debug your code, how to use timers, modal alerts, scrollviews and more! All while building an exciting card matching app.


Module 4: Quiz App (23 lessons)

In this module, you'll learn how to save data locally, what the JSON format is and how to use the collection class, Dictionary. By the end, you'll have a functional Quiz app!


Module 5: RSS Reader (20 lessons)

You'll build an RSS reader app in this module and in the process, learn how to use table views, parse RSS feeds, download data and how to have multiple views.


Module 6: Learn Swift Programming

This module focuses on the Swift programming language.