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Featured Stories

Katerina Zoraja
Katerina narrates how CWC's detailed and challenging courses have helped her connect her two main passions in life: human languages and programming.
Stefan Mark Ward
Stefan tells how CWC has empowered him to build his first recovery-focused app that addresses the needs of his community.
Thomas Guett
Thomas recounts how for two years he struggled to build an iOS app until CWC came along. He eventually gained a deeper understanding of iOS app development, and now he has a published app on the Appstore!
Martin Naude
Martin presents how being a CWC student for four years has given him a clear learning path towards becoming the best programmer that he could possibly be. Now he's the Head of App Development at his own company!
Callum Day Ham
Cal only used to dream of building an iOS app. Thanks to CWC's organized learning resources, he's now working on his dream app, one code at a time.
Maxim Moiseev
Maxim explains how the highly supportive CodeCrew community and the easy-to-understand CWC tutorials encourage him to keep on going in his iOS app development learning journey.
Kenroy Gayle
Kenroy emphasizes the huge impact CWC has made on his successful transition from web development to mobile app development.
Bazil Zainal
Bazil points out how completing CWC's 14-day challenge gave him the huge boost that he needed to finally progress in his iOS app development learning journey.
William Mooney
William shares how CWC has helped him publish a game app on the Appstore despite having no coding background.
Joshua Mckinsey
Joshua left his engineering job to pursue his interest in iOS app development. He discusses the level of professionalism that he receives from the CWC team and how such support encourages him to achieve bigger milestones as a programmer.

Community Stories

Hemant K.
Arjun P.
Dương H.V.
Olusegun Joel T.
Sylvester S.
Jake S.
Mayank J.
Kopano K.K.
Anis M.
Mohammed A.
Jag K.
John O.
Shrey J.
Omar A.
Ahmed M.
Derrick Y.
Jan P.
Sparsh S.
Dingyi K.
Jamey B.
Sam L.
Matt S.
Arabella K.
Carlton R.
Louise V.
Dave T.
Klaus F.
Eesa P.
Hendrik J.
Bipul Kumar M.
Valibhavi G.
Martin G.
Adam I.
Leelaprasad P.
Karanpreet S.
Abdul Hadi A.H.
Ed G.
Sidarte R.
Cameron T.
Vivek D.
Kim Daniel F.
Abdorizak A.
Abdullahi Y.
Elijah Christian D.
João R.
Archit A.
Don C.
Kushagra S.