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"I just wanted you to know how much your clear and useful tutorials helped me create this first app. I’ve already come up with ideas for new projects and can’t wait to continue down this path!"
– Sharon

Q&A: I Have an App Idea. Where Do I Begin?

by Chris Ching

In this episode’s Q&A, we help people who have app ideas but are unsure of where to begin. Should you outsource the development of your app or should you learn programming and build it yourself? This video covers some of the pros and cons. If you’d like to download the slides for this presentation, you […]

Dash – The offline documentation library

by Chris Ching

Have you ever found yourself without an Internet connection and the need to search for a piece of code or info on a method? As iOS developers, we work with Objective-C and Swift and you can download the iOS 8/Xcode 6 library from the settings in Xcode. Those 2 languages aren’t the only ones we […]

Swift Beginner Video Tutorial Series

by Chris Ching

Hello! This is just a quick post to say that the beginner Swift tutorial series are done! All 17 Swift video tutorials are available for viewing here: How to make an app with no programming experience using Swift, iOS 9 and Xcode 7 If you’ve ever wanted to start learning how to build iPhone apps, […]

Using Parse with Swift and Xcode 6

by Chris Ching

Parse is a platform that offers many tools and one of the things it provides is a “service as a back-end”. Parse takes care of the implementation of the back-end so that developers can focus on building their apps while still leveraging the power of having data persistence in the cloud. Long time reader, Lukas […]

Learn Swift from Objective-C : Protocols and Delegation

by Chris Ching

This tutorial is a continuation from Part 1 and Part 2 where we went through a comparison between Swift and Objective C for various operations involving variables, classes, methods and properties. This tutorial is best suited for people who already know Objective-C (at least the basics) and want to see what the equivalents are in […]

Designing iOS Apps With Sketch 3

by Chris Ching

Last week, I had the pleasure of using Sketch 3 to redesign the UI of an app we’re building inside the Objective C App course (No longer offered. New course here). I hadn’t planned to redesign it, but after reading Meng To’s book, Design+Code, I became inspired to do better. Additionally, I was quite a […]

Learn Swift From Objective-C : Introduction

by Chris Ching

Since most of the readers and students of the course started their iOS development journey with Objective-C, I’m writing this article series to introduce the Swift programming language by showing Objective-C code snippets and their Swift equivalents. In the next few articles, we’ll start comparing things like variables, classes, methods and properties between the two […]