How to Create an App Course (Objective-C)


This is the basic intro course for non programmers and beginners.
Over 1000 students have taken this course. Check out what students have to say about the course in the product description!


Save HOURS of time with practical, step by step and interactive learning.

Detailed video lessons teaching you only the practical bits, targeted at the absolute beginner

Demos & Homework assignments to reinforce learning

It’s like having a personalized, private tutor to answer any questions you have.

How you’ll build your own app

Code With Chris
Other Online Courses
Over 27 hours of in depth video lessons
Practical demo walkthroughs and assignments to put concepts into practice
Access to an instructor
Specialized in iOS
Using the latest version of Xcode and tools so you’re learning marketable skills
Learn together with a community of like-minded, aspiring iOS programmers
$99 once
$34/month avg
Automatic Rebilling
30 day money back gaurantee

Publish your app into the App Store!

I started featuring member creations in April, May and June.
Read about how these course members went from beginner to publishing apps!

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Testimonials from current members

100% of members polled would recommend this course to someone else.
The course is rated 9 out of 10 by members.
Here’s what they have to say:
“Thorough explanations and the assumption that the student has no prior programming experience separate this course from any other that I have found. I am currently working my way through the videos and exercises and while I have a long way to go, I am learning and I am confident that I’ll be able to create my own app when I complete the course.”

Patrick Sheehan, Washington, DC

“I started to learn Objective-C with you and I don’t have programmer background. Because of that I liked the way you teach Objective-C with detail videos. It’s not boring to watch long videos because every second of your lessons is very important to learn the basics and important things.”

Suha Yunus Erol, Istanbul, Turkey

“This is my third attempt to learn iOS programming. I’m finally getting it thanks to the excellent video tutorials that Chris has worked out!

Chris articulates his words clearly throughout the video tutorials.

You also get to see the thought process that Chris takes when something doesn’t work as he initially planned.

This course was money well spent.”

Larry Fortna, Leesburg, Florida

“Chris is an awesome man. It’s wonderful to listen and follow him along while the tutorials from him. i really don’t know someone else, who makes his tutorials as good as him. He knows so much about Cocoa-programming and he can help everytime I have a problem. Chris thank you very much for your work, it really helped me out!”

Benjamin, Switzerland

“I am a beginner, but since I joined the course I feel like I can do a lot more. Honestly, I never thought programming would be easier, thanks to Chris. Everything I well explained for you, on top of that you can ask questions and for sure you will get answers for. I would recommend taking the course especially if you are a beginner.”

Washe Maswibilili, Russia

“If you like to know basic to advanced techniques within short span of time without much hassles, this course is for you.”

Ranajit Chatterjee, Chicago, IL

“Chris is dedicated to teaching and devoted to the course participants. He communicates with his students one-on-one and has been very helpful.”

Rex-Albuquerque, NM

“Chris has an instinct for presenting material in just the right order. In addition, each class is carefully designed to explain specific techniques and concepts. They do not wander from this specified intent. There is no need to hunt and peck through his curriculum. You can be sure that one class will build upon previous ones in a perfectly understandable way.”

Jim Grant, Culver, IN

“Chris is quite skilled at teaching and carefully elaborating the details of software development, which is a unique skill set to possess given the complex nature of the material. His courses also force you to jump right into the coding itself, getting you familiar with terminology and structure rather than studying theory with no real understanding of what it all means.”

Matt Lashinsky, San Diego, CA

“As a beginner ,I like how this course is broken down into small manageable chunks. Chris is a clear and enthusiastic teacher, who has a talent for explaining what previously seemed like tech wizardry!
At last, I’m starting to get it!”

John Ruiz, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

“Chris is personable. In the world of the internet this brings great value. He is also able to give you an answer using simple words instead of geek jargon. If you are new to development let Chris be your guide!”

Josh Lopez, Bend, OR

“Your in the best hands when it comes to learning how to develop iOS apps. Chris is a great teacher and he will always do his best to make us understand the different fundamentals of learning how to develop iOS apps.”

Johnathan A, Sydney

“The CodeWithChris tutorials have demystified a number of iOS programming concepts for me. Chris has a knack of explaining just enough in plain English. He is somehow able to step into the students’ shoes and aim his presentation at the right level. I follow his tutorials on my Windows PC while I have my MacBook fired up in Xcode. Good Value! Well worth joining.”

Sven Eriksen, Melbourne, Australia

“Chris is a very thoughtful and dedicated teacher. His sincerity in helping you learn is evident in his lessons, personal responses to students, and course planning. I’m using Chris’ course in conjunction with courses (which are excellent in their own way), and he provides a personal touch when courses don’t.”

Y. Y., New York, NY

“I have Zero experience in programming and your explanation to Xcode and your video tutorials helped me out a lot and gave me a head start to programming iOS apps. I appreciate the amount of work you have put in, to make it possible for anybody to learn how to make an iphone app. I encourage any one who has ever wished to make an iphone app, to start from here….
Thank you so much Chris..”

Evan30, Italy, RN

“I enjoyed the fact that it teaches IOS from a fundamental level. Your teaching methods are great, very practical and hands on! I really learn through building & coding and this is something the course promotes. You’re excellent at pointing out the finer details and what to watch out for when you code IOS and use XCODE – really handy!”

DG, Australia

“I am a Microsoft Windows user. I need to learn how to use Xcode 5 IDE and Objective-C and I need someone to show me. Christ’s videos have helped me over come this learning curve. I found his style of hand on learning, guiding the student along, easy to understand. This style of teaching is called “Competency based training” in Australia (Competency is defined as knowledge and skill applied).
What I like most about the course are:
1) the content is broken into small sections, making it easier for the student to taken in.
2) Chris is constantly taking feedback to improve his teaching styles and the course content to meet the learner’s needs.
3) Chris’ helpfulness in answering any questions the student may have.”

Long Nguyen, Adelaide, Australia

Common Questions

Is there a recurring fee?
No, you will be have access to the course immediately and you will not be re-billed.

If you’re following along and practicing, you’ll be confident enough to start putting together your own apps after about 40 hours.

Will we be able to build our own apps?
The short answer is YES! This course teaches you the foundation and iOS programming concepts so that you know how to start building your views and user interfaces and hooking them up with Objective C code. Furthermore, you’ll learn specific “recipes” or how to use specific features/APIs such as utilizing GPS, the camera, playing videos etc.
What’s the difference between the course and your YouTube videos?

This video course is more in-depth with a focus on building up the proper foundation step by step. There is only so much that I can cover in a 5-10 minute YouTube video whereas each lesson in the course is 30-60 minutes. You also get access to a great community of members who are all learning alongside you.

What specifically will we learn?

Below is the course plan for the fundamental iOS programming concepts that will lay the foundation allowing you to understand how to put together your own app ideas.

My Personal Commitment To You

Hi, I’m Chris and I’ve been in your situation before. I tried to learn iPhone programming by reading a 400 page book and as dry as it was, i actually made it through but I realized that I still didn’t know how to build an app!

Three years later of building iPhone apps for clients at my consulting job, I discovered a passion for teaching and I remembered how difficult it was when I tried to learn.

Now it’s my mission to make it as easy as possible for anybody to pick up the fundamentals of creating an app and this course is my vehicle to do that.

1. Video lessons allow you to see exactly what i’m seeing

2. I help you understand the intricacies of creating an app so that you’re NOT just blindly following directions

3. Everybody learns differently. I’ll personally answer any questions you have about the course material and address your personal knowledge gaps

So if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make an iPhone app, here’s your best opportunity!

See you inside,