Apps by Readers for July


This is the fourth App by Readers feature and it showcases the awesome creations that readers and course members have created. (details on how to submit your app at the end)

This month, we feature three course members! Mike, Macon and Terence have gone from beginners to publishing their own awesome apps to the App Store.

Check out their experiences below!

Mike Lawson Ice Hockey Game Tracker

Ice Hockey Game Tracker

by Mike Lawson

screenshot 1 Ice Hockey Game Trackerscreenshot 2 Ice Hockey Game TrackerIce Hockey Game Tracker app icon

Ice Hockey Game Tracker App Store link:

Can you describe your app?

my app is designed for logging an ice hockey teams performance during a match – detailing stats for each player such as time on ice / when they are on ice for goals / penalties / offside etc
it also shows a “heat map” to show turnovers on the ice and where they happen (a turnover being where you lose control of the puck)

How long did it take you to build your app?

i would say it too 3 months to build (learning from as I go from a complete zero knowledge of objc-c and Xcode)

How did the course or tutorials help?

i would say that without Chris’s courses this would not have been possible – i had tried following videos from youtube but they never helped – chris’s approach was different, he explained why you were doing things not just telling you what to do. i have been over the videos many times and, while there are things I still don’t get, things are slowly starting to fall into place.

What was the most memorable experience, learning or feeling of the whole journey?

the most memorable thing was getting stuck on making arrays work across an entire project – (the solution was for example self.array = array) it took me a week to work this one out and I tell you what I will NEVER forget it! i tried everything I could imagine and worked it out about 30 mins before chris gave me the answer!

Macon Shirley SuperFlash Numbers

SuperFlash Numbers

by Macon Shirley (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

screenshot 1 SuperFlash Numbersscreenshot 2 SuperFlash Numbersscreenshot 3 SuperFlash Numbersscreenshot 4 SuperFlash Numbersscreenshot 5 SuperFlash NumbersSuperFlash Numbers app icon

SuperFlash Numbers App Store link:

Can you describe your app?

SuperFlash Numbers is a math drill app which gives children a simple and enjoyable way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

How long did it take to build your app?

7 weeks from start to finish.

How did the course or tutorials help?

Atomic Imagination has been a web development business for 7 years. My business partner and I (she does the design/graphics, I do the programming) have been trying to get into the app business for a couple of years with a focus on education apps. Chris’s tutorials helped me (as the programmer of the apps) put together the pieces in my mind about MVC relationships/concepts that none of the other tutorials and books I read did. Now I can call myself an app developer!

What was the most memorable experience, learning or feeling of the whole journey?

It was an exciting and un-nerving experience submitting the app in the App Store. The most rewarding feeling was being approved in 45 minutes from the time the app went into review.

Terence Watts WSN Daily Tips

WSN Daily Tips

by Terence Watts

screenshot 1 WSN Daily Tipsscreenshot 2 WSN Daily Tipsscreenshot 3 WSN Daily Tipsscreenshot 4 WSN Daily TipsWSN Daily Tips app icon

WSN Daily Tips App Store link:
Terence’s Site: Hypnosense

Can you describe your app?

It provides an accurate personality assessment and gives daily hints/tips for success in life. It also alerts you to aspects you might want to avoid that day.

How long did it take you to build your app?

5 weeks.

How did the course or tutorials help?

I was getting nowhere at all trying to learn how to write objective c – literally couldn’t do anything except ‘Hello World’. I had books and trawled around the ‘net but it was as if there was vital information missing. Then I found your course and… it’s all in the detail! Suddenly, I was able to make sense of it all and could incorporate my programming experience from more than 30 years ago (writing in assembler, machine code, and hexadecimal). I think my coding is probably a bit clumsy if I’m honest – but Hey, it works, and I’ve got apps in the store! I’ll go for elegance later!

What was the most memorable experience, learning or feeling of the whole journey?

When I finally managed to save values on a view to be used next time the app was opened or when switch between views! That was my ‘breakthrough’ moment! That was a punching the air moment!

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