I’ve worked with over 3000 students and I noticed a pattern

Over the last 3 years, I’ve worked with over 3000 students through my courses to learn iOS development and I’ve noticed a pattern.

Those who succeed go on to publish app after app

However, those that give up all fail because of the same reason

I call this phenomemom “The Hump”

Let me explain,

  • This is the spot where students realize that things are more difficult or requires more effort than they thought.
  • It’s that point when they feel their first frustrating road block and they don’t know how to proceed.
  • It’s that point where they feel helpless and lost.
  • It’s that point when they feel like maybe coding just isn’t the thing for them.

Everyone who has successfully built an app has gone through that point

If you stop here, you’re really doing yourself a disservice because just a tiny bit more effort and you’ll push past it. When you make it past “The Hump”, something magical happens and I’ve seen it time and time again in students.

Something just clicks. Suddenly instead of feelings of frustration, it’s feelings of confidence and rising up to face the challenge. You’ve suddenly gained the confidence that you can solve anything in your way. The feeling that things aren’t hopeless and that you ARE made for this.

Suddenly you can only see the unexplored open field ahead of you. There’s so much to learn!
And you feel like you can learn it all!

Here are some of the published apps graduates of my course have done.

Royal EdgeSATFlash - SAT Prep GameSlickFundsErgiSimply SmoothiesJumblTally CounterBINGOOSuperFlash ElementsSuperFlash United StatesLociDirect2GoFelix The SpyMildly Perilous UFOsMy Fight Against Cystic FibrosisSuperFlash Numbers

What’s so special about my course?

Seeing the mental shift and massive success students gain when they past “The Hump”, I’ve designed the beginner course with the single goal of helping students past this point in their iOS development journey.



From my own experience and failures, I’ve discovered that the fastest and best way to learn is by doing. Nothing can replace the learning that takes place in your mind when you hit a road block and overcome it.

That’s why I’ve designed my courses to teach via working on actual app projects. I won’t drill theory and concepts into you non-stop. Instead, you’ll be building apps with me in an “over-the-shoulder” style and I’ll point things out to you as you need it along the way.

You’ll be building your iOS programming skills by constructing 4 different apps in increasing difficulty. Each of the apps will introduce new skills and concepts and build upon the previous concepts that were taught.
This is a fun, goal oriented and practical way to learn new concepts and to reinforce material learned in previous lessons.

By the end, you’ll have built 4 fully functional apps on your own!


I know people can get really excited and blaze through each lesson. That’s why under each lesson, I’ve designed a series of questions that checks if you’ve gotten the key concepts of the lesson. Then at the end of each module, there’s an “exam” containing every single quiz question from the lessons in that module.

These quizzes and exams are optional but it’s in your best interest to take them. Furthermore, you’ll get some cool badges to show off if you score 100% on the exams.


I mentioned that the best way to learn is by doing and overcoming obstacles. Well, I’m here to help you every part of the way.

I answer all student questions myself. No assistants or customer support agents here. If you have a question, just join in on the discussion below each lesson and you’ll get a personal response from me in a timely manner.

I’ll help you get “unstuck” so that you can spend your time making progress instead of pulling your hair out!

So what have graduates created?
Here are some of my students’ apps in the App Store:

Ton’s app was featured in the newspaper!

Brian presented his app on stage at the 2015 Health 2.0 Annual Fall Conference which is attended by over 15,000 people!

Student Testimonials

Here is what students have said about my course

I just wanted to tell you that the money I spent for your courses was definitely worth it!
I haven’t finished them all yet but I can already say that you explanations are brilliantly done, clear and organized.
– Alberto
This course was the changing point in my attempt to learn iOS development. Although I have a programmer background (PLSQL) and had read the entire Swift manual I was still at a loss on how to put things into practice. The Code With Chris course pulled everything together for me in a clear and fun way. I recently released my very first iPhone app and I owe most of that to what I learned in the course. Thank you so much for creating such a user friendly, easy to understand course.
– Franklin
Hi Chris!
I just want to say thank you so much for this amazing course! I have learned a lot, you really are a great teacher!
See you in the next course! 😀
Whooo! Just finished the first course. Thank you so much Chis, your lessons are great! Now I will start building and I am pretty sure that I will come back for a the next one. Maby even a SpriteKit course in the future? Thanks again, now I will have a beverage and enjoy the sight of my badges 🙂
– Myriam
Hey Chris,
Finally did it. 3rd time lucky. I felt as though I’m leaving a school after successfully graduating. I will miss the classes but you have definitely helped me with a firm foundation. Your work is good as gold and will vouche for you anywhere any time.

