Learn Swift From Objective-C : Introduction


Since most of the readers and students of the course started their iOS development journey with Objective-C, I’m writing this article series to introduce the Swift programming language by showing Objective-C code snippets and their Swift equivalents. In the next few articles, we’ll start comparing things like variables, classes, methods and properties between the two […]

How To Play Sounds – AVAudioPlayer Tutorial


In this AVAudioPlayer tutorial, we’re going to go through an example of playing a sound file that you’ve added to your Xcode project. You’ll see that it’s actually a really simple task to accomplish! Adding the framework to your project The first thing we’ll need to do is to add the AVFoundation framework to the […]

Apps by Readers for May


This is the second App by Readers feature and it showcases the awesome creations that readers and course members have created. (details on how to submit your app at the end) This month, we feature three course members! Jim, Sajin and Noah have gone from beginners to publishing their own awesome apps to the App […]

Starting an iOS Tab Bar App with UITabBarViewController


This tutorial will show you how to start an Xcode project to build an iPhone app with a tab bar along the bottom of the screen. In most of my tutorials and demos, we start with a Single View Application Xcode project which is a basic and versatile starting point. However, if your intention is […]

iOS9 UIPickerView Example and Tutorial in Swift and Objective-C


Last Updated August 26 2015 In this tutorial, we’ll walk though a basic implementation example of the UIPickerView which is a UI element that can be used to make a selection from multiple choices (similar to what a dropdown does for a webpage). Creating the Xcode project We’ll start with creating an Xcode single view […]

UISlider Tutorial – How To Implement an iOS Slider

UISlider Tutorial

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you a simple demo of adding a slider to your app and capturing the value of the slider. The class we’re going to use is UISlider and it’s part of UIKit which is the framework you’re using to build your app. If you’re new to iOS development, you […]

iAd Tutorial – How To Integrate iAd Banners Into Your App


Now that you’ve spent all this time creating an app, you’d like to monetize it somehow right? Apple has a platform called iAd which allows app publishers to monetize their apps by placing either banner ads or full screen ads (or both) into the app. Here’s the iAd resources page for developers. It was actually […]

Apps by Readers for April


This is the first App by Readers feature and it showcases the awesome creations that readers and course members have created. (details on how to submit your app at the end) This month, we feature Kyle and Larry, both of whom are course members (which is why one of the questions I ask them is […]

How To Submit Your App To the App Store


In the last tutorial, I showed you how to deploy your app to your iPhone. This tutorial for submitting your app to the app store builds upon that one and relies on steps performed in that article so if you haven’t set up things like your distribution certificate and App Id, then go back to […]

How to Deploy your App on an iPhone


So you’ve been developing your app and testing it on the iPhone simulator. However, did you know that there could be bugs that only show up when your app is running on an actual iPhone or iOS device? Furthermore, testing your iOS app on a device is the best way to gauge performance issues before […]