Dash – The offline documentation library

Have you ever found yourself without an Internet connection and the need to search for a piece of code or info on a method?
As iOS developers, we work with Objective-C and Swift and you can download the iOS 8/Xcode 6 library from the settings in Xcode.

Those 2 languages aren’t the only ones we have to use as some apps require PHP or SQLite to fetch data on a server. Do you have the documentation in Xcode for those two?
Lets just say that you are not only an iOS developer but also a Web developer or even working on Android. What about that documentation? On the Internet right!

So, what happen when you are on the move (in an airplane, train, etc) where you don’t have the Internet to access all those other libraries?

Dash is a Library of Documentations, which you download and save them on your Mac. This application supports 150+ languages and web searches via StackOverflow and others.
You can even get some cheat sheets for your favorite app and languages.

The app is totally free, but you are invited to purchase a license for $19 to support the team behind Dash!
There are no differences between the paid and free version, but the app might give you an 8 second countdown before you are able to read a page.

Give it a try! I am pretty sure this app is the Developer’s Best Friend