Tutorial: How To Use A Remote Configuration File For Your iOS App

Hello! In this post, I’m going to show you guys how to use a remote config file for your iPhone/iPad application. In my experience, this isn’t something the client asks for or thinks about during requirements gathering (unless they have a technical manager on their side). However, even though it isn’t one of those things […]

Tutorial: How To Use iOS NSURLConnection By Example

Most of the apps you’ll build will have to fetch some sort of data through the network whether it’s as simple as high scores, a configuration file or more complex data such as a large movie catalogue. While there are a few ways you could fetch data in your iPhone application and more than a […]

Preventing NSURLConnection Cache Issues

If you have worked with the NSURLConnection class in iOS, then you may have come across this behaviour before; we were using the NSURLConnection class to download a remote XML file to check if there was an update for our app. When we changed the XML file on the remote server to indicate there was […]