Apps by Readers for May


This is the second App by Readers feature and it showcases the awesome creations that readers and course members have created. (details on how to submit your app at the end)

This month, we feature three course members! Jim, Sajin and Noah have gone from beginners to publishing their own awesome apps to the App Store.

Check out their experiences below!

screenshot 1 Box Cushion Fabricationscreenshot 2 Box Cushion Fabricationscreenshot 3 Box Cushion Fabricationscreenshot 4 Box Cushion Fabricationscreenshot 5 Box Cushion Fabricationbox cushion fabrication app icon

Box Cushion Fabrication App Store ink:

Jim Grant and son

I’m the “old guy” (73 years) in the photo above. That’s my grandson, Zach, at the helm. We Grants love to sail and managed to make a business of it. The business has survived and even thrived over the past 53 years. Check out

We are actually located very far from “big water” — in northern Indiana. But our central location makes sense for a mail-order business catering to the needs of sailors on both coasts and elsewhere.

Tell me about your app

As might be expected, the app is designed to encourage and benefit Sailrite customers who want to build their own box cushions (and, in the process, buy fabric and sewing machines and lots of notions). It includes an extensive eBook with lots of pictures. There is also a “fabric calculator” that will determine the yardage required for any given cushion. This calculator can be used with irregular shaped cushions as well as rectangular ones and it takes into account the extra material required for pattern matching when desired.

The most impressive feature of the calculator is the graphic rendition which is generated when the calculate button is pressed: the proper placement of each panel is shown directly on a simulated roll of fabric. Two additional tabs at the bottom of the app screen link to Web resources: the Sailrite site itself (the app is slaved to that site alone) and to a list of appropriate Sailrite videos that further illustrate the concepts presented in the eBook.

How long did it take to build the App?

Work on the app began in November of 2013. It was placed on the Apple Store May 14, 2014. There was (and still is) a “web app” version of the calculator portion of the software at This web app required almost 4 years to create. The Apple oriented part of the work actually went rather quickly. In large part, I must say, because of the excellent instructional materials offered by Chris Ching.

How did the course help?

I frequently encountered programming road blocks. Each time I would email Chris and then buckle down and try to solve the problem before he could get back to me. In most cases that worked out nicely. It was far easier to work knowing that Chris was there to backstop me.

The one thing I learned that I would like to pass along is this: use Chris’ course selectively. It is not necessary to know everything about iOS in order to accomplish a given task. If you survey the breadth of the material that Chris presents it is easy to become overwhelmed. I would suggest rather that you focus on a particular application function and really zero in on accomplishing that.

The github repository of finished applications can also be of real help. My ePub reader is right out of github and so is my web site loader. Don’t expect the github software to be perfect (what I used was 2 years old) but it can nevertheless save a good deal of time.

Sajin Seethi iPark me

iPark Me

by Sajin Seethi (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

screenshot 1 iPark Mescreenshot 2 iPark Mescreenshot 3 iPark MeiPark Me app icon

iPark Me App Store link:

Tell me about your app

I’m Sajin Seethi and I’m from Abu Dhabi, UAE. UAE is a very very hot country. The summer has just begun here and the temperature goes up to 52 or higher here on the worst days. Parking cars and then walking up to parking tickets are a nightmare for us. So I created this app that send text messages to the traffic department which in turn sends a ticket to us by sms.

This again is confusing to people as they are unaware of the format, pricing etc. Not to forget when people from other cities like Dubai come here, they have no clue on how to take tickets via phone. So this app should help everyone with their problems.

The app can store the details entered permanently, so next time the user just has to open the app and hit pay. This app also has push notifications which alerts the user when the ticket expires so that they can renew it again if they continue to use the parking space. Push notification version is still not submitted. I’m correcting it to comply with the time limits for each day. Later, I wish to add support for saving parking location via GPS or to take a picture of the parking support when parking at basements.

How long did it take?

The app took a week for its first version. Now i’m working on the third version and its been a month now.

How did the course or tutorials help?

Course tutorials are fantastic. The way you speak is very good. No unnecessary explanations or things like uhhh aahhh in between. The voice is also good which makes me listen continuously. And the method of teaching is great so that concepts are understood in 95% of the cases. I often come back to all the tutorials to clear my doubts or to catch up on those statements or methods that I forget. I wouldn’t have developed this app without this course. In fact, I wouldn’t have got in to iOS development if not for this course.

What was the most memorable experience, learning or feeling of the whole journey?

It gave me a good feeling that I put in a lot of effort and that I sticked to something to achieve my dream of learning something new. Its also nice to be student of class of almost 300+ people. And yet not have seen a single student or the teacher. But still I know them and learn with them. May be this is how internet classes are. Either way its a first for me!!

Turbo Planes

by Noah Mumm

screenshot 1 Turbo Planesscreenshot 2 Turbo Planesscreenshot 3 Turbo PlanesTurbo Planes app icon

Turbo Planes App Store link:

Here’s what Noah had to say about the app:

I decided to learn how to make iPhone apps about 8 months ago and I found your site before you had started the membership course. I really loved your tutorials so I subscribed to the course the first day it launched. Before your course, I only knew a little MATLAB code, but I had the passion like you. You are the best programming teacher I have found on the internet because you are very thorough and great at explaining things in very understandable ways for us newbies. I submitted my first app a week ago and today it was accepted and put on the store. It is a free airplane racing game called Turbo Planes. Without finding your website, I may have never finished my game. Thank you for all the work you put into this course to help people like me. I plan to stick around for a long time to get help on my future projects.

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