How To Make iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience

How To Make iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience

Updated: Oct 2, 2015
This is my article series to teach people how to build iPhone and iPad applications who have no programming experience.

My focus is to explain things in simple, plain English and get people started making their own apps. Rather than trying to teach everything I learned about Computer Science in University or every last aspect of programming, I’ll distill it into what you need. My approach will be to slowly introduce concepts as you need them, rather than trying to equip you with everything up front only to overwhelm you!

It’s really not that far fetched as long as you have the desire to learn and the persistence to keep at it and get better!

Programming can be self-taught and yes, you can start your own career in software development even if you don’t have a formal background. It’s probably the single greatest thing I love about my field; that merit is based on your achievements and hard work rather than seniority or experience (as in the case of a surgeon for example).

Swift or Objective-C?

Apple recently released a new programming language called Swift for developing iPhone apps. Previously, it was Objective-C that people had to learn in order to build apps. This raised a common question from beginners on which language they should learn.

The good news is that this resource covers both Swift and Objective-C languages!

However, if you’re starting from scratch with no programming experience, I’d highly recommend that you learn Swift because it’s easier to learn for beginners.

The biggest point of failure for beginners is giving up before they pass “the hump”.

The hump is what i like to call that point where it turns from frustrating to fun. It’s kinda like that point where you’re riding your bike without training wheels for the first time and you’re really wobbly, but not falling! Then it’s just fun from there.

With Objective-C, that hump is high because the code contains a lot more weird characters/symbols and it’s less forgiving. Beginners tend to give up before it “clicks” for them.

Swift is more natural to both read/write and so it’s a lower barrier to entry. My advice would be to start with Swift, pass “the hump” and then if Objective-C is something that you need, you’ll have the confidence to learn it and not give up.

With that said, here are the Swift tutorials for How To Make An App With No Programming Experience using Xcode 7 and iOS 9.

Farther below the page is the Objective-C crash course which uses Xcode 5.

How To Make an App

Module 1: Basics

In this module, you’ll get an orientation of the development environment, a tiny taste of Swift code and participate in building your very first app!

iOS Development Tools and Materials

1. Introduction to the tools and materials
An orientation of the tools and resources used for iOS development.

Xcode Playgrounds

2. Playgrounds and getting your feet wet
An unintimidating dabbling into Swift code!

Xcode 7 Tutorial

3. Xcode 7 tutorial and tour
Get acquainted with the development environment where you’ll bring your idea to life!

iPhone app anatomy

4. The anatomy of an iPhone app
How’s an app put together? We break it down into the major components.

Your first Swift app

5. Your first Swift app
Create your first ceremonious “Hello World” app!

Module 2: The art of war

In Module 2, you’ll dive right into creating a simple version of the card game, War.

Xcode 7 Auto Layout

6. Creating the user interface – Auto layout
In this lesson, you’ll see how easy it is to visually create your app interface.

Xcode 7 Size Classes

7. Multiple Orientations – Size Classes
In this lesson, you’ll learn about size classes and how they can aid us in laying elements out in different orientations and screen sizes

Xcode 7 Size Classes

8. Completing the UI with Auto Layout and Size Classes
In this lesson, you’ll use what you learned about auto layout and size classes and finish adding additional elements to the user interface.

Swift Basics

9. Basic building blocks of Swift programming
Learn about object oriented programming, classes, objects, methods and properties.

Swift Subclassing and UIKit

10. More Swift concepts and UIKit
In this lesson, we go through more Swift programming basics and learn about what UIKit is.

Swift IBOutlet Properties

11. Hooking it all up – Swift IBOutlet properties
Now we’re ready to learn how to expose the user interface elements so you can manipulate them with code.

Swift IBActions and Methods

12. Handling button taps – Methods
We’ll go through how to capture a tap on a button so that you can respond to it!

Xcode 7 Asset Library

13. Adding and displaying images in your app
Learn how to add images to your Xcode 7 project and display them in your app. You’ll also learn about various images sizes that you need for retina and high resolution displays.
Download the images used in this video here. Card images by Charles Esquiaqui licensed under Creative Commons.

Swift randomizing numbers

14. Getting a random number and randomizing the cards
War is a game of chance, so we’ll need to know how to generate random numbers. In this lesson, we also learn how to change the card images based on the randomly generated numbers.

Swift Arrays

15. Using Arrays to manage the card images
This lesson introduces Arrays. It shows you how to use this collection class to improve the way we display the card images.
For reference: Apple’s Swift Programming Language Guide

Swift IF statements

16. Determining a winner – IF statements
Implement the simple game logic in code to determine a winner.

Styling and variable scoping

17. Styling and keeping score
By implementing the score keeping, we’ll learn the importance of understanding scope. We’ll also add additional graphics to liven the app up!
Download the graphics or source code.

How To Make iPhone Apps with Objective-C

Learn Programming – Core Programming Concepts Tutorial

This introduction article is a great place to start for those who want to learn how to program but don’t have a programming background. This short lesson introduces concepts which will make the subsequent lessons easier to understand and digest!

1. How To Make iPhone Apps – Object Oriented Programming and Classes

This first article talks about the core concepts of object oriented programming, introduces you to writing some Objective-C code to create classes and describing ways in which classes can interact with each other through methods, properties and variables.

2. How To Make iPhone Apps – Control Structures, Loops and Collections

The second part of our series will introduce more programming concepts with Objective-C examples. With the introduction of control structures, loops and collections, you’ll be able to write more complex methods. Level up, yeah!

3. How To Make iPhone Apps – MVC, One Pattern To Rule Them All

The third part of our series will introduce the Model View Controller pattern (MVC) and the critical part it plays in iOS app development.

