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STEP 2: PERFORMER Rapidly Level Up Your Skills

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Step 2 One Day Builds

Congratulations for making it stage 2! This leg of your journey should focus on two aspects:

  1. Repetition and volume on the basics so that you can do things faster and more efficiently.
  2. Exposure to new patterns, techniques and app frameworks

We call this level the Performing stage because… well you’re getting really good!

Your enemy at this stage is staying within your comfort zone. You’re used to being told where to click and what code to write. You need to get uncomfortable (again!) because you have the tools and skills to figure things out.

Below, you’ll find a series of One Day Builds. These are apps that can be done in a day and the pace will be a little quicker compared to the 29 Day Beginner Challenge.

Each One Day Build is designed to teach you new ways of doing things and to expose you to other additional parts of the iOS SDK. Try to go through them in order because the training in each app builds upon the previous.

Also, each month I’ll try to release a new One Day Build so make sure you’re subscribed to our Newsletter or YouTube channel to be notified!

One Day Build Calculator App

Recreating the iOS calculator app is a good opportunity to learn programmatic UI. This skill will deepen your control and expand the ways you can manipulate the UI!

What You’ll Learn

  • Programmatic UI
  • Math operations
  • And much more!

One Day Build YouTube App

This app will really take the complexity up a notch. You’ll fetch a playlist from the YouTube API and display a feed of videos. You’ll also be able to watch the videos within the app!

What You’ll Learn

  • Lists of data
  • iOS Networking
  • Working with an API
  • Multiple screens
  • And much more!

One Day Build OAuth YouTube App

Improve the YouTube App by allowing users to sign in with their Google/YouTube account. Learn how to allow the user to like videos and subscribe to your channel!

What You’ll Learn

  • YouTube OAuth
  • YouTube Data API
  • Liking Videos
  • Channel Subscriptions
  • And much more!

One Day Build Sound Recorder App

This isn’t your average soundboard app. You’ll learn how to access the microphone and record your own sounds too!

What You’ll Learn

  • Playing audio files
  • Using the microphone
  • Recording audio
  • And much more!

One Day Build Full Stack Notes App

You’ll learn how to use MongoDB for the database, how to build your own web server and API and finally, you’ll also build the iOS app that interacts with your custom backend!

What You’ll Learn

  • Using Mongo database
  • Setting up an API with Node.js and Express
  • iOS Networking with Alamofire

One Day Build Core Data Notes App

You’ll learn how to switch the backend of the Full Stack Notes App that you built to use Apple’s Core Data framework for local data storage instead!

What You’ll Learn

  • Core Data Framework
  • How to refactor apps
  • And much more!

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The CodeCrew community is our family of like minded iOS learners. By having a strong support system, you’ll be more motivated, encouraged and accountable… all of which ultimately increases your chances of success.

Furthermore, our CWC Team and other learners can help you through any obstacles you’re facing.

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