How To Build a Website to Market your App


Welcome to the Sparkle course.

We are going to learn how to build beautiful websites for our iOS app(s) and for our business using the Sparkle Mac App.

You can do this and more without any programming experience in HTML and CSS!

To increase reachability and create a better user friendly experience, we will also make our website responsive to the screen sizes of smartphones. This way, your website will look brilliant no matter which screen it's viewed on.

With Sparkle, we will be working with a “What You See Is What You Get” design app. This means that we won’t even have to write a single line of code!


A course always up-to-date with no additional costs

Sparkle is growing every day. New features are often added to the updates, bringing more power and capabilities to our website.
This course will be updated with videos of the new features as soon as they come out, and of course, included for free.
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A powerful app getting even better!

Desktops, Smartphones, and Tablets conversion in one click!

Sparkle website on a phoneSparkle website on a phone

We already have no time to code a website from scratch right? What about coding one for all types of desktops, smartphones and
tablets? They all have different screen sizes!

Sparkle does it all with one click! Adapt your website to visitors on their smartphones and make it easy for them to get to the App Store page.

Don’t waste your time or your money

Once my app was ready to be published to the App Store, I had to specify a support URL for iTunes Connect. I spent a couple of weeks trying to put something together from what I knew in HTML and CSS.

It was a nightmare and it didn’t look professional … at all.

I also didn’t want to give up by paying a web designer money I didn’t have. When I discovered Sparkle, I designed the page myself and it gave me all the freedom to make the updates on my own. A huge time saver and no additional money spent!

No hidden costs

Sparkle is a ONE time purchase only. No need to pay a monthly fee like other services available on the web.

Just get your own domain name or host your website for free with your Dropbox*.

(*lesson only available with the paid course)

Earn badges!

You have all your badges from the iOS Swift and ObjC programming courses? Good! Now get more from Sparkle.

Sparkle Master Badge

Not sure if its for you?

Give it a try with the first 4 videos for free. Get to know the tool to design your website.

Have questions?

No problem! I’ll be answering all your questions in the course to make sure you’re productive and learning!

What’s Next?

Now that we can design a website for ourselves, we can also do it for others. Sparkle could be a great way to help small businesses around us to get something on the web. How about turning it into a service and charging a fee?

Let’s be an iOS and web developer!

Your instructor, Adrien!

Hello! My name is Adrien and I want to share a little about how I came to use and love the Sparkle app for building websites rapidly.

I learned HTML and CSS with some great books. I never thought I’d be a web developer but I knew that these programming languages were a good first start to get into coding.

I built a couple of websites for myself and practiced some JavaScript before turning to iOS programming because I love Apple products.

I realized that I needed to build websites again to support and market the iOS apps that I built but it seemed like a huge effort to get back into web development while learning iOS programming simultaneously.

When I found the Sparkle app, I discovered that I could get a much better result than spending days to build something on my own. Because of this, I can stay 100 percent focused on my iOS apps!