4. How To Make iPhone Apps – An XCode 5 Tutorial For Beginners

We’re finally ready to tackle XCode, write code and build apps! We’ll go through all the elements of the XCode development environment and get started with our demo project.

5. How To Make iPhone Apps – Creating The Demo App With XCode And Interface Builder

In this part, I’ll show you how to lay out the on-screen user interface elements for your app, navigating between views in your app and responding to user interaction by hooking up the UI elements to your code!

For those who have a programming background

If you DO have a development background and you know another programming language then I believe you’ll still find value in this article series but I also urge to you check out the Stanford iPhone App Development videos. (People with no programming experience may find it difficult to follow because the course assumes that you know the basics of object oriented programming).

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  • Teo

    Hello Chris, I am going to watch your tutorials for I want to learn how to make games. My son who is Autistic wants me to teach him how to do them. I do not have any experience. But I will do my best. I already have an idea for a game, all I need is some orientation to make it happen.
    Thanks !

  • Joy

    Thanks for this series – it’s the best I’ve found so far. I’ve really struggled with the “now enter this, put that there” type of tutorial. It’s much better when things are explained – learning as opposed to training, as my nursing lecturers used to say.

  • Rob

    Hi Chris, I have run through the first 4 tutorials of the series and your explanations are very good has enabled a non-programmer to get a grip of Objective-C.

    Really looking forward to the next tutorial.


    • Chris Ching

      Thanks Rob! It means a lot to me to hear that and I’m almost finished with part 5 so i’ll let you know when it’s up!

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  • Ramees

    Hey Chris, i am looking forward to get into all these xcode tutorials, This is one of the best, simplified one i have found so far. I registered myself with your xcode updates. I have a bit of background on c++, but not on a programming level. Thanks a lot for your effort. I am hopping to come up with something useful to all. Wish me luck……

    thanks a bunch..

  • Adam

    Hello Chris, your tutorials are really great. I have a question for you:
    – I started making heart rate application and for now everything is OK but I want to put chart to which I will follow Heartbeat signals (ECG signals). If you could help me with this I’d appreciate it.
    I have ECG device whose signal want to follow via bluetooth on my iPhone.

  • jorcas

    Hi Chris,
    I am just starting but I want to thank you for sharing you knowledge to everybody that wants to learn.


  • Chau Nguyen

    Nice tutorial man.

  • burhan

    Hey Chris,
    Can a boy of 17 years old make an app with no experience at all?

    • Chris Ching

      Hey Burhan, you can definitely learn how to program and make your own apps!

  • halito

    Nice work Chris

    Really appreciate it!



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  • Troup Brazelton

    I have two ideas for apps and want to learn how to make an app. , But before I do, I want to be sure no one has already made one like it. Where is there a comprehensive list I can go to by go just searching by category?

    • Chris Ching

      Hey Troup, yeah, the best way i know is just by searching it on the App Store. I usually do research like this and then there’s a site called where you can see roughly how an app has been performing in regards to downloads. I do this to validate an idea.

      I think if you find an app that already exists for what you want to do, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it too. You can improve upon their version with your own!

    • Mike

      Would like to search available APPs.

  • Tania

    I have a great idea for an app but have no idea around computers 🙁

    • Chris Ching

      Hello! It’s never too late to learn! 🙂
      Or you can partner up with someone who is looking for work!

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  • Josh

    I am a 10 year old trying to make a app out of a game I play with my friends at recess any tips?

    • Chris Ching

      Keep reading, practicing and learning. And don’t give up!

  • Hello. I just wanted to say this is one of the best (if not the best) tutorials i’ve ever read including the paid ones! Very well documented and exampled. Good job!
    Are you open to questions or giving advice? I’m just learning the process of app developing and i have some web-developing experience that i want to put it to use. Thanks!

    • Chris Ching

      Hey Victor, thank you so much for the comment! Definitely, please send me a message if you have any questions!

  • Steven

    I have an idea for a website and mobile application. I want to really put some effort behind it. I want it to look polished and professional. I am afraid if I attempt to do this myself the execution will not turn out. I have been researching a lot. Where would you begin if you were me?

    • Chris Ching

      Hey Steven, to get it to the level that you describe will definitely require a designer if you’re not a designer yourself. If you’re willing to put in the work and frustration to learn the coding part of it, combine it with the professional design and you can get a polished app. However, also factor in the time it will take to learn a new skill (and how much free time you have).. it may take more than just a couple of months.

  • Harikumar

    Hello Chris,

    I am a web programmer and very keen to learn IOS apps development.

    While surfing, I just found your website and it really helps for the beginner to know where to start and how to proceed.

    Since i am a beginner in IOS, will required your help for some time.


    • Chris Ching

      Glad to have you Harikumar! Please check out the new Basics Series at the top “Start Here”

  • Clarence

    You should put this into a book. This is GREAT!

    • Chris Ching

      Thanks Clarence! 🙂

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  • Vidhya Goutham

    Chris, Your understanding gives clarity to your Explanation.

    • Chris Ching

      Thanks for reading, Vidhya!

  • Murray

    Hi Chris.

    How does this page fit into the “Start Here” page? I just want to get the flow right.


    • Chris Ching

      Hey Murray, this was actually my first attempt at teaching and it seemed a little overwhelming for some so i started the series at “Start Here”.
      I would suggest starting with the Basics Series at “Start Here” and then reading this series.


  • AJ

    Do you have any advice on how to get noticed on the App Store? There hundreds of thousands of apps out there, so it’s very difficult to stand out. Thanks, and great tutorials. Much appreciated.

