Step 3: Pro

STEP 3: PRO Build Your Dream App

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Step 3 Pro

There’s no stopping you! Now you’ve got many techniques, patterns and structures under your belt and at your disposal. You’re ready to build your own custom app!

We call this the Pro stage.

When you get here, building apps will be like snapping “lego pieces” together and these lego pieces are from the pool of experience that you built up from the Apprentice and Performing stages.

Use the tools below to create an app plan, execute it and get help where you need it. Thanks for learning with me and letting me be a part of your App Journey!

If you’re able to, I’d love to hear your honest testimonial about where you started and how you feel now. To do so, just head to the bottom of this page.

Find Your “North Star” With The App Roadmap

So you know what you want to build, but you don’t know what framework to use or what class name to research. This tool is going to help you.

Simply select all of the features your app will include and the tool will generate an App Roadmap for you, revealing all of the topics you need to learn for your app idea.

Monthly Challenge

Let’s Do It Together With Monthly App Challenges

Get motivated and join our monthly challenge to achieve our goals! Whether you’re ready to create your own app or just starting out with our 28 Day Beginner Challenge, participating in our challenge is going to keep you accountable and help you reach that milestone.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Earn limited time badges too!

Plus Only
iOS Bento

A Curated Collection of How-To Recipes

iOS Bento is a curated collection of “recipes” for the most popular features found in today’s apps.

Each recipe is a text based and step by step to allow for easy scanning and implementation into your own Xcode project. Each recipe also comes with downloadable code samples.

To see the list of recipes available, click here.


You’ve Got Our Support With The CodeCrew Community

Join our family of like minded iOS learners and grow together. By having a strong support system, you’ll be more motivated, encouraged and accountable… all of which ultimately increases your chances of success.

Furthermore, our CWC Team and other learners can help you through any obstacles you’re facing.


If you’ve gotten this far, you’re part of the 1% of people who have a dream and take action on it.

I’ve been teaching iOS to beginners since 2013 (most with no prior coding experience!) and this A.P.P. journey is the result of all of those hours spent mentoring and guiding. I hope you’ve enjoyed the process as much as I have in crafting it.

If you’re looking for more and you want to take your skills to the next level, come join me inside CWC Plus!

(I’d also appreciate your honest testimonial of your experience if you’re willing to do that. Thanks!)

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