How to Make an App for Beginners (Lesson 1)


Welcome to lesson 1 of How to Make an App for Beginners!

This 10 part video series is designed for complete beginners with no programming experience.

By watching all 10 lessons, you’ll have built two app user interfaces and a full War Card Game app by yourself.

Learn how to use Xcode to construct user interfaces, add labels, text and images, respond to user interaction and how to write Swift code to express logic in your app.

The core skills you’ll learn from these 10 videos form part of the foundation you’ll need for building any type of app.

Tons of beginners have completed this video series and jump started their journey into app development.

Once you complete it too, I’ll tell you how to get your name on the Wall of Fame!

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If you have any questions, just let me know in the comments below!


  1. Dear Chris

    Sorry I want to ask you one thing using Xcode can I develop any kind of app I mean apps like war, like cooking recipes, etc if you have time kindly tell me

    • Absolutely! You can use Xcode to develop any types of apps for iOS, macOS, Apple Watch, etc. Building some apps might require different resources and approaches than others, but it all depends on what exactly you’re trying to make. Still, anything is possible!

  2. Dear Chris
    This is one of the best tutorials I ever have seen on youtube with Xcode I like it very much and I have learned a lot of this tutorial.

    Thanks for sharing this


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