We’ll take you through 4 main pillars to establish strong iOS dev skills from scratch

With our CWC+ flagship Launch Your First App program, we’ll help you gain in-demand skills for building real-world apps and enter the industry as a professional iOS developer.

Course #1
iOS Foundations

Establish your core skills by learning how to use Xcode, industry standard tools, reading and writing Swift, building with SwiftUI, source control and more.

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Course #2
iOS Networking

Advance your skillset by learning how to create apps that communicate with other systems, which is critical for full-featured interactive apps in the real world.

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Course #3
iOS Databases

We’ll build upon your foundational knowledge where you’ll learn how to store, manipulate and work with data – a core component of any app.

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Course #4
App Store

The final App Store course will teach you the intricacies of publishing your apps and bringing them successfully to the market.

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Ready to Launch Your First App with CWC+

This CWC+ exclusive flagship program comprises of 4 courses that will teach you the foundational skills required for any type of app.

You’ll learn how to use industry standard tools, how to read and write Swift, how to construct user interfaces that work, how to collaborate using source control and more.

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And there’s more — Enhance your skillset with supplementary courses

With a CWC+ membership, you’ll also be able to dive deeper into a topic or complement your foundational skills with practical supplementary courses. These topics have been specifically created to help in your journey to become a professional iOS developer or an indie app developer who can make money through the App Store.

Visual Swift Memory Mastery

Learn the fundamentals of memory management for iOS/macOS and build memory-performant apps!

SwiftUI Views - Video Reference Library

Master SwiftUI Views at your own pace. Use it as an on-demand resource library for any SwiftUI View guidance.

Design Course

Explore the Art of Swift UI Design. Discover techniques for integrating shapes, paths, and custom fonts to create the classic Apple aesthetic in your apps.

SwiftUI Views Specialist Course

Learn how to build many popular app UI layouts quickly along with blueprints that you can easily copy into your own project.

Working with SwiftUI Shapes

Dive into SwiftUI Shapes! In this fun course, you’ll learn to tweak and animate shapes to jazz up your app. By the end, you’ll be a SwiftUI shape wizard!

Diving Deeper Into SwiftUI Views

In this mini-course, you’ll learn how to create the perfect color scheme, use shadows to add depth, work with horizontal grids and more.

Design Systems in Figma

Learn how to create design systems for your app projects to bring a simplified and uniform experience to your apps.

GitHub Essentials

Learn how to use git, GitHub, and source control to store code and history of changes.

Unit Testing in iOS

Learn how to write unit tests for your iOS app and increase your confidence in deploying stable code in production.


The CodeWithChris Difference

Training that works

Training that works

Gain valuable skills quickly with a perfectly paced learning path that contains lots of visuals with zero jargon.
Personalized Support

Personalized Support

Guarantee your progress, reduce frustration and prevent quitting with direct access to our CWC Coaches for support on the program material.
Skill Building Assessments

Skill Building Assessments

Verify your skills with quizzes, hands on assignments, marked projects and tailored feedback from our CWC coaches.

Course Library

Course Library

Get access to a library of supplementary courses that dive deeper and explore specific topics that will be helpful for building more apps!
Launch Your First App

Launch Your First App

When you reach this milestone, you’ll feel so confident and validated that further success and progress is guaranteed. We focus on helping you reach this first milestone!
Downloadable Resources

Downloadable Resources

Get access to all project files, lesson resources and handy cheatsheets to use while you learn.
Portfolio Builder

Portfolio Builder

By the end of the program, you’ll have 5 compelling apps for your portfolio and the necessary skills to continue publishing your own apps or to start applying for junior iOS positions.
CWC Coaches

CWC Coaches

Most courses have so many students that it’s impossible to help everyone. At CWC, we know how important it is to have support. You’ll have direct access to our coaches to help you keep progressing.
14-Day Refund Guarantee

14-Day Refund Guarantee

As part of our cancellation policy, We back every sale with a 14-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.
No Coding Experience Needed

No Coding Experience Needed

The best thing is that you don’t need any prior coding experience to start this program! We have many success stories coming from students of all ages that learned how to build apps despite not having any experience at all.


