Practical Tips for Successful iOS Development Learning in 2023

Before starting your iOS dev journey, keep in mind these useful tips to help you succesfully learn iOS development.

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Written by

Pat Enriquez

Published on

08 May 2023

Written by Pat Enriquez

Now, more than ever, a lot of people are getting into iOS development—and it’s a good thing! The community is thriving, resources are growing, and they are available everywhere. From free YouTube videos to a variety of paid online courses, not to mention boot camps and, of course, university courses, it’s all out there waiting for anyone to pick it up and start learning.

If you’re a beginner who wants to dive into iOS development in 2023, you have everything you need in hindsight. All that’s left is knowing where to find them and how to use those resources to your advantage.

Keep reading as we share with you tips on how you can successfully learn iOS development in 2023.

Find a structured learning path

Learning a new field, like iOS development, requires a deep understanding of its foundations. You have to start at the beginning and gradually make your way to the top.

You can’t just watch a tutorial on how to build a specific app and be done with it. A structured learning path is important because it will teach you the very basics of iOS development and is designed to have a general framework for all the things you need to learn.

A structured learning path can be a course or a book. What’s important is that your material builds momentum and layers skill development, just like our iOS Foundations course, which focuses on helping you gain the highest impact skills for a future in app development.

Practice what you learn

This is one of the most important but often overlooked tips on iOS development. Always practice what you are learning.

As you are learning something, it doesn’t matter if it’s the basics or something you think you already know; you need to practice that material on your computer. It’s easy to look at materials you’re familiar with and assume that you already know everything, but when you start working on your app, you have no clue what you need to do.

Practicing helps you remember what you learn and identify what you don’t know so you can fix it.

Find a support network

There is nothing like having people around not just to support you in your learning but also to inspire you along the way. That’s where finding a support network is vital.

When you have a support network, it will be harder to give up. Local meet-ups or online communities are a great way to find your support network and connect with other students who are on the same journey as you.

Sometimes, you just need to vent a bit, you need a pat on the back, or maybe you have a specific problem you need help with. At CodeWithChris, we have our CodeCrew forum for that specific need! It’s a place where you can ask questions or clarify anything in your learning material and expect industry experts and fellow students to help you out.

Set your expectations

It’s easy to get discouraged when we compare ourselves to other people or when we feel like we’re not accomplishing as much as we should.

When it comes to learning iOS development, you must understand that it’s a long process and that the way you learn things can be different from how others do it.

It’s important to set your expectations by focusing on your progress rather than your goal. If your goal is to build an app and you’ve only started learning iOS development a couple of weeks prior, you can’t expect to complete your app anytime soon.

Instead, look at how far you’ve come, the new learnings you’ve discovered, and your overall progress. Also, keep in mind that frustration and roadblocks are normal. You’re learning a valuable skill that, honestly speaking, isn’t easy.

But when frustrations come out and roadblocks discourage you from moving forward, this is where your support network comes in. Reach out to them and discuss the issues you’re facing or ask for help. The community is always willing to help.

It’s not yet too late to learn iOS development in 2023. If you’re ready, we are here to help! Start your iOS journey with us today.

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