    • Chris Ching

      Hey AJ! Unfortunately, this is an area I need to educate myself a little more too before I share anything with you guys. The screenshots and app icon are very important to convey quality. In terms of getting found, make sure you’re using keywords that are getting searched. Try using a keyword tool like the one Google provides: Keyword Planner. Listen to and implement user feedback from reviews to continually improve your app and finally there are marketing efforts you can undertake such as contacting app review sites or blog owners of relevant niches etc..

  • Hey Chris, This is a 13 yr old speaking here… compared to other online tutorials for objective-c, yours is more ”human friendly”, reading twice give additional confidence on the topics.
    already progressed half the way, thanks to you.

    • Chris Ching

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

    • Chris Ching

      Thanks Nebulous, the article is a bit long so please let me know if something is unclear

  • Sandi Gaertner

    Hi Chris, My question is more for advice. I have a database of restaurants on my blog. I would like to make an app that is more mobile user friendly (and for a little income.) I have been trying to decide if I should create an app for it from scratch with an app maker by exporting the database, or if there is a plug in that would take just the database component. Is an app easy to create that is just a searchable database?

    • Hey Sandi, thanks for your question. I checked out the restaurant database; really useful tool, that is! Is there a way to return just the raw data via url? Like say in an XML, RSS or JSON format? If so, it would be pretty easy to just create an app that’s a table with the filters at the top and whenever the user changes the filter, it would construct a url (like when you click a filter on your db on the site now) and then hitting the URL would return the results in a format that the app can parse and display in the table. Hope that helps!

      • Sandi Gaertner

        That is an interesting thought. I will see if I can play with this idea. I appreciate your time.

  • Floris Zevenbergen

    Hi Chris,

    I want to make a multiplayer game. Do you have some tips?

    • Hey Floris, I know AppCoda just released a game starter kit. Also Ray Wenderlich has some great game tutorials for Game Center (which is what you’ll probably want to use to do multiplayer)

  • arno

    Hello Chris,

    I am trying to build a very simple video library app, and I work on your tutorial and they are great, thank you.

    My problem is I found that coding is hard and it will take some time to get it done. Is there any way to built an app without coding.

    • Hey Arno, sure! There are app templates you could buy on binpress and chupamobile. You would still need a little bit of knowledge of Objective C and Xcode if you wanted to customize it though. Hope that helps!

      • Hardik Thakker

        Well, it seems that there are no library apps on binpress or chupamobile. I feel it would be a good idea to build one out 🙂

        • Elodie Binard

          Hey Arno,
          I’m actually working for Chupamobile 🙂
          I’m sure you can find something fitting well with you needs on our platform, for example

          This one is iOS6, but if you send us a request, we can make it for iOS7, and even customize this video library for you if you want.
          Anyway if you have any question, you can reach me on Fb, Twitter(@elodiebinard), or using our contact form!

  • Nina Mosley

    I am not trying to create my own app but I am writing a paper/report of an app I would create that would serve as a controller for game consoles. I am trying to give a breif description of how app development works but this is a lot to sum up. Could you help?

    • Hey Nina, do you mean to describe the process from idea to app or just how to explain what programming is in laymans terms?

  • Wally

    Hi hope someone can help me out, I am useless with computers and want/have a Really good idea for an app to build. Only problem is I don’t know how to do it. I do know since reading online that I need programs to make an app. is there anyone out there that I could share an app idea with and maybe we make a few bob?
    The app idea is fun and would be used by many people as I have done some research of people I know that have an iphone.
    Wally ….

    • Molly

      I will help you. Tell me your idea.

      • Adesoba Olugbenga

        Hi Molly, can I PM you? I need to discuss my app model with you… Many thanks

        • Daniel Watson

          How did you guys get on?

    • josephcruise101

      Dont share your idea build your own app…

    • Steve Jobs

      tell me your idea… so I can take it and make it myself! LOL

  • Victoria TheVaporgirl Sylvestr

    Hi Chris!
    I would like to build an app for my website. I sell stuff and see so many well created apps for retailing, such as zulily. Do you have any time to make some money helping my company out?

    • Hey Victoria, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately I’m not looking to take on any freelance work. Sorry!

      • Victoria TheVaporgirl Sylvestr

        Do you have anyone you would recommend, or a place to look that would have reputable people? thanks Chris!

  • Lynn Jialing Chen
  • making native apps is very hard for developer. should switch to hybrid app using mobile web. technology like html5,css3,jquerymobile can do this.

    • Hardik Thakker

      Well, both have their pros and cons. With native you get better performance and quality of app. While with html5 you can build easily and it works on all platforms. Facebook apps were built with HTML5, which were later on switched to native as HTML5 didn’t turn out to be as good as it was thought. Check

      • freediverx

        Didn’t Facebook switch back to hybrid? I also thought Apple uses hybrid design for some apps, such as their store app.

        • Hardik Thakker

          I don’t think facebook switched back, can’t find anything like that on the web. And regarding the store app, that in no way seems to be build in HTML5, as you wont get such a fast responsive app in HTML 5 (based on personal experience, I had build few apps and one game in HTML5, then switched to native and saw the performance difference). Also check

          • freediverx

          • Hardik Thakker

            Yes, agree to you! I see the latest G+ app, they are mixing html content webviews inside native app. But the apps are not completely build in HTML5, the base is in native, for content rendering in some portion they are using html5 and I see that its doing a good job there. 🙂

  • Fernando Escobar

    Chris, I am looking to make an iPhone/iPad app that closely resembles a wiki type setup. Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks

    • Hello! If you were planning to allow users to post stuff as well, then it gets a little more complex because you’ll need to learn how to build a user creation/login system and a system to post the articles to a database. If you are just learning iOS programming currently, I would suggest that you build a static app first and learn how to build user interfaces, hook up user interactions, have multiple views and then when you can do that, you’ll feel confident enough to learn how to create a server side interface (API) that will accept wiki posts, store them in a database and also how to make your app download the posts from the database.

