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  • This was my third and final attempt to learn IOS programming. I gave up in frustration the first two times before I learned about CodeWithChris video tutorials. The CodeWithChris videos proved to be just what I needed to get me over my mental block.

    Larry Fortna
  • I would say that without Chris’s courses this would not have been possible – i had tried following videos from youtube but they never helped – chris’s approach was different, he explained why you were doing things not just telling you what to do. i have been over the videos many times and, while there are things I still don’t get, things are slowly starting to fall into place.

    Mike Lawson
  • Pretty much all code in my game/project is derived from “Code With Chris” youtube channel and codewithchris.com. So basically the tutorials are the backbones and structure for my game. Chris’s teaching approach in his tutorials are unlike any other. They are clear, concise and are very efficient. After watching every video I felt the time was well spent and I felt more equipped. Who knew that watching a video on programming could be so much fun!

    James McLean
  • The very beginning tutorials we’re super key for me. I really struggled with the first 3-4 tutorials (array quiz tutorial the most) but after going through them a bunch of times they helped me get off on the right foot and that was really important to me.

    Thanks to Chris I now have my own LLC and have been making app’s on the side for people as secondary income AND generating income every month from my apps in the store!

    It has been amazing! SO glad I found this site!

    Drew Wiseman
  • I was getting nowhere at all trying to learn how to write objective c – literally couldn’t do anything except ‘Hello World’. I had books and trawled around the ‘net but it was as if there was vital information missing. Then I found your course and… it’s all in the detail! Suddenly, I was able to make sense of it all and could incorporate my programming experience from more than 30 years ago (writing in assembler, machine code, and hexadecimal). I think my coding is probably a bit clumsy if I’m honest – but Hey, it works, and I’ve got apps in the store! I’ll go for elegance later!

    Terence Watts
  • Chris’s tutorials helped me (as the programmer of the apps) put together the pieces in my mind about MVC relationships/concepts that none of the other tutorials and books I read did. Now I can call myself an app developer!

    Macon Shirley