Chris, thank you for taking the time and expending the effort to create these courses. They are outstanding and I’m sure there will be many successful developers who otherwise would not have made it if it where not for these courses. The fact that you show every minute of the development process with no gaps and nothing missing eliminates the frustration and wasted time that can make learning something this complex drudgery. I enjoyed every minute, feel like I’ve really accomplished something, and, since I purchased the bundle, look forward to the starting toolbox course. Thanks, again. Great job!
– Bernie
Chris, excellent job. The quality of these lessons is magnificent and the content and presentation second to none. I haven’t programmed for over 10 years and even though I did remember a few of the concepts there is no way I would have gotten through and completed 4 apps on my own. I have some app ideas to continue my learning before building some for the App store and I’ll be using these lessons to help me and joining your toolbox course to power me through. I’ll be sure to post them up for you. Keep up the great work and thank you so much.
– Peter
Thank you Chris. I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt about iOS programming. Definitely past the point of no return! I’m going to start working on some of my own ideas for a few weeks at least to consolidate what I’ve learnt so far but I will definitely be purchasing the toolbox course very soon. See you on the next course mate!
– Brad
Well done Chris. Your swift course was exactly what I needed to feel confident in creating iOS apps. I look forward to the insights you’ll share in the Toolbox course. Thanks again!
– Brian
Fantastic course, Chris!! I really enjoyed this one. I followed your Objective-C course last year and that one was also great. On to the Toolbox course and hopefully an OS-X programming course after that, if you’re planning on creating one! 😉
– Rob

2 Courses Available:

How To Make iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience

This is the beginner course that is suitable for anyone to gain a solid foundation for building iOS apps.

This course will teach the absolute beginner with no programming experience how to construct apps with multiple screens, create user interfaces and handle user interaction using Swift code.

By the end of this introductory course, students will be able to read/write Swift code, construct simple apps and have the confidence to further their studies in iOS development.

The entire course is split into 5 modules and you’ll be building a different app in each one:


Get familiar with the tools and build your first Hello World app

In Module 1, you’ll get your introduction to app building on the iOS platform and also get your feet wet by completing your first simple iPhone app! You’ll get a tour of the development environment and learn about the components that make up an app.


Build a War card game app!

In Module 2, you’ll build a War card game where you’ll learn about Xcode, the view, adding buttons and images to the view, hooking up the user interface to handle interaction, the basics of object oriented programming and some basic Swift code.


Build a card matching game!

In Module 3, you’ll build a Card Match application where you’ll reinforce the knowledge gained from Module 1 as well as learn new concepts such as doing more complicated layouts, using scrollable views, adding animations, adding sounds and using timers. You’ll also learn how to pop up message boxes to alert the user, add an app icon, add a launch screen and more Swift coding concepts so that you can express more complicated logic.


Build a quiz app!

In Module 4, you’ll build a Quiz app that gets the questions from reading a data file on the device. Then we’re going to take it a step further and make the app read the data file across the internet by placing the data file on our own server. In the process of building the quiz app, you’ll learn how to support landscape orientation in addition to portrait, you’ll do more animations, you’ll be presenting modal views to the user, using scrollable views, creating custom views and saving scores and other data to the device.


Build an RSS news reader app!

In Module 5, you’ll build an RSS app where you’ll learn how to create an app with multiple screens and how to navigate between them. You’ll be working with feed parsing classes to download and parse an RSS feed across the internet. Then you’ll display those stories in the feed to the user in a scrollable list. You’ll also learn how to use web views to present the web content from within the app.

The Intermediate Course

This is the next step:

This intermediate course is a continuation and natural next step from “How To Make iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience”.

Now that you have the iOS programming foundation forged from the beginner course, this intermediate course will supercharge your apps by teaching you how to easily use remote databases.

In How to Make an iPhone App 2, you’ll learn how to query and write data to a database, you’ll learn how to create accounts, login screens and provide the ability to do account registration for users of your apps.

Furthermore, you’ll learn how to save images and data on a remote database so that your app can deal with user generated data that is available for other users to see. Perfect for photo sharing apps like Instagram!

In this course, I’ll show you how to use Firebase, a database platform owned by Google which is free to use during the course.

What you’ll learn in this course:


Learn all about how we can leverage the Firebase platform for our apps WITHOUT having to set up any server infrastructure:

– Learn how to set up a new Firebase Realtime Database
– Learn how to connect it with your Xcode project
– Learn how to use Cocoapods, a free tool that is widely used by pros
– Learn how to save data to your realtime remote database
– Learn how to query and retrieve your data from the database
– Learn how to listen for updates to your data so that you can update your app with fresh data instantly!


