“How CWC Helped My Mental Health”

Sylvain went into a deep burnout alongside an anxiety disorder that lasted for 2.5 years. But building an app with the help of CWC helped him cope. Read this story for more.
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Chris C

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May 08 2024

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    Editor’s Note: The CWC Success Stories is an ongoing campaign where we feature the diverse iOS app development learning journeys of our students from all over the world. Every type of success has a place in this campaign: from overcoming initial learning setbacks to landing exciting developer jobs, from releasing iOS apps to just simply feeling the joy of learning a new skill. Whatever success stories our students have, we will all celebrate them here! 

    “Getting my life back on track…”

    When Sylvain was a teen in the mid-’80s, he learned computer programming on his own because this field truly fascinated him. He learned Vic-20, C64, C128, and DOS PCs. His undeniable passion for programming made him pursue his undergraduate studies in computer programming, which he finished in 1991.

    He also made a few shareware programs while studying computer programming. The shareware thing was very popular in the early ‘90s, which is considered as the golden age of what we now call indie development. This is a period that Sylvain really enjoyed.

    He then worked for a few years as a programmer and slowly, his career progressed into system administration. He gradually stopped programming given the demands of his job. 30 years later, he’s still working as a system administrator, and he can definitely say that his programming knowledge has always been a big help through all these years.

    However, a roadblock in Sylvain’s life made an impact on his career aspirations.

    “In 2016, I went into a deep burnout with anxiety disorder that lasted for 2.5 years. It was a rough period in my life. I needed something to motivate me and help me get my life back on track,” Sylvain said.

    “The idea of developing an app for the iPhone was in my mind for a few years. I’ve always been fascinated by all the power and the possibilities of an iPhone. I then bought a MacBook Pro with the idea to play with it while learning a few things in Swift. Without going too deep into my mental health, coding has greatly helped me with my concentration, it calmed the monkey in my head, it increased my motivation, and it boosted my self-esteem and my feeling of accomplishment.”

    “The CWC code simply works!”

    Even though Sylvain already has a background in computer programming, he also admitted that he didn’t know where to start when he was still beginning to learn iOS app development. He also mentioned that English is not his native language, so the language barrier aspect also became one of his obstacles early on.

    “Well, to be honest with you, I didn’t know where to start. A lot of things have changed in 25 years, so it felt like I was starting again from scratch. I’ve faced all the problems newcomers would have to deal with. From code structure, storyboard, variables type, classes, to functions…. you name it! These were all new to me. Also, Swift’s documentation is not the best, it was very difficult to rely on good code examples or even find explanations. I even have to figure out how to go further than the simple “Hello world!” LOL”

    “I’ve then watched many other YouTubers who could teach me iOS app development, and I must say that CWC really stood out from the crowd. What I like the most about CWC is that their code works. No extra bling bling, just plain code that is easy to understand and quickly adaptable to my projects.
    Being a CWC student is like having a personal teacher because everything is always well explained. English is actually not my native language yet Chris speaks clearly, which made it easier for me to understand even the most complex topics.”

    “The CWC content is just very well-made!”

    One moment that Sylvain remembers the most is when he wanted to add CloudKit to an app. Doing the whole thing seemed like an insurmountable mountain for him. He spent many hours trying to find good information, examples, and explanations. It was like the Tower of Babel where there was way too much outdated or wrong information. But thanks to CWC, he was able finish this project:

    I finally took the time to watch Chris’ video, and guess what, I finally managed to install and understand how CloudKit works. It’s now a reflex for me to watch CWC videos first when I want to implement something in my apps. It always saves me a lot of time and frustration!

    The overall quality of everything surprises me. The videos, the website, the YouTube channel, and the content are all well made, look awesome, and are extremely well detailed. When I watch a video, I know exactly what I’ll get because all videos have the same format, there was no random production, and they were all extremely reassuring and time-saving.  

    The Search-it App

    Sylvain now has a few iOS apps published on the app store, and one of them is Search-it.

    Search-it is my second app in the App Store. The app lets you make searches directly on your favorite websites by using the built-in search function.

    Users create categories and add websites’ search URLs to them. It is then possible to make searches by simply entering one or many keywords. Users can browse results from all websites.

    Imagine that you want to find the best price for an electronic item, a word definition, a chicken breast recipe for dinner, or a specific subject on any blog. You just have to select a category and enter a simple keyword and Search-it will let you browse among all the results. You can use Search-it for any kind of search on the web!

    “You should not be afraid of coding!”

    Sylvain emphasized that we all start from somewhere, and you should not be afraid to dabble into coding especially if this field genuinely interests you. Take the plunge, take your time to learn the basics, and do not hesitate to be involved in a community of learners to help you progress in your learning

    With his experience, he expressed that newcomers should not be afraid of coding. “We all start with a blank page and a flashing cursor, he said. “Today’s programming tools and language are way easier to use. Of course, it’s not always easy, so feel free to take your time. Just take small steps and understand what you’re doing because it’s not a race.”

    The same is also true for those who are currently learning app development, according to Sylvain. “We all face bugs or have to struggle with new APIs along the way. When I can’t find a bug or I feel like giving up, I take a break from coding for a moment and when I come back, I usually find the bug or my mind is more likely to understand new stuff.”

    “For me, coding is extremely rewarding, and every line of code symbolizes success. I don’t put too much pressure on my shoulders because programming is my hobby, and it should stay as a fun thing to do.”

    We hope that Sylvain’s success story has motivated you in some way.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Sylvain!

    We are so proud of you!

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