Learning iOS development to fulfill his desire to create something of his own

Péter is an Electrical Engineering graduate who eventually landed a job as an Analysis Engineer. Although he loves his job, Péter always felt the desire to create something for himself.
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Chris C

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Jun 11 2024

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    “Although I like my job, I have always felt a desire to create something of my own rather than working solely for a company.”

    Péter has a degree in Electrical Engineering from BME University in Hungary. After working as a hardware designer for six years, he is currently an analysis engineer, specializing in developing tools, instruments, and machines for analyzing power electronics in electric cars.

    Despite enjoying what he does in his day job, Péter has a desire to create something of his own and so the idea of building an app came to mind. His experience in programming and having an iPhone and Macbook further fueled him to take action in his plans of building an app. And so Péter started looking for tutorials online to get him started.

    Despite his programming experience, Péter knew he needed to learn more

    Péter wasn’t familiar with Swift and SwifUI, nor did he know how to build a UI and the best software design pattern to use. He started learning Swift from the Swift language documentation and soon turned to YouTube to learn more. He found the CodeWithChris YouTube Channel to be the most helpful in terms of learning and understanding how to build a UI.

    According to him, it was also very helpful that there were a lot of videos from beginner to advanced levels as well as different tutorials available on the YouTube Channel.

    Life happened but Péter never gave up

    While everything was starting to fall into place, life had other plans for him.

    Péter’s learning journey was very long. He took his time watching the tutorials, some more than once, to copy the code in real time and make changes according to his liking. During this time, life happened and he had to move to a different city, do home renovations, and adjust to a new working environment. All this forced Péter to pause his journey but never to put an end to it.

    After having the time to focus on learning again and refresh his knowledge, it took him around 4 months from the first code line to release his app on the App Store.

    “My goal is to become a full-time app developer”

    Péter’s app is called Currency Converter and Rates which provides accurate and reliable currency conversions right at your fingertips. It effortlessly converts currencies making it very useful whether you’re travelling abroad, managing your finances, or simply curious about exchange rates.

    You can check out and download his app here.

    In the last couple of months after publishing his app, Péter has constantly been working on it, adding new features and redesigning it a bit. But now that things have settled down, one thing that he realized is that acquiring the skills and knowledge of building and publishing an app is only 40% of the work. The remaining 60% is about knowing how to market and sell your app and be financially stable.

    “The most important thing is to not hesitate and just start working on your app.”

    He advises beginners to always try to write their code as generally as they can and work on smaller projects if they don’t have an app idea yet. He also says that it is crucial to apply what you learn when watching a tutorial and most importantly, to not hesitate and just start working on your app.

    Another piece of advice from Péter is that it’s okay to rest and recharge your batteries. Don’t overwork yourself to the point of experiencing burnout. Always go step by step; if you want too much at the beginning, you may not feel any success.

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