      Sorry if that sounds very technical, but you can contact me using the link at the top of the page and I’ll explain more if you need more guidance.

      • Hikema Peterson

        Hello Chris , I have an awesome app that I’m trying to create . I know this is definitely a money maker , but I don’t have a clue on how to get started. I have been doing a lot of reading and research but theses terms are not familiar to me at all. Can u please help me?

      • PyramidTank

        HI I’m looking to make a instant messaging app like the one that works with facebook called messenger. where do I start. Or where can I pay somebody to make it?

  • Nickthegr7

    Hi Chris, I don’t know if this site is still active but i have a question for you. Can Someone without programming experience make an app that really worth? What i try to say is IF someone in the past maked an app and made money out of it without the programming experience that needed.

    • Hey Nick, i would say that it was easier a long time ago.. Currently if you want to have a really successful app (not game), you’d have to either have to create your own version of an existing app (like a calculator or to-do list) but make it really high quality or have some exclusive features or the other way is to come up with an entirely new concept that currently has no app. The latter is easier for the beginner but its hard to determine what concepts will be a hit in the app store.

  • Josh

    Hi Chris,

    What’s your opinion on the flappy bird success of recent weeks and how (in your opinion) do you/can you differentiate your apps from others?

    It would seem now that social media is the way to success with apps, imagine one celebrity posted a link of a current app on there twitter…, bang, thousands of dl’s from fans, this is the market of today.

    Have you personally developed any apps currently available on the iphone app store? I would be interested in seeing what you have done.

    • Hey Josh, i think social media and recommendations from friends certainly has a lot to do with it. Many of the games out there today use human psychology to their advantage such as giving daily login rewards to “condition” the user’s behaviors or in the case of Flappy Bird, the game was hard but yet easy to retry so it was really addictive to keep trying. I feel like the difficulty level combined with the easy learning curve game play made it really easy to share with friends and “go viral”.

      However, this is just my opinion because I don’t have experience with app marketing and I haven’t built any apps for myself. I’ve got a lot of semi-finished prototypes but nothing that I’d submit.

      If I were to try to make an app, instead of trying to make something unique and innovative, I would look at the top charts to see what’s currently “working” and emulate that but make it “better”.

      “Better” could mean more features, better design/graphics, a twist in the game mechanics, or just implementing the feedback/requests from the reviews of the top app. I think it’s really important to listen to users and iterate constantly on the app to continually improve it. So if a developer isn’t doing that, you can capitalize on that and create a similar app that is more suited to what the users want based on the feedback.

      Again, take it with a grain of salt as I’m speaking from theory rather than personal experience!

  • vusicia

    hi, i have an idea for a game app and i was wondering how hard it would be to do….i need help

    • Hey Vusicia! Thanks for messaging. Building games is a little different and I’m in the process of learning how to do it myself. You need to use something called “Sprite Kit” which you can look up for more info. I’ll share more tutorials on game building when i get a little more experienced. Thanks!

  • Dean

    Hi Chris, I have set up a forum using vbulletin and want to add features such as video channel and an app for instant upload. I also want to add a mapping feature based on info from multi twitter feeds. As I have no coding experience what’s the best way to outsource this? I have seen a site called getacoder however the variation in quotes for the same job is a mind field on what you are actually getting. Also do you need to use a specific software terminology to get the job quoted.

    • Hey Dean, it’s going to vary a lot because people who have done that before will quote less time while people who need to do research will quote longer. Also quotes from professional consulting companies will usually be in the range of $150/hr. Individual developers you’ll get ranges from $15 – $100/hr depending on where they live in the world. The other reason where quotes vary is because the person doing the quoting may or may not have thought out all the details and may miss estimating a piece of functionality or required code.

      The only advice i can give you is to get many quotes so you can get a ballpark, and go don’t pick purely based on price. Look at past work, professionalism, communication, ability to deliver on deadlines etc.

      Good luck!

      • Dean

        Chris, thanks for the advice. Based on what I want to achieve is this something that can be achieved at a reasonable cost? What issues do you think I will have?

        • Hey Dean, to get an accurate quote, try to include as much detail as possible down to how many screens your app will have an what each screen will do. Unfortunately, I’m not the person to ask since I won’t be the one building it, but create that spec and shop it around. You can try this site here as well to get a ballpark:

          From what you described, it’s more complex than the usual fare so you may need to have a server to host videos or to do the twitter feed scraping (amalgamating the twitter data from multiple feeds)

  • Donna-Ann L Barr-Pelletier

    Hi- I have an idea for an app which I have discussed with primarily women, they love my idea and say they would absolutely use an app as such. My problem is that I am so clueless. I really cannot imagine programming anything (I still have problems setting digital clocks LOL!). How could I have an app idea turn into a functioning product, how would it be marketed, would I earn money, etc…

    • Hey Donna, thanks for commenting! It’s going to take some effort to learn to program but i’ve seen people with no experience end up doing it! Your other route would be to hire a freelancer to do this. Sites like odesk or elance can help you get quotes for the project.

  • David

    Hey I’m new to programming and have no experience. I want to create an app that can be a songbook. I just want a list of songs and then when you click on the name it goes to the right picture and then you can go from one picture to the next until the song is done (we are planning on scanning the songs into a computer). Can anybody help me with that

    • Ramprashath Gandhi


      Hope you are doing great.

