Apps by Students for July


This is the tenth App by Students feature and it showcases the awesome creations that students have created. (details on how to submit your app at the end)

It’s been a while since I published the last Apps by Students but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped publishing apps. This is going to be a big one!

Congratulations to the students below who have challenged themselves and successfully published apps!


by Sharon Handy

screenshot 1 ergiscreenshot 2 ergiscreenshot 3 ergiscreenshot 4 ergiscreenshot 5 ergi

ergi app icon
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Back in May, I received this awesome email from Sharon which really touched me. I love hearing about how my work has empowered people to turn their idea into reality!

Hello, Chris,

I wanted to thank you so much for your coding tutorials. In April 2014 I had an idea for an app that would help in my full-time profession as a museum exhibition designer, but had no experience at all with coding (if you don’t count writing the world’s shortest program in Basic on a TRS-80 in 1981). I started learning the basics with classes on, but found your tutorials when I realized I needed more practical instruction about real, user-friendly app function. I found your courses on YouTube and they were exactly what I needed to move from theory to reality. It took a while, but in March I finally submitted my first app.

It’s called Ergi, and provides basic measurements for different ages, heights and builds so that designers, engineers, fabricators, marketers–anybody, really–can customize their work to the targeted end user. You can read more about it here:

I just wanted you to know how much your clear and useful tutorials helped me create this first app. I’ve already come up with ideas for new projects and can’t wait to continue down this path (with Swift this time!).

With best regards,
Sharon Handy

Congrats, Sharon and thank you for learning with me!

Nathan Simply Smoothies

Simply Smoothies

by Focused on Fit

Tell us a little bit about your app

The Simply Smoothie app gives the user a blueprint to creating their very own smoothie recipes. The user only has to select the ingredients that they want to include, and we calculate the right amounts of each ingredient to ensure a tasty smoothie! The app also calculates the smoothie’s nutritional information including vitamins and minerals.

screenshot 1 Simply Smoothiesscreenshot 2 Simply Smoothiesscreenshot 3 Simply Smoothiesscreenshot 4 Simply Smoothies

Apple Watch
screenshot 1 Simply Smoothiesscreenshot 2 Simply Smoothies

Simply Smoothies app icon
Download Simply Smoothies in the App Store

How long did it take you to build it?

Approximately 8 weeks from start to AppStore release. I started learning iOS programming in Objective-C but this was my first time using Swift. This is the third app I have built but it is the first one that I have submitted to the AppStore. I’m currently working on an app that will connect to my website That app is more complicated and requires syncing with a backend web service. I hope to have that app finished in the next 12 months.

What was one lesson that you learned on this journey?

Don’t worry about adding every feature in your first app. Wait until you get feedback from customers on what features are important to them. There are number of features I am looking to add in the future, but I wanted to get the app out there first and add to it over time.

What advice would you give other students?

Don’t get discouraged early on in your learning process, because you’re probably not a bad student—you just haven’t found the right teacher. I bought a book a few years back on iOS development and I couldn’t pick up the material. In fact, the book sat and collected dust for a long time—as did my developer dreams. Later I found, started grasping concepts, and building confidence. Chris’s approach to teaching was helpful in that he would walk you through his thought process as he taught the course. I found his course to really be the turning point in my learning and I recommend his course to anyone wanting to build your first app!

Hyunsik Jung eggplan


by Hyunsik Jung (Seoul, South Korea)

Tell us a little bit about your app

It’s a cute little reminder app that features pretty much everything you need so you won’t get lost.

screenshot 1 eggplanscreenshot 2 eggplanscreenshot 3 eggplanscreenshot 4 eggplan

eggplan app icon
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How long did it take you to build it?

About 3 months.

What was your biggest obstacle that you overcame?

To be honest, every single step from the very beginning has been overwhelmingly challenging since I have zero programming experience.

What advice would you give others who are learning or want to get started?

Don’t give up!

Nikolaus Banjo Jumbl


by Nikolaus Banjo (London, U.K.)

Tell us a little bit about your app

Jumbl is an addictive word puzzle game. You have to keep swapping letters until you uncover all of the hidden words on the board. It tests your word skills and your ability to spot patterns to crack the levels. The puzzles get harder as the game progresses and you only have a limited number of swaps to use.

screenshot 1 Jumblscreenshot 2 Jumblscreenshot 3 Jumblscreenshot 4 Jumbl

Jumbl app icon
Download Jumbl in the App Store

How long did it take you to build it?

I started working on the app about four months ago, some of that time was spent coding, some of it playing with designs and some testing out the app myself and on anyone willing to test it!

How did the course or tutorials help?

I didn’t study Computer Science, I had some minor experience of procedural programming, but no experience of Objective C or Object Orientation Programming. I had tried to understand Object Orientated Programming on and off for a while outside of my day job, but found it difficult to get to grips with, especially as I didn’t know any of the technical words and jargon. Chris’s course explained in simple, clear, layman’s terms how Object Orientated Programming works in the context of building iOS apps in Xcode. He explained step by step how to set up Xcode and write simple code to demonstrate how things work, it was only after being hand held like this that I finally just got it! I can now understand the basics of how object orientated programming works and I’m building iPhone apps and learning more and more as I go!

