The Menu App

Hey it’s Chris here. I hope you enjoyed the 8 day beginner series but most of all, I hope it’s inspired you to pursue learning iOS app development. It’s a fun hobby that anyone can pick up with just a bit of time and persistence!

Now that you’ve built the War Card Game, it’s time to build upon those skills by learning how to display information in a List which is a core user experience of many apps.

Some examples of lists. From left to right: Google Maps, Amazon, Starbucks, Uber Eats

Although all the lists in the apps above look a little different, they’re actually the same user interface component styled to fit the style of the app.

You’ll be building a Menu app for a hypothetical Japanese restaurant (I just so happen to be visiting Japan as I write this!). Not only will you learn how to use Lists but you’ll also learn more Swift and become a more confident coder.

Here’s how you can get access to the free course, The Menu App.

Step 1:

Create a CodeWithChris account so that you can access our learning platform. (If you already have an account, move onto the next step)

Register for a free CodeWithChris account.

Step 2:

After you create an account, you’ll be directed to your student dashboard where you can see the courses you have.

Visit your course dashboard.

Step 3:

Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see a card for “The Menu App”. Click “Start” and start learning!

Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you’ll see the Menu App course.