      I’m very glad to meet you on virtual and I’m very eager to know your exact requirement from the above email.

      We are iphone and android developers from India, we will be able to design your app based on your requirement.

      If you are interested, Kindly, write us through an email :

      Best Regards,


  • Naren

    Hey Chris, I’m really interested in taking your class, however I own a PC and am likely not to get a Mac until I am completely ready to start coding in objective c. I was wondering if your premium video class requires a mac for instructions?

    • Hey Naren, unfortunately it does.. There are cheaper options for PC users to get started if you would like to try your hand at iOS development. In particular, there’s a site called which will allow you to virtually connect to an Mac environment to do development. It’s something like $10-$20 a month i believe so you can use it as a test to see how you like coding in Objective-C!

      • Naren

        Would I still be able to take your premium class that way and recieve all the benefits that it offers?

        • Hey Naren, I haven’t used macincloud myself; i only heard about it from others but from what i’m reading on their website, you will have access to Xcode 5 and iOS7 which is all you need so you should be fine. Worst case, I can provide a refund for the class if it’s not working out for you, so no risk! Thanks for your interest!

          • Naren

            Okay, thanks so much, just one quick question, when you said 67 dollars one time fee, does that mean ill pay 67 dollars once, and then after, Ill be able to access your videos and hw as many times and as long as I wish? Just wanted to clarify

          • That’s correct Naren!

  • Carly Charters

    Hello Chris,
    I’m hoping you can guide me in the right direction. I’m looking to build an app for use within school. Something where students can log in and answer a survey each week for 10 weeks. At the end of the 10 week period this information can be accessed by staff in a graph or some type of summary. Is this possible? I’ve been tasked with this and don’t know where to start!

    • Hey Carly, thanks for your message. Given your short time line and unfamiliarity with building iPhone apps, would you be able to make a webpage with the survey and have the app simply display that page? That would be the “lowest hanging fruit” for your situation i think. Otherwise, you’d have to dedicate a decent chunk of time to learn a new programming language.

      • Jonathan Ray Pereira

        Hey There Chris, I’m on Video 9 (Swift) Right now and Have been following you so far, Sometimes watching the video twice to be sure I didn’t miss anything . I have an Idea for a simple 2D game and I would like to build it and post it by March Next year .. Will I be able to do that after finishing all 15 Videos ? or is there more that I’ll have to learn ?

        • Hey Jonathan, there’s a ton more to learn! It’ll also depend on how complex it is.
          My suggestion is to finish up to 15 and recap on what you’ve learned and see if your game idea is doable with what you know at that point!

  • Saini Naresh

    Hi Chris,
    I want to make a songs app of my language for iphone firs and cross platform later. Can i develop an app exctly like saavn , spotify or soundcloud?. I am really keen to do and learn this. If you could guide me,it would be great or we can do business on this. reply me here or email me . It would be really appreciative for you if you will help me.

  • AsIwasSaying70

    Is there an equivlent to MIT App Inventer for Apple/iOS? This is the simplest one I have found but need to build same app for iPad users

  • kyler

    i have the absolutly best idea for an app. social and everything. Comes with challenges yet fun for kids, adults, yet so simple. i NEED to learn how to create an app. Please dont ask for my idea so you can use it. because i wont be telling anyone like a dumbass. this idea is no joke

    • Jay Gatsby

      You want someone to make you an app for a product or service of which you are not willing to discuss. Exactly how do you see that turning out? I agree that you should not blab your idea around, but when you solicit help in a random forum from complete strangers, what do you expect will happen? You have to discuss it with your app builder, and if you choose someone here that you do not know, you may get scammed.

  • scott.fensome

    hey I need some help if anyone can help me make an app then please add me on Skype my name is scotty.fensome

  • David Foerster

    Hi! Is there a way to turn an old Windows application, from around 1995, into an iOs app?

    • Hello David, I’d suspect that it’d need to be built from scratch on the iOS platform.

    • Jay Gatsby

      This might be cool! Let me guess…Paint? Just kidding. This could still be cool.

  • Hosam Abd El Hafiez

    Can anyone help me
    i have some knowledge in Computer and analysis .. i do work with Excel and Access what i look for is a away to build an iphone app based on my access data base and some of my Excel sheets as well

    i am very good with programming Data base on Access and can help bulding the app which will be used in pricing
    can i discuss my idea with someone

    • Hey Hosam, I’m launching the forums at the end of the month with a section for partnerships so you’ll be able to post there and find some one to work with!

    • Matt Ullian

      I think I could help you with the design concept. Although the programing would have to be done by yourself or someone else. I myself have an idea for an app. If we could share ideas and choose the better one I would be glad to work with you

  • Matt Ullian

    I have an idea for a new social media app. I just have the base idea, so we would need to discuss it more in depth. If you know how to program that would be a huge help, because I am clueless in this area. However, I can make the design. You will have to be serious about this and we would split all the costs and profits. Please message me if interested on youtube or email (

  • Barazan

    can I do any app with c++ programming

  • Tyler

    how do i change the status bar, the time, battery, and service. like the color, text, and anything else i can?

  • Juliet

    Hi, Am building an app on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Can anyone tell me the best language for the database.

  • Gara Madara

    Hi Chris, Is it a good idea to learn by doing simple apps by following video tutorials?