I especially like how Chris has done the course, it’s like you’re sitting beside him or watching him over his shoulder. Chris is not reading off a strict script and there is not too much “here’s what i prepared earlier”, so you get to see how Chris works through problems, bugs, issues etc and how he figures out how to do new things. This gives great insight into how a iOS programmer thinks and how I should try to think, this is honestly the best thing about the course. Books and other online courses cut out all the issues and potential trip-ups in a problem, they give no insight how to approach something that they don’t cover, that is new or full of jargon. This is not a great way to learn if you think about it.

The result is that Chris’s course was the quickest and most effective way for me to learn how to make iPhone apps!

What was the most memorable experience, learning or feeling of the whole journey?

The most memorable experience was pushing the app out via TestFlight to about 100 strangers i found online who were willing to test my app for free and getting so much feedback on how much everyone enjoyed the game!

Maxim Zhurbey Thai Alphabet Easy

Thai Alphabet Easy

by Maxim Zhurbey (Thailand)

Tell us a little bit about your app

This app helps to learn Thai Alphabet.

screenshot 1 Thai Alphabet Easy

Thai Alphabet Easy app icon
Download Thai Alphabet Easy in the App Store

How long did it take you to build it?

In total a couple of months, while watching your lessons.

How did the course or tutorials help?

Everything I know I learned from the course. It helped a lot. Thank you.

What was the most memorable experience, learning or feeling of the whole journey?

It was quite memorable when I finally was able to understand auto-layout and play with it. The most memorable thing was, of course, App Store approval and release to the store.

Finman and FinTax

by Roger Brownlee

Tell us a little bit about your app

The two apps Finman and Fintax address a specific need for Australian accountants. Finman calculates Lease and Hire Purchase repayment schedules and allows for the Australian GST (Goods and Services tax). Fintax has over 20 years of Australian payroll tax data and lets the user calculate tax for a variety of income types over those years – primarily current year.

screenshot 1 Finmanscreenshot 2 Finmanscreenshot 3 Finman

Finman app icon
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screenshot 1 FinTaxscreenshot 2 FinTax

FinTax app icon
Download FinTax in the App Store

How long did it take you to build it?

I started to learn Swift mid February, 2015. I already had the Windows VB version of the code, so it was mostly a conversion and interface design.

What is one lesson that you learned in the process of building these apps?

Lesson 1 is to subscribe to your course! Then stick to it. Also use Google a lot and if possible chat to a friend with IOS knowledge.

What is one piece of advice that you can give to people who are learning iOS development right now?

Start off with a plan of what you want to achieve and then build on that plan

Matthew Lee MaWan2


by Matthew Lee (Hong Kong)

Tell us a little bit about your app

MaWan2 is a handy shuttle bus timetable. Users are no longer need to checkup schedules from a tiny timetable card. The app provides count down for next schedule to your destination with notification. Live traffic information is feed from external sources via internet. English, Chinese language available.

screenshot 1 MaWan2screenshot 2 MaWan2screenshot 3 MaWan2screenshot 4 MaWan2screenshot 5 MaWan2

MaWan2 app icon
Download MaWan2 in the App Store

How long did it take you to build it?

I took about 6 months to completed this app. I’ve spent 50% of the time in design & coding; 30% of the time in art work & layout; 20% of the time in debugging.

What is one lesson that you learned in the process of building these apps?

Don’t be tempted by making a rich features app using new SDK in the very beginning. Complete a simple first app asap and gain experience how to launch app to App Store.

What is one piece of advice that you can give to people who are learning iOS development right now?

Believe to success. I gained confidence along with the progress of the course. Be sure to understand the course modules and do practices. I believed the course is aimed to help members to learn and understand how to create an app by themselves. I did it from crawl to walk in app making.

Robert Dane Mildly Perilous UFOs

Mildly Perilous UFOs

by Robert Dane (Leeds, United Kingdom)

Tell us a little bit about your app

Mildly Perilous UFOs is a game where players try to destroy ufos before there health runs out. They do this interacting with the device in different ways depending on what the enemy is.

screenshot 1 Mildly Perilous UFOsscreenshot 2 Mildly Perilous UFOsscreenshot 3 Mildly Perilous UFOsscreenshot 4 Mildly Perilous UFOsscreenshot 5 Mildly Perilous UFOs

Mildly Perilous UFOs app icon
Download Mildly Perilous UFOs in the App Store

How long did it take you to build it?

I signed up to CodeWithChris in November 2014. I had completed the tutorials in January and then it took me about 2 months to get a version I was ready to publish.

How did the course or tutorials help?

