Using Parse with Swift and Xcode 6


Parse is a platform that offers many tools and one of the things it provides is a "service as a back-end". Parse takes care of the implementation of the back-end so that developers can focus on building their apps while still leveraging the power of having data persistence in the cloud. Long time reader, Lukas… [Continue Reading]

John Kim is founder and editor at and he has reviewed hundreds of mobile games! Today, John shares his tips on how to get your app or game covered by industry review sites. Follow these tips to get your application noticed. App and game reviewers have seen it all. Knock-offs typically do not do… [Continue Reading]

This tutorial is a continuation from Part 1 and Part 2 where we went through a comparison between Swift and Objective C for various operations involving variables, classes, methods and properties. This tutorial is best suited for people who already know Objective-C (at least the basics) and want to see what the equivalents are in… [Continue Reading]

It’s Never Too Young To Learn Programming


In the video course, we've got members from 13 years old all the way to 80. I never expected such a diverse age range of people to be interested in learning iOS development but I'm delighted that we have such a vibrant and colorful community! In this article, a young developer named Charlie shares his… [Continue Reading]

Member Created GitHub Library for MD5 Hashing!


Brian Oliver, a course member, needed to generate MD5 hashes of his strings so he created a handy class and decided to share it with the community! You can get it from here: And he's got a video to show you how to use it: Thanks for sharing Brian… [Continue Reading]

Apps by Readers for June 2014


This is the third App by Readers feature and it showcases the awesome creations that readers and course members have created. (details on how to submit your app at the end) This month, we feature two course members and a reader! Ton, Lukas and Caroline have gone from beginners to publishing their own awesome apps… [Continue Reading]

June iOS Giveaway Winners


Thanks to all who entered the June giveaway! Below is the video for the drawing of the 3 winners for June. Thank you to all who entered… [Continue Reading]

From 0 to App Store in 5 Days – Day 1


You guys always contact me about how to build games; well here's your chance to follow along as it happens! Ken over at Lets Code Something Fun has just posted his Day 1 progress report, documenting his thinking and development process. He even has gifs in his report, showing the gameplay of various prototypes he… [Continue Reading]

Designing iOS Apps With Sketch 3


Last week, I had the pleasure of using Sketch 3 to redesign the UI of an app we're building inside the How To Create an App course. I hadn't planned to redesign it, but after reading Meng To's book, Design+Code, I became inspired to do better. Additionally, I was quite a beginner with Sketch and… [Continue Reading]

iOS Development Forums and Swift Tutorial Series!


Some exciting news to share with you guys today: We've added some nifty new forum sections and made them public; check it out! Adrien has also started a Swift programming language tutorial series in the forums! He's got the first nine sections done already and each section contains notes to save you from having to… [Continue Reading]

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