Apps by Readers for June


This is the third App by Readers feature and it showcases the awesome creations that readers and course members have created. (details on how to submit your app at the end)

This month, we feature two course members and a reader! Ton, Lukas and Caroline have gone from beginners to publishing their own awesome apps to the App Store.

Check out their experiences below!

Ton Driessen Direct2Go


by Ton Driessen (Berghem The Netherlands)

screenshot 1 Direct2Goscreenshot 2 Direct2Goscreenshot 3 Direct2Goscreenshot 4 Direct2GoDirect2Go app icon

Direct2Go App Store ink:

Ton and his handbike

Ton in the newspaper!

Ton’s app was featured in the paper

I love to ride my special handbike now for fun, but several years back together with my buddys “The Chief” and “IvanHoo” we drove competitions such as marathons. In this period we talked a lot together about the idea how to make things easier for wheelchair users. Unfortunately they are too early deceased. Therefore this app is dedicated to them.

One year ago i decided to create a website where people with a disability and or wheelchair users could easy find accessible locations like toilets, parking, restaurants and life saving equipment (AED) etc.

But the problem was that the website didn’t give enough information because of the space limited by the mobile phones. So I decide to use my Cobol and Visual Objects programmer skills that I employed in the old days, for creating a more usable environment known as App.

When I started a few months ago, i had some problems understanding Objective-C and finding my way around in Apple Xcode environment. Searching the web
I finally found this great video course of Chris Ching. Chris helped me a lot understanding how to see things in the right perspective.

A week ago june 13th 2014 the App was placed in store. Before i had some conversations with people about my plans to write an iPhone App. They were very enthausiastic about the idea. But now the App was in store even the local village website gave attention. Also I had many warm responses on my website and Facebook.

Even more reason for me to improve the App so that it is more in line with the needs of the users.

Lukas Mateffy Strandsalon Lübeck

Strandsalon Lübeck

by Lukas Mateffy (Lübeck, Germany)

screenshot 1 Strandsalon lubeckscreenshot 2 Strandsalon Lubeckscreenshot 3 Strandsalon LubeckStrandsalon Lubeck app icon

Strandsalon Lübeck App Store link:

Can you describe the app?

The App is in German so it may be hard to understand the content, but it’s an App for a Beach Club. It has a Facebook News Feed and an Event Feed. It also has a Page which shows the newest Flyer. The Flyer updates monthly so I had to make a script to always have the latest image without downloading it everytime again.

How long did it take to make the app?

Well it took a bit more than 1 Year. I started developing with HTML and tried to make an App with Phonegap. But it didn’t feel that natively. Then I started learning Obj-C with your help Chris (the YT Videos). It took me half a year to design the app and then build it because I had other, more important projects I was working on.

How did the course or tutorials help?

They did help a lot. Without them I probably wouldn’t be where I am now.

What was the most memorable experience, learning or feeling of the whole journey?

Firstly I learned how to think. That’s what coding teaches you. But a memorable Experience was when the Local Newspaper contacted me an asked for an article. You have to know I am 14 Years old! And yeah I was in the newspaper with the app and now people are contacting me who want an App too.


by Caroline

screenshot 1 Rockfolioscreenshot 2 Rockfolioscreenshot 3 Rockfolioscreenshot 4 RockfolioRockfolio app icon

Can you describe your app?

My app is about rock photography. I’ve been to a lot of concerts this year to take pictures of bands. I decided to make an app about my own photographs, kind of like a portfolio. So I called my app “Rockfolio”. You get a list of venues and bands. You can see a few photo’s of each band in the app.

How long did it take to build your app?

I was new to programming, especially in objective c. So it was a long journey of research. To build the app I spend a week in total more or less, to have everything work out.

How did the course or tutorials help?

They helped a lot! The tutorials really saved my life. I learned a lot just by watching them and doing everything step by step like Chris explains. Chris also helped me with a few problems I encountered.

What was the most memorable experience, learning or feeling of the whole journey?

When you write a piece of code, and when you test it, you find out that it works. That’s the best feeling you can get when you are programming an app. Also, when you see the final result of your app, and everything works the way you want it, that’s just great.
I’m really glad I learned to work with Xcode and to write code in objective c.

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