Apps by Readers for September


This is the fifth App by Readers feature and it showcases the awesome creations that readers and course members have created. (details on how to submit your app at the end)

This month, we feature three course members! James, Mike, Drew and Gray have gone from beginners to publishing their own awesome apps to the App Store.

Check out their experiences below!

James McLean GlobRider

Glob Rider

by James McLean

screenshot 1 Glob Riderscreenshot 2 Glob Riderscreenshot 3 Glob RiderGlob Rider app icon

Glob Rider App Store link:

Can you describe your app?

Glob Rider is a very user friendly application/game. The game includes a “Rider” on a “Glob” attempting to intercept every “Glob” that appears on the screen. The controls are simple; tap the screen to make the Glob Rider launch upwards. If a Glob passes the Rider without contact, the game is over and if the Glob Rider hits the top and bottom electric boundaries the game is also over. Version 3, which will be released soon, will have an entire new look featuring a setting in outerspace and power ups!

How long did it take you to build your app?

After going through every single one of Chris’s “Code with Chris” Objective C video tutorials it had been about 2 months since I watched the very first video. I spent at least 4 hours a day watching his videos and really trying to understand them. Chris had taught the language far beyond well enough to make me feel capable of making Glob Rider. After that I dedicated two weeks to designing the graphics and code of the first and second version of the game.

How did the course or tutorials help?

Pretty much all code in my game/project is derived from “Code With Chris” youtube channel and So basically the tutorials are the backbones and structure for my game. Chris’s teaching approach in his tutorials are unlike any other. They are clear, concise and are very efficient. After watching every video I felt the time was well spent and I felt more equipped. Who knew that watching a video on programming could be so much fun!

What was the most memorable experience, learning or feeling of the whole journey?

Funny Thing. I am eighteen and graduated high school in 2014. I was your typical dumb football athlete who spent the entire school experience on sports and sports only. Then athletics did not workout for me so I decided to do something that would stretch and challenge me in a non physical way. Starting near the end of April/2014 I decided to learn Objective C. In the end of July my app Glob Rider was accepted by Apple. It’s been nearly a month now and I have received 136 downloads. The entire journey to this point has just been completely mind blowing. The first month and a half was very despairing but I listened to Chris and his teachings and now I have overcome an impasse in my programming life. Thank you Chris.

Mike Lawson popAspot

popAspot and popAtune

by Mike Lawson

screenshot 1 popAspotpopAspot app icon
screenshot 1 popAtunepopAtune app icon

popAspot App Store link:
popAtune App Store link:

Tell us a little bit about your app(s)

popAspot is my first stab at a game – you pop the spots before they grow too quick it is as simple as that!

popAtune is a music player that takes the play lists on your iPad and creates a music player for you. I use this for DJing my sons ice hockey games
a really neat feature is that you swipe a play list (i.e. touchUpOutside) and the play list is shuffled.

How did creating your next app compare to building the first?

These apps took about two weeks each to build they were some much easier to create. if i don’t know how to do something I am now at the point that I can google my problem and actually understand the answers. I would advise new coders to be careful when googling for answers. many times I found that one solution that took says 30 lines of code could also be answered with maybe one or two lines of code. to me the least number of lines of code the better.

What is one lesson that you learned in the process of building this app?

The main lesson I learned during these projects (in particular popAspot) is also the single piece of advice I would give to new OOP coders…

Treat everything in Xcode as an object.
Now that seems obvious but in ice hockey game tracker I have a number of arrays running in the background that manage what should be where on the story board.
that is not the way to do it. I started to understand this when coding popAspot – every spot is an object and all attributes required for the lifetime of that object reside within the object (spot size, age etc etc etc)

Also in popAtune i needed to find a way of checking whether a playlist was shuffled. i started out creating a new array to track this information. WRONG ! in fact what I actually do is check the colour of the button (if its orange its shuffled) it really is that simple.

My next plan is a bit of enhancement to game tracker (there is a v 1.1 in submission for popAtune that shows the track playing) and then I need to go through some more of your tutorials.

I would like to finish by restating Chris that without you none of this would have happened.

Thanks for all the assistance.

Drew Wiseman Loci


by Drew Wiseman (Lakeland, FL)

screenshot 1 Lociscreenshot 2 Lociscreenshot 3 Lociscreenshot 4 LociLoci app icon

Loci App Store link:
Drew’s Site:

Loci is a location based awareness game. You are dropped at a random place on Earth and using Google’s street view you will move about observing anything that may give you more information as to where you we’re dropped. When you think you know, you drop a pin on the map and depending on how close you were you are assigned a number of points. Play in single player mode or against your friends!

This app took me approximately 8-9 months to complete, (iPhone and iPad versions). I’m currently working on a newer version that gets away from Apple’s gamecenter (not a big fan) and will use my own server with facebook/twitter login capabilities. Hoping to have this version done in the next 3-4 months.

This course has helped me immensely. I knew basically nothing about objective C before starting the course 8-9 months ago and although I am definitely not there yet I think that I will be much more quickly.

The very beginning tutorials we’re super key for me. I really struggled with the first 3-4 tutorials (array quiz tutorial the most) but after going through them a bunch of times they helped me get off on the right foot and that was really important to me. I haven’t finished the tutorials but I’m really hoping that I can learn more about how to have my own server setup configured in my application. Thanks to Chris I now have my own LLC and have been making app’s on the side for people as secondary income AND generating income every month from my apps in the store!

It has been amazing! SO glad I found this site!

Thanks Chris!

Gray and Cole Edstrom MathKit

MathKit – Math & Physics Formula Solver

by Gray and Cole Edstrom (Chicago, Illinois)

screenshot 1 MathKitscreenshot 2 Math Kitscreenshot 3 Math Kitscreenshot 4 Math Kitscreenshot 5 Math KitMath Kit app icon

MathKit App Store link:

Can you describe your app?
MathKit solves for any variable in over 100 math and physics formulas and shows every step of the work. We strove to create an app with an intuitive, easy to navigate user interface that allows users to quickly and painlessly get the answers they need.

How long did it take you to build your app?
It took about six months to complete.

How did the course or tutorials help?
We were both new to Objective-C and without this course it would have taken much longer to learn the language. We both loved this course for its ability to teach concepts quickly and easily without sacrificing detail.

What was the most memorable experience, learning or feeling of the whole journey?
Creating our custom number pad was both the most difficult and most rewarding part of creating our app. Of course, finishing the app was nice too!

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