What’s Next

Congratulations on reaching Lesson 17!

At this point, I hope I’ve demystified iOS programming for you at least a little bit. Now you have an idea of how an app is constructed, how to make sense of some basic Swift code and what’s involved when you set out to build an app.

In order to build your app idea, there are two steps in my framework to take you from beginner to app developer.

How to make an iPhone app with no programming experience

1. Focus on learning the basics and solidify the foundation

This is where you’ll learn programming and app building basics by following along and building a variety of apps designed to teach you the core skills needed. It’s hard to build your own app idea if you don’t have the basics down first so this course focuses on doing just that.

How to make an iPhone app with no programming experience

2. Expand your toolset by learning how to perform a variety of tasks

With the foundation in place, you’ll find that you can learn anything much faster. It’s in this phase where all of the iOS SDK is at your fingertips. Simply look up what you want to learn, digest it and apply it. This course is a collection of the most common things you’ll come across when building your own app. Think of this course as a sampler of the best stuff the iOS SDK has to offer!

You’re at the tip of the iceberg!

From the 17 lessons that you’ve just gone through, there are actually over 80!

You’ll have built 4 apps altogether when we’re done and you can even submit them to the app store!

To see what the apps are and to get a preview of inside the course, watch the video below!

If you have any questions, just write it below and I’ll get back to you. Thanks!