The Plan

The Plan

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The 3 Step App Journey

Here’s how it works:

I’ve broken up your journey into 3 steps. These are 3 phases I’ve noticed that all my successful students progress through as they grew into competent app developers.

Step 1: Apprentice

Step 1: Apprentice

During this phase (which we call the “Apprentice” stage), your focus should be getting a rock solid foundation. The skills learned here will serve you well for building any app to come.

To aid you in the Apprentice stage, I’ve laid out 29 key lessons (29 Day Beginner Challenge) that progress from the very beginning (no coding experience required) to the point where you’ll be able to build simple but solid apps.

These first 29 lessons gives you the fundamentals. Things like how to use the tools, how to write some basic code and how to start building some simple apps.

If you’re particularly motivated, feel free to blast through them. However, one word of warning. Do not, i repeat, do not skip the part where you practice and replicate it on your own. This was my embarrassing downfall when I first started learning iOS programming (A story for another day).

Check Out Step 1

Step 2: Performer

Step 2: Performer

After learning the fundamentals, you’re past the point of feeling like giving up. Instead, you’ll feel empowered and motivated. But there’s just one problem.. you’ll still feel like you don’t know how to do many things.

This is the part where you can really accelerate and pick up new skills, techniques, patterns and architectures. Being exposed to all of this will build your repertoire and expand your tool belt when you go to build your own app.

For this step, I’ve prepared a series of apps that you can build in a day each. Go through these “One Day Builds” in order because each one you complete will introduce you to new techniques and tricks of the trade.

Check out Step 2

Step 3: Pro

Step 3: Pro

By this point, you should be pretty confident with your abilities. If you have your own app idea, it’s time to start planning it and getting it done!

For this, I have that tool (AppRoadmap) I mentioned before that will reveal the learning topics you need in order to bring your app idea to life.

However, knowing is only the beginning and execution will be critical. For that reason, we hold a monthly app challenge at the beginning of each month where we all set a goal to accomplish and keep each other accountable throughout the month.

These monthly challenges are a perfect way to get motivated and do great things together.

Check out Step 3

Oh yeah, one last thing:

CWC Plus

In case you’re wondering if all of this costs money, the answer is No! You can go through all three steps for free, however for those looking for extra resources and priority support, we do have a paid membership we call CWC Plus which enhances your journey with more intermediate/advanced techniques and tools to speed up your progress. You can learn more about that here.

(By the way, if it seems like too much work, stick with Step 1 at least until lesson 10 and I bet you’ll be amazed at what you were able to accomplish by yourself. The immense feeling of satisfaction and self confidence you’ll gain will give you enough motivation to continue onwards!)

Alright, let’s do this!

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