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Adrien Villez
Adrien Villez
Educator, Forum Moderator

Hello there! My name is Adrien and I am originally from Belgium. My mother tongue is French.

I moved to Toronto (CA), Westgate (UK), and now San Francisco (US) as I love to travel and I wanted to be fluent in English.

I did not only learn a new language but I discovered amazing places, a passion for photography, and a strong interest in iOS development!

My first attempt was a failure as no programming tutorials were made for newcomers. I gave up for one year but once I found the CWC YouTube videos, my journey started.

I love to share what I learn and help people to achieve their dreams!

Chris Ching
Chris Ching
Educator, Founder

Hey! My name is Chris and I created Code With Chris 2 years ago as a way to document all of the iOS development I was doing at the software consulting company I worked at. When I created a video series for beginners and put it on YouTube on a whim, I was blown away to see how many people out there wanted to learn how to build an app.

It was from that experience that I found my passion for helping people learn and succeed. Code With Chris has grown ever since and I thank you for being a part of it!