Announcing My Premium Video Course

You guys may not have known this but a few months ago, I quit my job.

Someone might do this if they’re making enough money on their side project to pay for their mortgage, living expenses and so on but unfortunately, I’ve got no such thing.

What I DO have though, is a really supportive wife who believes in me.

You see, when I started creating video tutorials, I had no expectations of any sort of audience. I only did it because our CTO said that we should get involved with the community and increase our company presence.

When you guys started watching my videos, messaging me and reaching out, I discovered how fulfilling it was to teach. And surprisingly even to myself, I found it a lot more rewarding than building iOS apps for clients.

Finally, when a reader named Iain Bryce sent me the link below, I knew that I’d love to do this for a living if I could.

There’s a need for high quality, interactive and tailored learning.

A lot of you guys have asked me if I would do paid one on one tutoring but I’ve always had to politely decline because of time constraints.

A lot of you guys have also asked me where you should spend your money in terms of learning resources (books, courses) to learn iOS programming.

And finally, I’ve also received positive feedback that you guys have found learning from my video tutorials and article tutorials far more effective than the books and materials that you’ve bought.

With all of this in mind, I’m creating a premium iOS programming video course that solves the following problems:

1. High Quality Video Learning: Learning via video allows the student to see exactly what the mentor sees on the screen. I plan on delivering this course through the same great video tutorials that you guys have experienced on YouTube.

2. Guided Mentorship: As a member of this course, you’ll have priority over everyone else to have your questions addressed through email within 24 hours.

3. Tailored Course Material: The best thing about this course is that it’ll be a growing resource and you’ll have the opportunity to influence what new topics are covered next. With membership comes the ability to vote on upcoming topics that you want to see the most.

Below are the preliminary topics I’m planning on covering.
Note that these may change according to the feedback that you give me!

Basic Objective-C
IF statements
Working with arrays
Working with dictionaries
Types of Loops and uses for them
Notification Center

Ideation, Wireframing and Design
How to get app ideas
Turning your idea into app screens
Human interface guidelines

App Architecture
How to architect your app
The singleton pattern and class methods
Passing data between views

Debugging and Solving Errors
Debugger Window and tools at your disposal
Tools: Breakpoints
Tools: Logging
Tools: Charles Proxy
Debugging mindset
Other debugging techniques

Downloading Data
Downloading images
Downloading files

Working With Data Feeds
Intro to JSON
Intro to P-List
Downloading data
Parsing JSON/P-List data

Working With Remote Databases
Working with MySQL databases in the back-end
Working with Parse to power the back-end

Using UITableViews
Customizing table cells

Performing animations
Exit animations, entry animations

How to detect and handle user taps
How to detect and handle user swipes

Storing User Data
Storing user preferences via NSUserDefaults
Storing passwords securely

Social Sharing
How to integrate Facebook sharing into your app
How to integrate Twitter sharing into your app

Potential Future Topics
Designing app elements in Photoshop
How to styling UIElements
Creating universal projects for both iPhone/iPad
Handling orientation changes
How to use CoreData
Introduction to Auto-Layout

And more topics influenced by YOU!

What is it going to cost?

The course is going be a one time, affordable flat fee somewhere in the same price range as buying two “how to” iOS programming books.

In the future, if I raise the price or change it to a monthly fee, you guys who buy in now will forever have your lifetime accounts.

Given that the video library is going to grow over time and how I’ll have an increasing number of questions to answer as more members join, it’s not unlikely that the pricing structure will have to change but again, that won’t effect you guys.

So when can I sign up?

I’m working on the video content right now and in about 3 weeks, I’ll open up the doors for early bird sign up where you can lock in a price even lower than the launch price. That’s because I won’t have all of the content ready yet but you’ll get a preview AND be able to lock in a lower price than launch.

And then following early bird sign up, I’m planning to launch officially at the end of November.

If you’d like to be notified, please sign up for my mailing list at the top of the sidebar on the right.

Thank You!

I want to say thank you to all of you guys who read my articles and watch my videos. I don’t think that I would’ve had the courage to pursue something I’m passionate about without your support.

Whether you guys decide to purchase the course or not, I really appreciate your feedback, encouragement and support and I hope that you guys continue to enjoy my videos and tutorials!