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This article is the resources page for my guide on Building Apps With MySQL and WordPress.

This guide shows you how to make three different MySQL/Wordpress powered apps that all leverage the benefit of having a web hosting account.

The first chapter shows you how to sign up for a hosting account.

The second chapter shows you how to set up the MySQL database and create the first app that will read data from it.

The third chapter shows you how to create a WordPress site and create a companion iPhone app that will display your sites contents.

The fourth chapter shows you how to create a companion iPhone app but with much less objective-C code needed.

This page lists the source code and links used in the aforementioned chapters.

Chapter 1: Setting Up Your Web Hosting For MySQL and WordPress

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The bonus that I get comes at no extra cost to you and supports my efforts in publishing free tutorials. Thank you!

Chapter 2: How To Make an iPhone App Connect to a MySQL Database

Website for finding latitude/longitude of addresses
Source code for PHP web service
Source code for Xcode project

Chapter 3: How To Make a Companion iPhone App for your WordPress Site

Github project used for feed parsing
Source code for Xcode project

Chapter 4: How To Make an App For Your Website In Less Than 30 Minutes

Free WordPress theme used for project
Source code for Xcode project

This wraps up the guide for creating iPhone apps that are powered with MySQL and WordPress. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Lastly, I would be thrilled if you could share it with your friends and colleagues. Thank you!

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  1. Hi chris thanks again for the turorial, I follow all the steps but I keep getting an erros aking for the this file but it is in the project any ideas ?MWFeedParser.h


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