Celebrate your accomplishments with a certificate of completion to add to your job portfolio.
Community Forum

Community Forum

Join our CodeCrew community to learn from others just like you.  Ask questions, share stories and find lifelong friends.  Learning in a supportive environment not only increase your success - but it’s way more FUN.

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  • Quizzes, Assignments and Hand-in Projects
  • Completion Certificates
  • 1-on-1 Personal Support From Coaches
  • Support Network of iOS Learners
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Launch Your First App program is intended for anyone who wants to build a solid foundation of skills so that they can work towards a career in the iOS industry or as an indie app developer. No prior experience is required to start the Launch Your First App program.

There are two big differences. 1. The training in this program is designed and organized in a lesson plan to specifically help you gain the most important app development skills whereas the YouTube tutorials are short series or one off videos. 2. Combined with personal 1 on 1 support, this is the best and most efficient way to gain these skills. On YouTube, we aren’t able to dedicate the time to help each person.

The goal of this program is two fold. The primary goal is to give you the most efficient way to learn real world, marketable iOS skills. The secondary goal is to build your confidence and help you breakthrough any mental barriers you might have. Publishing an app into the App Store is a sure way of doing this so that’s why we guide you towards that.

No. The program was designed with the absolute beginner in mind. That said, if you do have coding experience you may be able to get through the program at a faster pace.

Yes. The main app we use to write code in and to design user interfaces is called Xcode. Unfortunately it is for Macs only. If you can borrow a friend’s Mac or find one second hand, it will do as long as it’s less than 3 years old.

We have a 14 day no questions asked refund policy. Simply reach out to our support team with the chat widget in the lower right corner.

The skills you’ll gain from our program sets you up for success by teaching you skills that are needed for any app that you will want to build. You’ll learn how to read Swift, understand Apple documentation and find answers on your own so that you can be independent when it comes time to build a more complex app.

One on one means that you can send a message directly to our CWC coaches and get a reply specifically to help you with your roadblock. We don’t have a limit on how many questions you can ask as long as it is to help you progress with the training in the program.

CWC+ is the name of our membership program which gives you access to all of our courses and programs. One such program is “Launch Your First App”. In the near future, we’ll be launching other programs for job hunting and indie app development. With a CWC+ membership, you’ll have access to everything.

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What our students say about us

Learn to code from scratch and make real progress. Just like them.
“The course has been really great step-by-step”
“I am a lecturer myself and so I like the way that Chris explains things. It's quite similar to how I'd explain things to my students and it's given me a new insight into when my students get stuck as well and when I think I'm being perfectly clear.”
“I really love how this course gave me a path that I could just follow”
“You can just go through and just work through the course and it's a clear path. I don't need to search for the next resource that I should learn or search for the next tutorial. That's so amazing.”

More stories of transformation

Learn to code, make real progress, and become a professional developer. Just like them.
“Learning iOS development to fulfill his desire to create something of his own”
Péter is an Electrical Engineering graduate who eventually landed a job as an Analysis Engineer. Although he loves his job, Péter always felt the desire to create something for himself.
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“Two best friends joined CWC+ to build their app”
Raph & Flo met when they were 17, and started a band. More than a decade later, they built and published an app together.
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“From working as a motion graphic designer to an iOS app developer”
Denis is a motion graphic designer who got into the world of coding, which opened a door of opportunities and excitement in his life.
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“Finding fulfillment in app development after switching careers twice”
Salah’s career has evolved from working as an architect to becoming an interior designer, an entrepreneur growing, and finally, finding a sense of accomplishment as an app developer.
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More feedback from our students

Learn to code, make real progress, and become a professional developer. Just like them.
Blue Water Apps

I picked up making apps as a hobby. The videos produced by Code with Chris made getting started a lot easier. His videos are clear and show a detailed step by step on how to do things. When I am looking to learn something new, I start with Code with Chris. He is a big reason I was able to get my first app, Squirt the Whale, to the App Store so quick.”