In the process of building this app, you’ll level up your toolkit with these skils:

– Save survey results to the database
– UISwitch (toggle switch)
– UIPicker (like the date picker)
– UITextfield / dismissing the keyboard (textfields!)
– Slider
– Text View (for displaying lots of text)
– Furthermore, in the beginner course, you learned about navigation controllers and how it lets you go from screen to screen. Well in this module, you’ll learn about Collection Views which will be extremely valuable when you start to have many view controllers in your project!


Learn how to work with MapKit, GPD and more:

– Present a list of locations from the database
– Display a map and location details
– Display markers on the map
– Geolocating the user
– Calculating distances for a list of locations
– Learn how to use additional UI controls


The most complex app you’ve done yet!

– Learn how to create user accounts
– Allow the user to register for an account
– Social login
– Launching the camera to take a photo
– Selecting a photo from the library
– Save photos and user generated data to the database
– List and display photos by other users
– Sharing on Facebook and Twitter
– Learn how to use the Tab Bar Controller to feature tab sections at the bottom of your app

More Student Testimonials

Thanks Chris, It has been an exciting experience and terribly productive, it am certain that teaching is one of your missions in life.

It’s probably the best course I’ve taken in my life.
Now, I’ll go for more. Cheers!
– David

Let me tell you this course did not disappoint! I’m accustomed to sitting through lectures and interactive lessons with college professors with PhD’s, and I can say with confidence that Chris is equally as strong of a teacher as many of my professors are. He was very precise with every word he spoke, and his videos were very well thought out and organized.
I would recommend this course to anybody interested in picking up the basics of Swift and Xcode, regardless of your skill level. After taking this course, I am confident that I can build almost any app I can dream of!
– Jake
I just wanted you to know how much your clear and useful tutorials helped me create this first app. I’ve already come up with ideas for new projects and can’t wait to continue down this path
– Sharon

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Thank you Chris, it’s been a fun journey! You’re a methodical and good teacher and you take time for your students, would recommend you to all my friends!
– Nils

Try the course for 30 days

If you find that the course isn’t for you, just send me an email within 30 days
and I’ll gladly send you your money back!


How’s this different from what you have on YouTube?

The courses on codewithchris.com are my flagship programs to get you from no experience to coding apps yourself. You also get support from me personally which isn’t something I’ve been able to do successfully with a platform as large as YouTube. The tutorials and topics on my YouTube channel will vary from week to week unlike the courses which follow a learning path. I think the YouTube content is an ideal complement to those who are going through my courses or have graduated from them!

What are the requirements for this course?
You don’t need any programming experience, but in order to follow along and practice, you’ll need either a Mac computer running OSX 10.10 or a subscription to MacInCloud.com.

Do I need an iPhone, iPad or iPod to follow along?
Nope! The program which we use to build apps in has an iOS simulator where you can run, preview and test your app all on your computer.

How long do I have access to the videos? Can I learn at my own pace?
It’s a one time fee for lifetime access to the videos so that you can learn at your own pace!

Are the videos downloadable? Can I view the lessons offline?
The video lessons are only available for streaming from this site and you’ll need an internet connection to watch them.

What programming language is this course taught in?
This course is taught with Swift 3, which is the programming language that Apple advocates to use for building iOS apps. This is the latest version and the course is continually updated as Apple updates Swift!

Will this course be updated for the latest versions of iOS and Xcode?
Yes! I keep the lessons updated and relevant for the latest versions of iOS and Xcode! Currently, we’re updated for Xcode 8, Swift 3 and iOS 10.

Can I build iPad apps with this course?
Absolutely! Even though the apps that we build together in this course are iPhone apps, the same app building skills are exactly the same for iPad apps.

Even More Student Testimonials

This course has taught me a lot. Since I’m new to swift, this course is perfect for a beginner. Its still a lot of information for me to take in. So I will continue to learn by doing and I can reference back to the projects that were created in the course. Now I’m excited, onto the Toolbox. A lot of very cool new things I’d like to learn there.
– Charles
I want to say thank you for this course. I feel empowered to release my creativity that was bundled up because of my lack of understanding how to implement my app ideas. You have guided me through the frustration of taking classes and still not understanding. I am a student as long as you are a teacher!
– Kevan
This has been a great course! I’ve really enjoyed learning about how to build apps. You’re a fantastic teacher and I’ll be sure to recommend you to others! Thanks so much!
– Yemi

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