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We’ve received tremendous response so far! Supporting schools from US, Canada, Germany, Asia and Australia. Here are some of the comments:

“I would like to bring our CS to the next level. We have iPads, and iMacs. Teaching a group of students how to do a full on app would be fantastic!”

“We are an Apple Distinguished K – 12 school in Berlin, Germany with one to one iPads and MacBook Pros. I would like to start a full Swift programming curriculum for our students. I have used many of your excellent videos to teach myself the Swift programming language.”

“This new program sounds very exciting. I have been using your videos with students as a resource to the Apple curriculum, however, there are many places I feel that the Apple curriculum lacks and I look forward to learning about the full scope and sequence. Thanks!”


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What Teachers Say

David B., Mobile App Development Teacher – Minneapolis, MN

“You have good pacing, good clarity, organization and a clear teaching voice. Your setup is very educationally oriented. Well done on the design and presentation”

Lee. W
App Development Teacher
Tianjin International School, China

“The courses went really well last year – the approach worked quite well and I think that the students were far more engaged in the content than purely reading it out of the textbook (they also liked your energetic presentation style!)”

Matthew Purcell
Head of Digital Innovation
Code Cadets @ Canberra Grammar School
Canberra, Australia

What Our Students Have Done

“This is a language that you can [use to] express yourself to 7 billion people in the world. Coding should be required in every public school in the world and should not be seen as a specialized skill.”

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., Fortune Magazine

About the Curriculum

We’ve developed a best in class assessment-based iOS educational program

With CodeWithChris, young students not only develop technical skills but also how to apply them by building real world mobile apps.

In our technological driven world, knowledge in computer science is becoming increasingly important. Our program allows students to develop these transferable skills in the context of iOS app development.

App development is a fun and relevant way to teach critical thinking, application programming, creativity and collaboration.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking – The foundations of computer science

Effective Communication – Vet ideas and alternative approaches

Collaboration – Pair programming in app challenges and hands-on exercises

Creativity – an opportunity to create something amazing

Standards Based – defined learning outcomes with rubrics assessments

Our Curriculum Is Designed For Your Classroom

Our school-based program connects both offline and online learning environments. A modern and forward way of learning through educational technology

Video Lectures

24/7 access to high quality educational videos

All Experience Levels

Assumes no prior knowledge in programming and helps students develop core application logic skills

Hands on Activities

In class worksheets and app challenges

Lead Learner

Teacher’s from all backgrounds can teach our courses

Real World Apps

Students learning concept by building real world apps

Standards Based

Measurable assessments by demonstrating abilities

Teacher Support

Pacing calendar, syllabus and teachers guide, support network and live webinars

Certificate of Achievement

Students must demonstrate their understanding and application of concepts

About CodeWithChris

CodeWithChris in the classroom

We’ve been teaching iOS development training since 2013 and Chris has created a best in class foundational program. At CodeWithChris we always strive to make coding available to everyone and demystify the conception that coding is difficult to learn.

Chris, our superstar trainer is super motivating and encouraging for anyone wanting to learn Swift. He’s amazing in instructional design and explaining concepts in ways that anyone can understand.

The friendly, positive ‘can-do’ training style of Chris encourages and empowers young people to keep going and look for solutions. CodeWithChris helps to build resilience within young people. We continually encourage them through critical thinking, exploration and evaluation of alternative options.

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Do I need a computer science background to teach this course?

Our video lecture style allows teachers without any computer science background to teach this course. Teachers become lead learners and work with their class to find solutions and understand concepts.

How do I access your course?

Our entire course content and materials are hosted on the Teachable online platform. Teachable is the leading learning platform for multimedia training.

What is your teaching program like?

Our course syllabus was developed in collaboration with teachers just like you! Our video based lectures allow students to follow along the concepts and teachers provide support and encouragement. We strongly believe building something tangible is the best form of assessment. All our assessments are based on app challenges.

What is the licensing package?

As a licensed partnered school, you will receive access to all our videos, supplementary learning materials, teacher support guides, code base and much more!

How much does your education program cost?

Our pricing is flexible and schools pay for only the duration they need. Get our information brochure to learn more! Contact us directly if you have special requests and we will work with you!

When do you onboard schools?

We work with schools closely to make sure their teachers are supported from the beginning. All materials are accessible upon sign up.

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CodeWithChris at Breck School

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