I wouldn’t have known anything about programming without them. I liked the fact you kept reference to the class reference folders. Being able to use these as a reference was very useful. I also liked that whilst doing the tutorials you made ‘mistakes’ and then showed how to correct them. The debugging tutorial was probably the most useful of all of them.

What was the most memorable experience, learning or feeling of the whole journey?

I had recently become unemployed and a friend who worked in programming suggested I tried to learn this as a skill. Ideally I’d quite like to keep doing this to be able to earn a living from it but we shall see what will happen. What I most enjoy is the process of trying to work out how to get something to work and going through each bit of logic until I’ve got it solved.

Carolina Liberona High to Low - Numbers

High to Low – Numbers

by Carolina Liberona (Westchester, New York)

Tell us a little bit about your app

It’s a game where you get 6 numbers in the screen, and have to tap them from High to Low. Every time you finish a screen a new set of numbers appear. Every time the range of numbers that are included is bigger, increasing the difficulty. It is also timed.

screenshot 1 High to Low - Numbersscreenshot 2 High to Low - Numbersscreenshot 3 High to Low - Numbersscreenshot 4 High to Low - Numbersscreenshot 5 High to Low - Numbers

High to low Numbers app icon
Download High to Low Numbers in the App Store

How long did it take you to build it?

About a month since I bought the beginner course until I submitted for review.

What was one lesson that you learned on this journey?

I didn’t even know where to start until I found these videos. Once I finished the free ones, I wanted to keep going so I did. By the end of module 3 I knew enough for the foundation of this game.

What was the most memorable part of your app building journey?

The best feeling is when the app gets finally approved and you can tell your friends you have actually made an app!

Louis Agars-Smith Get Rich Quick!

Get Rich Quick!

by Louis Agars-Smith (England)

Tell us a little bit about your app

GetRichQuick is a fun new tapping adventure where you must build up a steady cash fund through various upgrades. Gather achievements, buy things, and most importantly, tap. Tap lots. Sometimes you may come across a random event, which may help or hinder you, so watch out!!

screenshot 1 Get Rich Quick!screenshot 2 Get Rich Quick!screenshot 3 Get Rich Quick!Get Rich Quick! app icon

Download Get Rich Quick! in the App Store

How long did it take you to build it?

This has taken me ages to make, approximately 3 weeks for the initial release. I used no app template from any source, and no internet help was taken until the first version was released.

What was one lesson that you learned on this journey?

Doing things which seems boring and overdone can actually be quite creative, so long as you introduce something new and pair it with existing, working tactics.

What advice would you give other students?

As always, perseverance is key. From an impatient teenager, making this was hard. It isn’t just that though. Being pessimistic and expecting for it not to work is a different view on things, so that when it works, it’s a reward.

Pacgry Portal and FlapGold

by Tienny

Tell us a little bit about your app


Its a modified version of one of last year’s top game app “Flappy bird”. We turned the Mario pipes into a treasure trove which unlocks gold when Flappy navigates each gap (between pipes) successfully. Gold drops from the sky with every flap through the gap. It’s fun and teaches cognitive skills and tradeoffs between going for more gains against taking more risks (don’t we all know…)

screenshot 1 FlapGoldscreenshot 2 FlapGoldscreenshot 3 FlapGoldscreenshot 4 FlapGold

FlapGold app icon
Download FlapGold in the App Store

Pacgry Portal

Pacgry Portal is a challenging game that all ages (3 to 100) can enjoy. It borrows successful game elements from two of the world’s leading game changers, PacMan and Angry Birds. Super duo Paccy and Aggry join forces in a mission to save the Earth from the formidable portal enemy. Team up with Paccy and Aggry to thwart wave after wave of invading enemies from the outer cosmos. The battle will take place inside six mazes before the enemy portal months is destroyed. To defeat the enemy, you will need a combo of skills, power fruits, power stones, teamwork and strategy. And stealth to outwit the dark forces!

screenshot 1 Pacgry Portalscreenshot 2 Pacgry Portalscreenshot 3 Pacgry Portalscreenshot 4 Pacgry Portalscreenshot 5 Pacgry Portal

Pacgry Portal app icon
Download Pacgry Portal in the App Store

How long did it take you to build it?

2 months + 2 months (dingdong with apple on ad coding /ad inclusion/exclusion )= 4 months

Pacgry Portal
5 months (slow game speed for iPhones below 5 cause a complete rebuild & test)

What was one lesson that you learned on this journey?

There are many gaps in knowledge of codes, Apple rules & regulations which are hidden until you fall (buggy ) and get those early morning rejections from apple . (In contrast Android publishing is a breeze).

What advice would you give other students?

Never give up . Ride the learning curve, shout for help (Chris’s tips were great..) there’s light at the end of the tunnel ! Learn, Share, Teach Pray (not in order).

A huge congratulations to all the students above who overcame the learning curve, frustration and road blocks in order to publish their apps in the App Store! I can’t to see what apps you guys build next!

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