Learn SwiftUI Basics

In this SwiftUI tutorial, I’ll demonstrate the basics of this new UI Framework! You’re going to get a sneak preview of exactly how Swift UI works as we build a demo project step by step.

SwiftUI is a new declarative framework to build user interfaces for apps across all of Apple’s platforms including iOS and the new iPadOS.

I’m super excited about it because it addresses the biggest concern I had with teaching programmatic UIs to beginners: that they would get lost and get discouraged.

Swift UI is both intuitive and easy to grasp and it offers the maintainability and flexibility of a user interface built with code. I’m going to start adopting it into my beginner material and I think you guys are going to really like it!

I’m following and learning from Apple’s own SwiftUI tutorials and I highly recommend that you give them a read as well (You’ll be able to download the demo project from there).

(A quick reminder that macOS Catalina, SwiftUI, and Xcode 11 are only available in Beta, and so cannot be found in the App Store. Download them via the developer website: https://developer.apple.com/xcode/ Use Beta software and OS at your own risk!)