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If you’re one of those who sweat bullets just by the thought of answering a barrage of iOS developer interview questions, then don’t lose hope because we got your back! Here’s our compilation of the best online resources that can help you nail those iOS interview questions/
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Apr 29 2024

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    Most of the time, the only thing that stands your way from getting that dream iOS developer job is answering those iOS interview questions. We get it – not everyone is gifted enough to breeze through interviews. If you’re one of those who sweat bullets just by the thought of answering a barrage of iOS developer interview questions, then don’t lose hope because we got your back! Here’s our compilation of the best online resources that can help you nail those iOS interview questions

    1. Toptal

    Freelance-hiring site Toptal has come up with a list of 14 Essential iOS Interview Questions (with answers) that will challenge your problem-solving skills (i.e., finding and fixing a bug) and knowledge of the fundamentals (i.e.,ways to specify UIView element layouts). Everyone is also encouraged to submit a question! 

    2. Upwork

    Another giant hub for freelancers, Upwork, also published their list of vital 10 iOS interview questions and answers that will get you pumped up for that iOS developer job interview. What’s great about this list is that the answers also contain tips on how to process each question. 

    3. Workable

    The iOS Swift interview questions on their list were designed to help interviewers identify the best talents. On top of the technical questions, they also listed the most common behavioral and Swift interview questions that recruiters ask to applicants. Technical knowledge, and a well-crafted iOS developer resume,  although both important, are not enough. You also need to possess the right attitude and mindset in order to have a long and successful career as an iOS developer.

    4. CodeMentor

    Matt Goldspink, a seasoned technical trainer, has blessed the internet with his own list of coding interview questions and answers that will get you prepared for your Swift interview questions all the more. His list also has those mind-boggling code interview questions that recruiters sometimes use to test the candidates’ ability to provide interview answers on their feet, such as “How many windows are in San Francisco?” 

    5. Dice

    The list of Dice focuses on typical iOS recruitment questions that are trickier to answer so that you won’t get caught off guard during the actual technical interview. Their list is also rich with tips on how to best answer basic interview questions so you can come up with more coherent answers for each one. 

    6. Durul Dalkanat

    Durul Dalkanat’s article on Medium that lists a whopping 50 iOS interview questions and answers is a true gem for those who are preparing for their upcoming iOS developer technical interviews. His list is as straightforward as it can be – the most common questions followed by their corresponding easy-to-remember concise answers. We won’t be surprised if there will be more questions and answers that will be added in this article because it’s regularly being updated!

    7. Yalczin Ozdemir

    Those who need a quick refresher of their Swift programming knowledge can benefit best from Yalczin Ozdemir’s quick compilation of most commonly asked Swift interview questions. His list of interview questions makes sure that you are not forgetting the most basic pieces of Swift information, such as MVC, optionals, and value and reference types, among others. 

    8. Intellipaat

    The top iOS interview questions and answers listed by Intellipaat were compiled by iOS training course experts. The great thing about this list is its clear categorization of interview questions that range from Automation to Project Management. This clear set of categories will give you a broad sense of holistic preparation for each and every possible iOS interview topic that the recruiters can ask.  

    9. Edureka

    Another well-updated list of iOS interview questions and answers is found on the article written by Pallavi Poojary on Edureka. She’s a technology enthusiast who’s seemingly abreast on what the technical recruiters tend to ask for this year in light of the ever evolving and competitive programming industry. 

    10. App Developer Magazine

    This brief article written by Richard Harris, though written back in 2007, is still rich with concise insights that will assist you in framing the right answers to some of the most fundamental iOS interview questions. The brevity of his answers to the iOS interview questions he provided emphasizes the point that simple questions more often than not demand straightforward answers. Avoid beating around the bush!    

    11. Software Testing Help

    Software Testing Help makes sure that their content will be worth your time. They have compiled a comprehensive list of 50 iOS interview questions that will get you ready to answer almost any fundamental question concerning Swift programming. You can never be too prepared as they say.

    12. Knowledgehut

    True to its name, Knowledgehut is a cool depository of crowd-sourced iOS interview questions that can help any aspiring Swift developer out there! It’s very likely that the questions, which were organized according to levels of expertise, posted on their site came directly from the iOS developer job applicants themselves. So dive right in and learn!

    13. MockRabbit

    Are you prepared for this? If the earlier list of 50 iOS interview questions and answers already made your day, then how about we take it to another level by giving you 300? Yes, a whopping three hundred questions  that will get you so prepped for iOS developer interview day! The only con is that the questions listed here do not have answers, but at least you’ll have an idea on what most iOS developer recruiters usually ask to applicants during job interviews. 

    14. Besant Technologies

    If being given just a list of iOS developer questions with no answers just won’t work for you, then this published article on the website of Besant Technologies will work just fine for you! Just click on any of their 50+ iOS developer interview questions and you’ll immediately get the answer. Just perfect for last-minute preps before D-day!

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