Having all this information in the one place and taught in such a pleasant manner made it something to look forward to instead of a chore to take the next step in learning iOS dev.

I have really enjoyed the course, Chris has an infectious enthusiasm and is a fantastic communicator. Would definitely recommend this course to a friend.”


“How he teaches will be beyond expectations, I assure you, you will jump for joy when you complete all his lessons. He is like an artist, painting the picture for you to follow, every stoke and brush carefully outlined. Plus, he is so motivzted that he replies every message you post to him, whether it is on Youtube, Facebook, CWC Community forum, on the chat section CWC website, by email…. He is simply excellent!”

Ayman Hangalay

“I honestly cannot believe how helpful this course was and how much I enjoyed the whole experience. I usually never leave reviews, but nothing has ever been more deserving of 5 stars.”

Ryan Keys

“Where else would you possibly go to learn this madness? I am computer illiterate, and Chris has managed to help me out a lot. His instruction is easy to understand and relate to. He has also given you worksheets, challenges, cheat sheets, etc and its all FREE! I can not thank you enough. When first starting a lesson, I was waiting for the sales pitch that never came. I am so very grateful for all this information. Thanks again Chris”

Dallas Ryk

“Totally awsome, you helped me get into Swift and fill in so many holes along the way in your precision speaking.

Thank you!”


“I went to a good coding bootcamp and I really started to hate programming, for long time. But now with help of Chris youtube channel I am gaining back my confidence . Surely will follow payed learning track with Chris once I stick to it for longer. Part of the success is a good teacher.”

Tony Excoffon

“My 15 year old son was ok to give the course a try during the summer. Despite a lot of other activities, he found the time to watch the videos and do the assignments. The curriculum starts relatively easy, then the complexity increases as you can expect, but the material remains very clear and the all exemples are very educational.
Overall, my son was able to create his first app at the end of the summer and I am confident he will keep using the material in the future. A huge thanks to the team”

Jerry Castro

“It’s shown me that I can either create my own apps or become a software engineer.

I appreciated the great lessons you have provided me and so many others. I enjoyed and looked forward to each lesson as your teaching style was truly effective! Keep up the great work, Chris and team!”

Ed Campbell

“For anyone looking for excellent courses in programming in Swift I would suggest you run, not walk to your web browser and sign up for Code With Chris. Their latest addition is a subscription for $20 a month. This is an excellent deal for those motivated to dive in and learn. Everything is available to you. It’s up to you how much time you put in, but for $20 a month it’s a steal. I’ve tried a lot of courses but Chris’s is by far the best.
Remember, run don’t walk and get started today!!!”

Arnav Shukla

“I feel like I have finally found someone who teaches Swift in a language that is not gibberish. Chris’ tutorials are truly something special. I have learnt so much and can and will recommend this to everyone I know!!

Thanks Chris !!”


“Hi Chris! This is really amazing! I’ve tried several programming online courses but yours is the best so far. I found that you really walked me through each code and coding process and the most important thing was your way of teaching didn’t overwhelm me (most of the times I get overwhelmed and decided that it’s time to admit that coding is not for me). Really glad that I found your tutorial videos on Youtube :)”


“Great lessons to start programming own apps. I could finish the Beginner’s lessons in less than 28 day and had a lot of fun. Chris is a great tutor and his videos are extremely supportive.”

Finlay Carson Moretti

“Decided to start learning how to make iOS apps in my free time in Quarantine. Codewithchris’s channel and website have been super helpful and im working on 2 of my very first apps! Thank you Chris and team :))”

Perry Grodzinski

“I am very thankful that I came across Codewithchris and joined the channel! Even though I have not gotten to far in the lessons, from a starting point of no clue, I am now starting to feel comfortable moving around in Xcode and swift. The way that Chris lays everything down gives the student multiple ways to do the same way. Before you know it, all the wrenches in the toolbox are no longer a mystery. Thank you and God Bless you Chris so much for your kind offering to teach this newbie!”

Yogesh Gopi

“Very comprehensive in each lesson. Love how patiently he explains even the tiniest detail in each program or lesson. Great work!”

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