  • damodarbabu

    hi can you please suggest how to send image view image to whatsapp/wechat .i already tried so many tutorials but not working just only default message is going i want to send image view image to whatsapp thanku guyssssss

  • Anthony

    Hey, I am trying to start a social media app.. i already have everything ready except for the actual coding.. currently learning how to code. Would you be interested in a partnership? Or maybe there are tutorials online that teach how to code an instagram-type app?

    • Madhuri Guram

      Hi, you can write to me on and we’ll be happy to help you. you can also reach out to me on

    • Parth Saxena

      Hi, I have a series on how to make an app like Instagram in Swift. My YouTube channel is “TheSwiftUniverse”.

  • Guest

    HI I’m looking to make a instant messaging app like the one that works with facebook called messenger. where do I start. Or where can I pay somebody to make it?

    • Ramprashath Gandhi


      Hope you are doing great.

      I’m very glad to meet you on virtual and I’m very eager to know your exact requirement from the above email.

      We are iphone and android developers from India, we will be able to design your dream app based on your requirement.

      If you are interested, Kindly, write us through an email :

      Best Regards,


    • Madhuri Guram

      Hi, you can write to me on and we’ll be happy to help you.

  • Nora

    Hi guys I am kuttiepiee24 and I need your help. I have an awesome music app idea an I don’t know how to make an app. If you guys can help me ill be so great full to help you so please help me make an app thnx!

  • Daniel

    I am looking to make a review app where people will be able to search an item and find our review for it. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a template?

  • Catnat

    Hi Chris, I was hoping on making a small game for young children or toddlers to use but all of this computing makes no sense to me. Could you help?

    Many thanks,

    • IQworld Master

      Hi I can help you for this

    • Catnat, which part of this computing makes no sense to you?

    • take all electronics away. read a book,listen to music,lay in the grass and look at bugs. are you that lazy you want to put a sponge in front of electronics

  • Bhavdip Patel

    hello.. i do not know how to start ios app. recently i have done my study and i got a job in ios technology and i have build offline app on study time but right now give me task online app and i have no idea for how to start online ios app.. so please tell me something

  • Caleb Johnson

    I cant wait to build my own app and im omly 11!!

    • shekiki

      i did my first program at age 15 using apple basic. That was 27 years ago. good luck to you.

  • Beige

    I’m trying to make a 3rd party keyboard. But wasn’t sure if your tutorial is where I should begin or not.

  • lindsey

    hi chrus. i want to make a social media app but im not experienced at all. i need help.

    • rishi

      Hi Lindsey, I can probably help develop your app for a reasonable price, if you’re still interested in making it. If interested, shoot me an email at Happy to show you other websites and apps we’ve done in the past so that you have an idea of the quality of our work.

  • Hey Chris, I want to create a discussion forum sort of app for both iphones and android phones. Is there a way to make the same content and posts available on both versions of the app (IOS and Android)? Thank you for the tutorials, I will definitely be following them 🙂

    • Paul Ferguson

      I guess you could create an app in both that points to a discussion forum on the web, that way you are just creating a portal to the forum which will be easily accessible to all users… I know it is not what you were hoping to achieve but sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

  • dpbrasil

    Hey Chris I’m on lesson 15 and went to change my story board to add the button image, and my app is blank with 2 iPhone screen. I ran the app and it still there. I don’t know what to. Please help!

  • Beryl

    are the apps I can create after i learn wth you also suitabe for Ipads


    • Jay Gatsby

      Really? Screaming about it is not one way to do it. And if you do not know the difference between what is an app and what is not, how do you even know what you are talking about? That is like saying, I want to invent a better engine. But I don’t know if my idea is an engine or not, so I need someone to tell me. Strange.

      • Ruby Brysha

        Jay, I believe Chris was talking about whether or not his IDEA for an app was already in existence, not whether his idea could be considered an app.

        • thk u RUBY

          People dont get it and I am always caps because ive had a bad accident being stupid again. But I did not want to yell at you

    • rishi

      Hi Chris, I can probably help develop your app for a reasonable price. If interested, shoot me an email at Happy to show you other websites and apps we’ve done in the past so that you have an idea of the quality of our work. Of course, we’re a legitimate business and can sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) prior to hearing details of the app so that we can’t take your idea and use it ourselves.


  • David Annette Sigala Matzen

    I would like to make an app for my church to listing streaming and be able to see what we have on our web site can I do this following your application

    • Javier Jaramillo

      Hello David, My name is Javier I’m from NY city. I would like to see whether you are interested in some help. I won’t be charging anything I’m Christian and I would like to do this as part of my offering to god. Let me know whether you are interested. I’m a programmer and possible my skills will help with this project. I work but I can find sometime and get together we can discuss this by phone or email. Let me know anything. Regards, Javier.

      • aloanbyanna

        I’d like your help Javier

        • rishi

          Hi aloanbyanna, I can probably help develop your app for a reasonable price. If interested, shoot me an email at Happy to show you other websites and apps we’ve done in the past so that you have an idea of the quality of our work.

    • rishi

      Hi David, I can probably help develop your app for a reasonable price. If interested, shoot me an email at Happy to show you other websites and apps we’ve done in the past so that you have an idea of the quality of our work.

  • Jenifer King

    If I feel I have a great idea for a app but I don’t know the 1st thing about making it happen is there someone or a company I can pitch to

    • rishi

      Hi Jenifer, I can probably help develop your app for a reasonable price. If interested, shoot me an email at Happy to show you other websites and apps we’ve done in the past.

    • Unfortunately not! When investors invest in app businesses, their primary concern is making money so they’ll invest because that company or person has a track record of successes. If the app is simple and you’re up for a challenge, you could try to learn how to build it yourself. If it’s complex, then you can try to find a partner who is a programmer or contract the work out ($$). Hope that helps!

