My WWDC 2022 Recap Notes

If you missed WWDC or the Platforms State of the Union presentations, check out the notes I took below! Table of contents iOS 16 watchOS 9 M2 Chip macOS Ventura iPadOS 16 Xcode Cloud Swift SwiftUI APIs iOS 16 New Lock Screen Ability to change clock font, and add widgets to see info at a …

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Written by

Chris C

Published on

06 Jun 2022

If you missed WWDC or the Platforms State of the Union presentations, check out the notes I took below!

Table of contents

iOS 16

New Lock Screen

  • Ability to change clock font, and add widgets to see info at a glance
  • New wallpaper gallery and live weather wallpapers


  • Can link focus to the lockscreen to show wallpaper and widgets depending on which focus you’re in
  • Focus filters
    • Let’s you filter out content in Safari, Messages, Mail etc depending on your focus


  • Ability to Edit messages that were just sent
  • Undo send to immediately recall a msg
  • Swipe to mark message threads as unread


  • Shared With You API available to devs
  • SharePlay in Messages
    • Watch something in sync with others while chatting through Messages


  • New experience that allows you to move between voice and touch typing
  • The keyboard stays open during dictation so you can edit and select text
  • Automatic punctuation during dictation


  • App Intents API
    • Now you can implement siri shortcuts with no setup
  • Live Text
    • Now applies to video
    • pause it on any frame and interact with the text on the paused video frame
    • Can perform quick actions from live text
    • Camera mode in translate app will display live translations as you move your camera
  • Live Text API
    • Allows devs to grab text straight from photos and videos
  • Visual Lookup
    • Is an existing app that allows you to look things up using image recognition
    • Now you can touch and hold a subject, and “lift” it out of the background and put it into other apps like messages (like automatically removing its background and dragging and dropping the subject into another app)


  • Driver licenses – Currently rolled out in Maryland and Arizona and more states to come
  • Keys are sharable now
  • Apple Pay
    • Expanded acceptance
    • More payment types accepted
  • Apple Pay Later
    • 4 equal payments, 0 interest
    • Manage upcoming payments in wallet
    • Order tracking
      • receipt and tracking directly in Wallet for Apple Pay orders
      • Available with Shopify first

New Maps

  • redesigned maps in 10 countries and counting
  • more detail, land cover, elevation, better navigation
  • Multistop routing
    • Plan up to 15 stops in advance
  • Transit
    • See fares
    • add transit card to wallet
  • Better MapKit for devs
    • City Experience integration
    • Lookaround integration
    • Brand new serverside APIs


  • Apple News
    • Follow your favorite teams and leagues
    • My Sports section
    • Scores, schedules, standings, Highlights, pro and college leagues
    • Free in US UK CA AU

Family Sharing

  • Improved parental controls for child accounts
  • Simple new device set up
  • Family Checklist
    • Reminders and tips for managing family accounts


  • iCloud Shared Photo Library
    • Now you can have a complete set of family photos in a shared gallery instead of each person having a few photos
  • 5 people can share a gallery
  • Lots of automated ways to contribute to the gallery

Personal Safety

  • Safety Check
    • Disable sharing in abusive relationships
    • Review and reset the access you’ve granted others
    • Resets privacy permissions
    • Stops sharing your location
    • Protects access to your messages


  • new standard called “Matter” enables smart home accessories to work together across platforms
  • HomeKit as the foundation for the Matter Standard
  • All new Home app
    • more reliable and efficient
    • redesigned the navigation and UI


  • Content for all drivers screens
  • Can change temperature or radio
  • Widgets powered by iPhone which fit on the cars screen
  • Various looks and feels for gauges and visualizations
  • Vehicles that support this announced later in the year


  • Personalized Spatial Audio
  • Quick note
  • New memoji customizations

watchOS 9

New watch faces

  • Astronomy face
  • Lunar calendar watch face
  • Whimsical and playful
  • Metropolitan

Workout App

  • Easy to use metrics, views and training experiences
  • Run
    • 3 new running form metrics
      • Ground contact time
      • Stride length
      • Vertical oscillation
    • Heart rate zones
  • Fitness app available for iPhone users
    • Steps, flights climbed
      • Contributes to your daily move goal

Sleep App

  • Sleep stages
    • Gives you data as you sleep through the night and how long you spend in each sleep stage
  • Can contribute your data through the Research App

Heart Health

  • Support once diagnosed with Afib
  • Afib history
    • Can share with doctor
    • Manage factors
    • Insight into your Afib


  • Track your medications, supplements
  • Receive notifications for medications
  • Copmlications on watch face
  • Track and manage medications in the Health app
  • Scan the label of your medication
  • Create a schedule to receive reminders
  • Drug-drug interactions
    • Receive alert if there’s a critical interaction between drugs
  • Health sharing
    • You can send family member to share health data with you
    • So you can see if they’ve taken their medications
  • Health data is encrypted on device

M2 Apple Silicon Chip

M2 Apple Silicon

  • Focus on power efficient performance
  • up 24GB of unified memory
  • 50% more memory bandwidth than M1
  • 18% faster CPU than M1
  • 2 more GPU cores than M1
    • 25% higher graphics performance using same power
    • at max, up to 35% more graphics performance than M1
  • 40% more operations per second than M1

