Our mission is to help you understand the fundamentals of iOS App Development.

Whether you want to be an iOS Developer, build an app, or simply upskill, CodeWithChris has everything you need.


Why We’re Different

For years, I’ve seen instructors use too much jargon, pacing that is unfit for beginners, or training that’s just plain boring.

These resulted in students feeling guilty, blaming themselves, or the worst of all: quitting.

As a result, I created CodeWithChris to do my part in improving the iOS Dev community with my simple and guided learning.

That means you’ll:

  • Save time and effort because we’ll help you understand solid fundamentals
  • Look forward to learning because you’ll be making progress and feeling motivated
  • Be amazed by what you’ll build in just a few weeks

Meet our team

What started as a solo endeavor in 2013 is now a small team of remote and diverse workforce aligned towards a mission.
Chris Ching

Founder and Lead Instructor

JC Yee

Design and Operations

Adrien Villez

Content Producer

Pat Enriquez

Content Marketer

Joash Tubaga

iOS Developer

Iñaki Narciso

iOS Developer

Ellen Chung


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