  • Samantha

    Can this work on things besides apple products

    • Unfortunately only on the iOS platform which is only on apple products!

  • Matt Kompo

    Hey chris, wonderful and helpful site. Question.. are there already any written codes out there to copy so that all you have to do is just tweak it a little for your specifications? I understand that my question is kinda vague and there are so many types of different kinds of app. But if you have a general idea of how you want the app to look and run, is there something out there where you can find an already semi written app that best fits your idea where you can copy and tweak a little for your own specifications?

  • Sumaya Muhammad

    Hi chris , could you help me out ,how I can bulid my project with two languages pleassssse

  • Sophie

    I wish I was smart and creative enough to learn to program and be actually able to create an app or two that was useful and could actually make me some money. But I’m not creative.

    • HM Laporte

      All these apps, 10000 in a dozen the same, terrible, that makes one think how uncreative the maker is, but smart, he knows, that we as followers all do as another does. We want the newest phone, the most expensive, why? Does this teenager knows why he/she wants the expensive one

  • Aiden

    I wish it worked on older ios or android

  • rishi

    great article. If anyone is seeking an app developer, I can probably help develop your app for a reasonable price. If interested, shoot me an email at Of course, I’d be happy to show you other websites and apps we’ve done in the past so that you have an idea of the quality of our work.

  • Alisha

    How long does it usually take to create an app?

    • Depends on the complexity of the app! Could range from a week to months!

  • faaizahsnutritionlab

    anybody tried this? what was the result? /i have an idea I would like to turn into an app for a certain aspect of my work life. just to stream line an extremely frustrating bit.

  • Allen Zhou

    Hi Chris, do you have any tutorials on Core Data?

    • Hey Allen, unfortunately not right now!

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Hey Chris, is all of this free or does it require payment?

        • Hey Johnathan, the lessons are free up until lesson 15 but by lesson 15, you would’ve built a complete app and learned a great deal so I urge you to go ahead with it!
          If you wanted to continue and build more apps, then the full course can be purchased. Thanks!

  • Jed

    Can you use xcode 6 or swift on a probook. thank you for helping.

    • Hey Jed, does a probook run windows? You need to run OSX, the operating system on macbooks in order to run the Xcode app to build apps.

  • Jed

    can someone please help me

  • samo

    hi,Chris How can I make and publish an application in the AppStore and thanks

  • chad

    OK, this is beyond my ability. I have an idea for an app that I want on the AppStore and will pay someone with experience to do it. If interested email me.

  • moses

    I currently have a great idea for an app however it is very complex and will require experience, message me at if interested.

  • This article helped me so much. Thanks Chris

  • Fernando Cruz

    I don’t understand why it doesn’t allow me to use if statements inside the ViewContreler class, unless it is inside a method.

    • AN

      All Statement needs to be inside a method unless you are adding an attribute

  • Hey people I want to build

  • Keenan Güzel

    Hi Chris , I have the idea to make a App Store game.But I don’t know how to do coding.Do you know anybody that can do this for me? Or any websites. I have enough cash. Thanksxx

  • tsmirk

    Greetings Chirs, I have plenty of ideas for applications that could possible make it to the app store. However, I am too inexperienced in coding and am struggling to find ways to learn these sophisticated and complex expert level codes. I am wondering how I can go from knowing how to make tic-tac-toe to making apps complex similar to those on the app store. I am looking for guidance or a mentor, If you could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreactied. Thanks, Scott Williams

  • Shafin Alam

    I am lost.. no clue.. been to iBuildApp.. not simple enough, some says not prof. enough for me and also I don’t want so simple app anyways. but I need help to put my idea to work.. help appreciated.

  • JonJon South

    Im on your 11th lesson right now but can’t figure out how to make the numbers indicating the lines of code. It is just blank is there something I can do to to see the numbers along the side?

    • Carlos Álvarez Ávila

      Go to Xcode preferences (⌘,)/text editing/ Show: Line Numbers (enable)

  • cvialarms alarms

    Can you create an app for me and how much are you asking for ? Must send my position on of touch of the app icon.

  • No programming required. I thought some programming knowledge was needed at least. I will have to give it a try.

    • Sana Khan

      Can you teach me how to make an iPhone Apps?

    • Sana Khan

      Can you please teach me how to make an iPhone app with no programming experience? in a very simple way.

  • Bong de Luna

    Hi Cris! What software should I used to start developing iPhone App and how can I test it?

    • Paul Ferguson

      watch the first video, this will answer all of your questions posted 🙂

  • step

    Lobbying quip fixing quip well well well all all week an weds

  • Hi Chris, Is it really only possible with an Imac. I have a google chrome. I want to make an app, but I have a google chrome. What do you recommend me?

    • Hello Nadira, unfortunately yes, you do need a mac to install the program Xcode which is used to write your code. If you don’t have a mac, perhaps you can look at a service called MacInCloud. You rent a mac for about $1/hr or $20 a month and you can remotely login to it to code.

  • Xavier Darkhorse

    Hi, I can’t find Swift to download for my mac, is there something I missed? How do I find it?

    • Hey Xavier, what you’re looking for is “Xcode” in the Mac App Store!
      It’s the app where you write your Swift code in!

  • Mama T

    Hi Chris, I would like to purchase your How To Make iPhone Apps for beginners. I see the title mentions iOS 8, but all my stuff has just updated to iOS 9. Does your program work with iOS 9?

    • Hello! Works for iOS 9 for the most part but I’m in the process of re-recording the whole course with Xcode 7 and iOS 9. The first 15 lessons will be released by the end of the week and then the others shortly after!

