Complete Course Bundle + Webinar Bonuses (App Advice, Obj-C Course, Design workshops)

How to make an app with NO programming experience

Learn how to build iOS apps from scratch with the latest tools from Apple!

This course will teach the absolute beginner with no programming experience how to construct apps with multiple screens, create user interfaces and handle user interaction using Swift code.

By the end of this introductory course, students will be able to read/write Swift code, construct simple apps and have the confidence to further their studies in iOS development.

The iOS Toolbox Course

In the beginner course I held your hand, showed you the ropes and built your confidence.

Now that you've graduated from the basics and laid out the foundation for your iOS programming education, it's time to broaden your horizons and show you all the tools, tips and tricks available at your disposal!

How to Create an App Course (Objective-C)

This is the basic intro course for non programmers and beginners.
Over 1000 students have taken this course. Check out what students have to say about the course in the product description!

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This is an exclusive offer for webinar attendees

In addition to the beginner Swift course and intermediate Toolbox course, you’ll get the Objective-C course, personalized app advice for your app idea and Photoshop & Sketch workshops (the workshops will be delivered Sept 15th)

This bundle contains both courses for a great price!

In the beginner course, you’ll learn the ropes and build your confidence. The important thing here is to get past the initial “hump” so that you don’t give up on learning programming!

After you’ve graduated from the basics and laid out the foundation for your iOS programming education, the toolbox course will broaden your horizons and show you all the tools, tips and tricks available at your disposal!

What you’ll learn in Beginner Course:

How to read/write Swift code
How to use Xcode 6
How to construct app interfaces
How to use auto layout to position your user elements
How to handle user interaction
How to create multiple screens and navigate between them
How to use various user interface elements such as scrollers (scrollviews), lists (tableviews), buttons etc.
How to display images
How to perform animations
How to play sounds
How to use timers
How to save data
How to parse data feeds to display in your app
How to handle multiple orientations
How to express conditional logic in your app
How to debug and troubleshoot your code

biggest benefit
The biggest benefit of this course is that you’ll be able to follow along, building your skills layer by layer and at the end, you’ll no longer be a beginner.

You’ll be able to read/write code and have the confidence to pursue your bigger and more complex app ideas.

The most successful students are those who stick it through

I’ve designed this course with this mantra in mind because it’s what I’ve observed in teaching beginners over the years.

The students who finish the course go on to publish app after app.

It absolutely makes sense, doesn’t it? If it were easy, then everybody would be an app publisher. There’s this invisible “hump” that beginners struggle with. Some people call this the learning curve.

There’s a struggle to get up and past that hump. After that, it becomes and feels easy!

Here’s how we’re going to get you past that “hump” and make sure that you finish the course and go on to publish apps!

A project based approach is the best way to learn

war card game app
You’ll be building your iOS programming skills by constructing 4 different apps in increasing difficulty. Each of the apps will introduce new skills and concepts and build upon the previous concepts that were taught.

This is a fun, goal oriented and practical way to learn new concepts and to reinforce material learned in previous lessons.

By the end, you’ll have built 4 fully functional apps on your own!

What you’ll learn in the iOS Toolbox Course:

More UIElements so that you can construct any user interface your want:
– UISwitch (toggle switch)
– UIPicker (like the date picker)
– UITextfield / dismissing the keyboard (textfields!)
– Segmented control (a group of buttons)
– Slider
– Activity Indicator View (activity/busy spinner!)
– Progress View (progress bar)
– Page Control (the dots at the bottom which indicate how many pages are left)
– Stepper Controller (increment or decrementing a value in a field)
– Collection View/Collection View Controller (a grid of items)
– Text View (for displaying lots of text)
– More on tableviews (sections, custom cells)
– Visual Effect View (for stuff like blur effects!)
– Tab Bar/TabViewController (tab bar at the bottom of your app)
– UIActionSheets (a list of action buttons that slide up from the bottom of the screen)
– Alerts (pop up alerts)
– Container View Controllers (a way to organize your app and view controllers)
– Search Display View Controller (for searching)
– SplitViewController (for iPhone Plus landscape views)

Maps and GPS so you can build location based apps:
– Display a map
– Display markers on the map
– Geolocating the user
– Calculating distances for a list of locations

Media tools so you can build media-rich apps:
– Launching the camera to take a photo
– Selecting a photo from the library
– Playing a movie locally
– Playing a movie stream
– Playing an audio stream
– Playing YouTube videos

Interacting with features of the iPhone:
– Access address book/contacts
– Access calendar and reminders (EventKit)
– Initiate a text message
– Initiate a call
– Open other apps
– Local Notifications
– Push Notifications (using Parse)
– Initiate an Email
– Sharing on Facebook and Twitter

CloudKit which gives us a cloud data store:
– Setting up CloudKit for your app
– Storing and Retrieving data
– Authentication (Logging into your app)

Working with MySQL if you’ve already got a database:
– Introduction to how the interactions work
– Services with PHP
– Interacting with iOS app
– Troubleshooting

blue sky
With the basics out of the way from the beginners course, this iOS Toolbox Course will open up all the opportunities for building your own app idea.

You’ll learn all of the essential how-tos for accomplishing the common tasks listed above.

Staying motivated and keeping yourself accountable

Earn badges for completing lessons and modules!

Every lesson has a quiz to test if you’ve learned the key concepts from the lesson.
At the end of each module, there’ll be a “final exam” containing all questions from all the lessons in that module.

Pass the quiz at the end of each lesson to expose the Complete Lesson button which will allow you to track your progress through the course!

My personal commitment to you

Hi, I’m Chris and I’ve been in your situation before. I tried to learn iPhone programming by reading a 400 page book and as dry as it was, i actually made it through but I realized that I still didn’t know how to build an app!

Three years later of building iPhone apps for clients at my consulting job, I discovered a passion for teaching and I remembered how difficult it was when I tried to learn.

Now it’s my mission to make it as easy as possible for anybody to pick up the fundamentals of creating an app and this course is my vehicle to do that.

1. Video lessons allow you to see exactly what i’m seeing

2. I help you understand the intricacies of creating an app so that you’re NOT just blindly following directions

3. Everybody learns differently. I’ll personally answer any questions you have about the course material and address your personal knowledge gaps

So if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make an iPhone app, here’s your best opportunity!

See you inside,