14 Day Beginner Challenge – Lesson 6 – Swift Programming: Variables and Constants

14 Day Beginner Challenge Lesson 6 – Swift Programming: Variables and Constants

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In this lesson, you’ll learn about the app lifecycle which includes retrieving and processing data, rendering the UI and handling user interaction. More importantly, you’ll see how Swift code puts this cycle in motion and keeps it going.

You’ve already seen what Swift code for the user interface looks like. In this lesson, you’ll begin to learn how Swift code is used to keep track of the data in your app!

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  • Yorick says:

    Some tips for an old dog (me) learning new tricks: I played lessons 5-7 through and got quite lost, but knowing where lesson seven was going gave me a road map for going back to lesson five and focussing on certain things more acutely. Secondly, I have been breaking lessons 5 and 6 into shorter segments and them playing around with a narrower field. For example, I am creating functions to quote Shakespeare with names left out and then inputting the names of the characters to generate the full quote. So far so good.

  • Nethan Nerella says:

    You are amazing!! When I first started watching you, I did not know how to write a single line of swift code. Now, I am even experimenting with other types of functions and more. Thank you so much!!!

  • robert glanville says:

    very good

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