How to Come Up With An App Idea in 3 Simple Ways

Ready to start your next app project but don’t have an app idea yet? These simple strategies will help you come up with an app idea in no time.
Written by

Chris C

Updated on

Nov 09 2023

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    If you are struggling to come up with your app idea, it’s okay. You’re not alone. It is common for app developers to face this type of challenge given the millions of apps in the App Store. Also, thinking of an app idea isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

    Let us start by saying there is no 100% original idea.

    Most ideas are born from putting together old and existing ideas. So don’t be discouraged if you find an app in the App Store with the same idea as yours and don’t just scrap that app idea.

    Instead, follow these techniques to help you create your next app project!

    The Remix Strategy

    If you find your app idea already in the App Store, don’t fret. It’s not yet game over until you incorporate the Remix Strategy into your app project. This technique basically means putting a twist on an existing app by combining different elements from various apps or games.

    Let’s take Scrabble as an example. It’s a classic word game that includes a game board with single-letter tiles that can be played by two to four players. While everyone loves a classic, in this day and age where people are spending more time on their phones, it is a no-brainer that an app with the same concept and functionality as Scrabble is a good app idea.

    This is where Zynga’s “Words with Friends” came into existence. The app added the internet and multiplayer features to make the classic, physical game Scrabble enjoyable to play on mobile devices. Making the game available as an app makes it easy to play with friends and family.

    How do you incorporate the Remix Strategy into your project? You can try it with this formula: Existing app(s) or idea(s) + unique twist = Your App Idea

    Think of a few apps you use often. What are things you wish you could add to make those apps more enjoyable or easier to use?

    Scratch Your Own Itch

    When it comes to app development, oftentimes, apps are made by thinking about how they can solve the problems of app developers themselves.

    Do you find it hard to look for restaurants within your area? Do you want to hire someone who can walk your dog while you’re at work? Do you want a reminder of when to take your medicines?

    What is something you’re struggling with right now? Then think of how an app can help you solve that problem. If you ever thought, “I wish an app to help with this and that exists”, then that’s your chance to make that app a reality.

    Chances are that if you have this problem and you’re trying to find a solution for it, other people are doing as well.

    Improve What Already Works

    Have you ever used an app and thought, “This would be so much better if this could do X”?

    If so, that’s the design of a potential app idea!

    With mobile apps, there is always room for improvement. If you think that an app lacks certain features, there’s a big chance that you aren’t the only one to think that.

    If the original app author isn’t constantly updating and improving the app, there’s an opportunity for you to create a better one.

    You can start by looking at apps, check the reviews and ask yourself these questions:

    • Are people complaining about the same thing?
    • Are they complaining about something different?
    • Is the app author listening to the feedback?

    Listening to user feedback and reviews is one way to improve an app. If the app author isn’t doing this, you can take it as an opportunity to develop an app with the added features to make it a better one.

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