Learn iOS – Free Lesson Plan

Below is a free lesson plan that you can follow, even if you’ve never programmed before!

The path to learn iOS is a treacherous one. It’s filled with outdated tutorials, absent teachers and false promises of quick results.

Apple updates Swift and Xcode every year, making the prospect of learning iOS a moving target.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to learn iOS programming and you’re serious about it, check out this up-to-date lesson plan:

Step 1
Getting Started

Before you start, get your head on straight. This getting started guide will answer your most common questions, reveal the secrets to success and get you diving into building your first app.

Click Here to Get Started

Step 2
Build your core skills

This guide will walk you through the core skills needed for iOS app development. In the process you’ll build a fun War app that you can load onto your iOS device to show your friends and family!

Build Your Core Skills

Step 3
Extra practice

After the War app, you’ll want to reinforce those skills you learned by diving into the Dice Roll app. Completing this app will help you remember all of the Swift syntax and get you even more familiar with the Xcode environment.

Click Here to Build This App

Step 4
Dive deeper into Swift

Now that you’ve had some practice with building apps in Xcode using Swift, it’s time to take a deeper look at the Swift programming language. These 17 videos will take you through different aspects of Swift and also provide exercises that you can try.

Click to Dive Into Swift

Step 5
Coming soon

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