Macbook Air

  • First to get M2 chip
  • 20% reduction in size
  • 11.3mm thin, 2.7 lbs
  • 4 finishes Silver, space grey, midnight, starlight
  • Magsafe, 2 thunderbolt ports, Audio jack
  • Liquid retina display
    • 13.6 inch display with thinner borders
    • 500 nits. 25% brighter than before
  • 1080p facetime hd camera
  • 20% faster than M1 macbook air
  • Fan-less, silent design
  • Battery – 18 hours video playback
    • Supports fast charge
  • Starts at $1199

13” Macbook Pro

  • M2 chip
  • 40% faster in photo editing compared to M1
  • 20 hours of video playback
  • Starts at $1299, available next month

macOS Ventura

Stage Manager

  • Manage your open windows
  • Activate from control center
  • Automatically arranges windows off to the side


  • Can find images
  • Can search for live text in image
  • Can run shortcuts and timers right from spotlight
  • Rich results for sports, movies, news


  • Undo send
  • Scheduled send
  • Follow up suggestions
  • Remind me later
  • Search
    • See recent docs and files
    • Offers suggestions as you type
    • Typo correction


  • Shared Tab Groups
    • Share all the tabs in a group
    • Collaborate on a set of tabs for trip planning
  • Passkeys
    • Uses touch ID in place of a password
    • Can’t be phished or leaked
    • Works cross platform using iPhone to authenticate


  • Metal 3
    • MetalFX Upscaling
    • Fast resource loading API
      • Better texture loading


  • Handoff
    • Works with Facetime now
    • Seamlessly handoff a call to a different device
  • Continuity camera
    • Use iPhone as your webcam
    • Need separate mount to mount the iPhone on top of your monitor or laptop screen
    • Center Stage
      • The camera follows you without moving the camera
    • Studio Light
      • Brightens you and dims background
    • Desk view
      • Makes it look like you have a dedicated overhead camera
      • Can see your face and also your desk, hands and keyboard
      • Works seamlessly because iPhone camera has wide angle lens
    • Use continuity camera with all conferencing apps like Zoom

iPadOS 16

Weather App

  • Now on iPad
  • WeatherKit
    • Build weather into your app


  • New live collaboration features within Apple apps
  • Collaboration API so you can integrate it into your own app

Free form

  • Digital white board that you can open up during a Facetime that everyone can collaborate on
  • iPadOS, macOS and iOS (later this year)

iPad Gaming

  • Background download API
  • Start a Shareplay session and play with others

iPad Pro and Air

  • Display scaling
    • Increase pixel density for more screen real estate
  • Virtual memory swap for better performance
  • Stage manager to iPadOS for better multi-tasking
  • Resize windows for apps on iPad
  • Multiple Overlapping windows
  • Full external display support

Xcode Cloud

  • Xcode Cloud available today
  • 25 hours/ month free until end of Dec 2023
  • Other tiers available


  • Swift Concurrency
    • async algorithms
    • distributed actors
  • Regular Expressions
    • Swift now has regex support
    • Regular expression literal
    • Checking regex syntax in IDE
    • Regex Builder
  • Generics
    • some, any keywords
  • Swift Package Manager
    • Package Plugins
      • Build Plugin (run at build time)
      • Command Plugin (run on demand)
  • Under the hood improvements
    • Faster swift build times
    • Launch time faster on iOS 16


  • App Navigation
    • NavigationStack
    • Grid
    • Custom Layout (Flow, Radial)
    • Half sheets
      • secondary views that slide up for more info
    • Share sheet support
  • Swift Charts
    • Line, bar, heatmap, stream graphs and more
    • Chats have accessibility support
    • Animateable
  • ViewThatFits
  • NavigationSplitView
  • Can easily add multiple destinations in project properties
  • Can write platform specific code

New APIs

  • Lock Screen
    • WidgetKit
    • Circular widgets
    • Rectangular widget
    • Inline widget
    • Can create widgets for IOS and watchOS using the same code
  • Live Activities in WidgetKit
    • Keep up with info in real time from the lock screen (status of a sports game, progress of a ride share)
  • Collaboration
    • Messages Collaboration API
    • Can be started via Share sheet or Drag and drop
    • Collaboration Popover allows people to get back to Messages or Facetime
    • Integrate your app into Messages and Facetime
  • App Intents Framework (39:00)
    • Makes your app’s features available to the system so users can interact with your app via shortcuts and Siri
    • App Intents + Shortcuts = App Shortcuts
      • Before you had to set up shortcuts manually
      • Now in iOS 16, it can be automatic
      • Can use with Siri right away without any setup
      • Your shortcuts will show up in spotlight, shortcuts app
      • Demo showing how to make your app invokable with Siri is in WWDC video
  • Passkeys
    • Ready to implement and build on
  • Skipped iPadOS, watchOS, Metal talks
  • Mapkit
    • New Apple Maps Server APIs
      • Geocode, reverse geocode, search, estimated time of arrival
  • Apple Weather Service
    • Variety of weather data over REST API
    • For select countries
    • Available through WeatherKit
  • LiveText
    • VisionKit: 2 new APIs
      • Live Text API
        • Interact with text in images and paused video
        • quick actions
      • Data scanner API
        • Live camera experience
      • Both APIs support auto detection of 9 languages
Table of contents