      • Mama T

        Oh thank you, Chris! I look forward to the update so I can purchase, learn and begin my new adventure!

  • Tariq Khalid

    Hi Chris,
    I have gone through the free lessons and ready to purchase the whole bundle. When do you think the whole course will be updated to Xcode 7 and Swift 2.0?
    Is my purchase valid for future updates to lessons?

    Also, do you have any plans to include lessons for tvOs and WatchOs ?

    Thanks in advance..

    • Hey Tariq, I’m giving myself 2 weeks to complete the updates for the beginner course and I’ll be releasing the updates every day as I finish recording/editing them. The toolbox course will follow after.

      Yup your purchase today will cover the updates.

      I don’t have any plans for WatchOS until I feel like it can do a little more. However tvOS is a different story and I’m playing around with it myself. I’ll probably do some tutorials on YouTube for that.

      • Tariq Khalid

        thank you Chris. Of all the courses I have been a part of (including other languages/platforms) your’s is the most focussed.

        It is a delight to learn from you.

        • Thanks Tariq! That means a lot to me to hear you say that!

  • signitysolutions

    This is really great post. The tips you have defined is simple and fantastic. Can you please tell me the way how can I test it.

  • James

    Great website..
    Can anyone tell me what computer is required to make apps.
    Is a MacBook Pro or air laptop sufficient enough to to use the required programs etc.

    • Hey James, I have a 2011 Macbook Air and starting to see slowdown. I felt that it was fine even up until Xcode 6.4. I would suggest a newer computer if you’re in the market for it. An up to date mac will last you 4-5 years from my experience. Alternatively, check out macincloud and rent a mac for development for about $20/month

  • Alex Moretto

    Can you do some Objective-c tutorials, please? Thanks. Also, I’m a beginner and I am focusing on a very big project. It’s a game like Mario Bros where you can get guns and shoot the goombas, you can change character, etc. But there is no tutorial on how to swap between game characters(like mario or luigi) or to select and shoot a gun. Please help me, Chris!

    • Hunter Hickman


  • Dany Ghassan Abou Haidar


  • micks

    Can I use a Windows machine to code ? how will i test the app, do i need to load it somewhere to test ?

  • Bryan Miller

    If you’re looking to build an app on Android, Apple iOS, or Windows, I recommend using the App-profits Guide (visit: TINYURL(dot)COM/APPGUIDES ). It’s an incredible training program that gets you started with an app business without having any technical knowledge or experience. I created an app that is making me more money than I’ve made in my entire life. If you’re looking to create an app, this pretty much guarantees your success.

  • Bryan Miller

    If you’re looking to build an app on Apple, Windows, or Android, I recommend using the App-profits Guide ( http://www.tinyurl(dot)com/appguides — sorry, I had to type the URL like that because you can’t post links. ). It’s an incredible training program that gets you started with an app business without having any technical knowledge or experience. I created an app that is making me more money than I’ve made in my entire life. If you’re looking to create an app, this pretty much guarantees your success.

  • Mike

    Chris, I need help creating an app – can you e-mail me to discuss?

  • isoftinc

    i-softinc Technologies is the i-phone application development company in Canada who provide platform many development of mobile application development we also work on different platform which help to develop the company standard by the following services In this ever dynamic world of technology, the mobile trade is booming and spreading.

  • Brenda Walton

    Compliment of the Season!

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  • Heath Robertson

    Hey I have a fairly good understanding of the swift programming language and was wondering if you could do a tutorial of a small app maybe using the page view template because i have no idea how that works. thanks

  • Rashid Morabit

    Hi Chris,

    How are you doing? I believe your app video tutorials are very helpful.

    I am considering of purchasing your other tutorials but I was curious about something.

    I want to make an app that requires a database.

    Will you also teach me how to make an app with database?

    Thank you,


    • Hey Rashid, the intermediate course will show you how to do that but it relies on the knowledge gained from the beginner course. Consider taking the beginner and then intermediate!

      • Rashid Morabit

        Hi Chris,

        Thank you for your quick reply.

        I followed your advice and I just purchased the bundle package from you.

        I don’t have a programming background but I am a certified scientist, so hopefully that will help me in anyway!

        I am super excited to embark on this journey with you as my captain!

        When the time is right, I would love to share some of my entrepreneurial ideas with you.

        Greetings from sunny San Diego!

        Rashid aka Rachid

        • Awesome Rashid, I’m so happy to have you on board! 🙂

  • Jim

    i have a database which i want users to be able to access; the database has a built in login process; can you show me how to set up the app so that when users log in, they can fully access their database?

  • it’s useful for beginner level developer to learn and develop iPhone apps using Swift for developing iPhone apps.

  • There are many online tutorial and videos are available online and forum experts are ready to give your question answers regarding iPhone development. You can try this thing to learn or yo can join pro learning programme.

  • What if I want to create an IOS app WITH programming experience?

  • Stu Murphy

    Hi Chris. This is a great idea, and post, thanks very much. I have two mobile phone game ideas, but one of them might be considered a little bit offensive, requiring a few offensive words and terms to be used. Does this mean it won’t be allowed on any of the mobile phone platforms? I have no experience, so programming either of them will be tough, but fun..!

  • Ron Taylor

    Hi Chris,
    I am not a Mac user, so I am not sure which one to purchase. I would like to buy a used one. I noticed that the Mac mini’s are very inexpensive. Would they work for programming apps?

    • Hey Ron, a Mac Mini would work fine! If you buy a used one, just sure that it’s running the latest operating system because Xcode requires it. I wouldn’t get anything older than 1-2 years though!